Increase Views on Instagram Stories

How to Increase Views on Instagram Stories (Easy Ways)


Since Instagram introduced Stories. All you do is use this function to update your followers about the activities you do on your busy days. However, you realize that the number of people viewing your content is not very large. So, you want to try to change that and increase views on Instagram stories. Well, if that’s the case, know that you’ve come to the right place at the right time!

In the following paragraphs, I can actually give you some practical advice on how to increase views on Instagram stories. Let me be clear: There are no “secret formulas” that can miraculously increase the views of your content. However, if you follow some simple common sense rules and try to make your content more interesting, you can at least slightly improve the situation, I guarantee.

So, would you like to delve deeper into to increase views on Instagram stories? Make yourself comfortable, focus on reading the following paragraphs whenever you need to. And most importantly, try to put the instructions I will give you into practice. I have nothing left to do, but I wish you good reading and good luck in everything!

  • Post interesting content regularly
  • Involve the public
  • Tag other users
  • See and interact with other people’s stories.
  • Analyze your account statistics
  • Sponsor stories

Post interesting content regularly

The basic prerequisite for to increase Instagram Stories views is of course posting interesting content regularly. Because Stories are automatically deleted after 24 hours, you prefer “new” content about your leisure activities and private life. In addition, something that refers to “behind the scenes” if you use Instagram for business. work.

Try while making stories. I prefer videos to photos. For what reason? As you can imagine, videos generate a lot more engagement than photos, and this can increase its visibility for a very simple reason: the more engagement your content has, the better the chance for Instagram to “reward” them by showing them. It is not just in Stories, also in the “Explore” section (which throws skins!).

Also look for to post multiple stories per day Regularly. This is in the main section of the Instagram “Stories” section (at least for a while) to get a preview of your Stories (write This article only accepts previews of four accounts, you’ll have to browse through them to see the others).

Plus, by accustoming your audience to this type of content, they’re more likely to activate a mental mechanism. So, it pushes them to regularly seek out new Stories to watch – that’s exactly what you want to achieve, right?

Involve the public

Engage the public in Instagram Stories significantly increase the number of views generated and therefore their potential visibility on the platform. You can use tools like the following to attract the audience. Surveys Y el inquiry : Let me show you how to use them better.

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God do polls, access Instagram via the official app android o iOS, tap the symbol (+) next to your profile picture (Your story in audio) using and the image o un video is saved on your device or new content is created on the go.

After selecting the content to post, tap on the interactive sticker from the menu that appears at the top and bottom of the smiley sticker. Questionnaire. At this point, type the question you want to ask users in the text field. Ask a question…, type in the text fields Sip es Select the answer options you want to be voted No and press the sound final (located at the top right) to complete the action.

Now place the poll at the point of your preferred story and when you are ready to press the button Your story (bottom left) to send the poll to the story you just created. If you want more information on how to take polls on Instagram, read the guide I linked to you.


You can use the hashtag if you want users to ask or ask questions. Questioning. Again, to continue, first on the Instagram app en Android device or iOS and sign in to your account (if you haven’t already).

At this point, tap the symbol (+) next to it using your profile picture (Your story in audio) and create new content on the teléfono móvil or place where you record the video of the image. After selecting the content to post, tap on the interactive sticker from the menu that appears at the top and bottom of the smiley sticker. Questioning.

Now fill in the text field Ask me a question with the formula you want to use to entice your followers to ask a question (for example, » Ask me a question… “What do you want to ask me?” Or just “Questions? «), tap the item at the last top right and click on the sticker. Publish the story it is in by tapping the button Your story is located at the bottom left.

Tag other users

Tag other users in Stories. You can increase the number of views of this type of content for a very simple reason: If a user is tagged, they will receive a notification. They are most likely encouraged to view the content to see what it is. So, perhaps even decide to make a comeback. to post to your account.

You should not inappropriately tag users in Stories just to get their attention. Only if it’s a video or content that might interest you (perhaps because it’s a topic you’ve discussed before) when the user in question is depicted in the photo or photo.

To tag other users on Instagram Stories, log in to your account via the official social networking app for Android or iOS and tap the symbol to start creating a new Story. (+) next to your profile picture (tuya date in the section).

You can create a new story using image o un video that you have saved on your mobile phone or created new content instantly. After selecting the content to post, tap on the interactive sticker in the smiley sticker top and drop-down menu at the bottom. @To mention.

At this point, type in the text field @Username of the person you want to tag and tap on the item last (located at the top right). Then retag your preferred story spot and tap the item to publish your content when you’re ready to go. Your story (down left). If you want to delve deeper into the topic, read the article where I explain in more detail how to tag on Instagram Stories.

See and interact with other people’s stories

A very valid “trick” for increasing the views of Stories on Instagram, see and interact with others. In fact, by doing this, other users will likely do the same to you.

To see the Stories of other users on Instagram, all you have to do is go to the section. Stