Instructions On How To Play Games At Kubet – Guide

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Kubet has a lot of games, but most of the game at KU is still relatively unfamiliar to beginners. Therefore, in this article, we will learn how to play slot games at Kubet? 


Follow the article to get helpful information while playing this betting game.

Mahjong at KUBET

Mahjong is one of the most popular games at Kubet today. With its easy-to-play, easy-to-understand, and exciting nature, Mahjong has become an Online betting game chosen by many betting lovers. Introduction What is Mahjong?

Mahjong is a game that originated in China and is popular

in this country. After that, this game appeared popular in large and small

casinos worldwide and entertainment activities. 


With the development of

society and information technology, Mahjong has been created by game

manufacturers as an Online betting game. Up to this point, this has become one

of the most popular games in all bookmakers. And in the Kubet house, Mahjong

has become a popular and well-chosen game.

Game rule of Mahjong?

To be able to play Mahjong, the house will prepare

odd-color cards, from 1 to 9. Each color will have four cards, and 36 are

odd-color cards. There are also four more white cards, and the total of the two

cards is 40.

 In this game, the player will have four doors

placed. The dealer will have one entry, and the rest of the players’ names will

have three entries. Before playing, the dealer will wash 40 cards used during

the game. 


Then, roll out three excellent balls. Based on the collected numbers,

there will be the following regulations:

  • The house is 1
  • Player is 2
  • Good player is three
  • Player three is four

Keep repeating this in a circle to determine the number

of players in a game. Next, the system distributes cards to the dealer and

house. Each side receives two cards. Based on the total score of those two

cards, the player and the dealer will calculate the points in units. Between 3

players will compare, but the dealer and the player 

will distinguish by the side. The side with the higher score will win.

Instructions on how to play Mahjong at


To be able to participate in playing Mahjong at Kucasino, players need to know the steps to log into the game as follows:

Step 1: Log in to your member account at the Kubet dealer

link. If you do not have a member account, you need to register an account.

Step 2: After that, choose a live casino. When the system

has displayed the interface in the live casino, the player continues to select

the WM Casino floor.

Step 3: After entering the floor, the system will display

the betting games available on that floor. You find and click on the Mahjong


Step 4: After selecting Mahjong, the interface will display

different tables. Players will choose the table according to their wishes and

begin to experience it.

What are the secrets of playing Mahjong to win at Kubet?

Learn the rules of playing Mahjong at Kubet

To be able to bring victory when playing Mahjong at the

Kubet house, players need to know the rules of the house, the bonus rate, etc.

This model helps you to grasp the chances of winning and make good use of the

game rules that the place gives you.

Keep in mind the familiar rhymes.

Players need to know the standard ways of incubating

cards when playing Mahjong.


The mosquito hum, the bulge, the trio team that bao, the

primordial phoenix, the 3-part hum, the self-buzzing, the buzzing through, the


The article on how to play Mahjong at Kubet shows the

above article. Hope that readers have given themselves helpful information

about the process of playing Mahjong. From there, help me bring victory when

playing Mahjong at the Kubet house.

What is Nguu Nguu Game? How to play Nguu

Nguu at the Kubet bookie?

Known as one of the scorching betting games online today.

Niu Niu is known as a game from China and so far appears in many bookmakers.

With easy-to-understand, attractive game rules and a high win rate, Niu Nguu

has become one of the games chosen by many players today. In particular, the

Kubet house is one of the places selected to play the most today. To help

players understand more about this online betting game. In the following

article, we will learn about what Taurus is? How to play Taurus at the Kubet

bookie? Let’s follow the article to get helpful information about this exciting

and attractive betting game.

About the game Nguu Nguu?

Game Niu Niu is a game originating from cities in the

southern region of China. Especially in the Hunan, Quang Nam, and Guangxi

areas, this game has grown even more vital. After a while, the Taurus has

become popular and is present in most large and small casinos worldwide. As

social technology develops rapidly, game makers have Exported the game Nguu

Nguu online. With the rules that are easy to play, easy to understand,

dramatic, and attractive, Taurus is more and more beautiful and chosen by many

online betting lovers. At Kubet, players will experience the real, lively, and

stunning Niu Nguu game. 


With a team of professional and beautiful MCs and

Dealers, players can chat and feel comfortable while playing.

How to play the Nguu Nguu game at Kubet?

To be able to participate in the game, players need to

perform the following steps:

Step 1: Log in to your member account at the Kubet bookie

through the link: https://kubet77.win. In case you do not have an account, you

can register for a Kubet member account to be able to start playing.

Step 2: Click on Live casino and select WM Casino.

Step 3: then, the system will ask the player to enter the

number of points to convert to the WM Casino floor.

Step 4: The player finds the Niu Nguu item and then chooses

the table. Here, KU will guide players to bet and play Taurus.

The rules of playing Taurus at the Kubet


To be able to start playing Taurus at the Kubet house.

Players need to know the rules of the game as follows:

Taurus is a game played in the form of 52 cards. Each

turn, the dealer will give the player 5 Cards. The player will choose three

cards so that their sum is a multiple of 10. For the remaining two cards, If

their sum is greater than 10, then the player will take the unit row to add.

After that, the player will compare the score with the dealer to determine the



At the Kubet bookie, players can bet in two ways: standard bets and

bets that double the bet code. In the beginning, the dealer will deal 1 card to

a player based on the score to decide who to turn.

The order of the opening turn is described.

as follows:

  • For cards A,5,9, and K, there will be the order of

opening cards – player one – player 2 – player 3

  • For cards 2,6,10, the opening order will be: player

one- player 2- player 3- dealer

  • For cards 3, 7, and J, there will be the opening order:

player 2- player 3- the dealer- player 1

  • For card 4,8, Q will have the order: player 3-

banker-player 1, player 2.


If the player gets five which are J, Q, K, and no cards,

this game is considered the highest result.

With the information about the game, What isTaurus? How to play Taurus at the Kubet bookie? Hopefully, readers will have

for themselves helpful details on this game. From there, get the process of

playing Taurus effectively and bring yourself a victory.

Roulette tips to win at Kubet?

Roulette is one of the most popular and popular games at

online bookmakers today. One of the bookies many players choose to play

Roulette is the Kubet bookie – the leading online betting site in Vietnam.

However, players who are just starting to participate in online betting, most of

them are people who have no experience, tips, or tricks to play Roulette

effectively. This pattern leads to losing and losing money. Therefore, in this

article, we will learn the tips to play Roulette to win at Kubet? Let’s follow

the article to get helpful information when playing Roulette effectively.

What is the definition of Roulette?

Roulette is a game that originated in France. In Vietnam,

Roulette is also known as a spinning wheel or small wheel. This strategy is one

of those games that looks like Cibo. And, of course, you won’t use any cards

during the game. How to play Roulette is simple and easy to understand. Players

only need to bet on any number. 


The dealer will proceed to spin the circle

containing the small ball. If the ball lands on the number box with the same

number you bet, it means you have won. This component is one game that brings

many exciting and attractive experiences to players. That is why Roulette has

become beautiful and is played by many visitors at Thai houses today.

Rules to grasp when playing Roulette at


Regarding the rules for playing Roulette at the Kubet casino lobby called Ku casino, depending on the player’s specific bet selection at the betting slots,

there will be different rules and reward rates.

Choose to set 1

This game is a door with a relatively simple way of

playing. Players only need to bet on any number from 0-36, at this bet door

will have a ratio of 1:35.

Choose to set the number 2

This model is a game where you can place two numbers in a

row, with a payout of 1:17

Choose to set the number 3

This game is a row bet. Players will place in the middle

of the table, with a payout ratio of 1:11.

Choose to set the number 4

This model is known as a corner bet. The player will

place a bet on the 4-line intersection on the table payout of 1:8.

Choose bet 6

In this bet, the player places two rows next to each

other and places chips on the intersection. Odds are 1:5

Choose bet 12

In this bet, the player will choose to Get three rows

with 2 or 1 number. With a reward ratio of 1:2

Roulette tips to win at Kubet?

Choose the right betting table when playing.

One of the first tips to help players win Roulette games

at the Kubet house. 

That is choosing the correct betting table. According to

the experience of professional players, selecting a table with many players

will bring you victory easier. And vice versa for bets with few players, the

odds of winning will be lower because tables with many players will help you

observe and learn the most effective Roulette experience and tips.

Know when to stop when playing

One of the “bloody” experiences that online

betting players need to understand. That is the need to know how to stop the

game at the right time. Roulette betting game is no exception. Players need to

calm down and manage their time. Know when to continue playing and When to stop

to avoid the risk of unnecessary loss.

Find out more about the house.

To make the process of playing Roulette convenient and

bring you more wins. Players must learn carefully about the rules, bonus

levels, Win rate, etc. Along with other factors of the house. You can quickly

seize the opportunity to bring you big wins and rewards.

With information from the article, tips for playing

Roulette to win at Kubet. Hope that readers will have for themselves helpful

information about playing Roulette. From there, bring victory and big bonuses

for yourself.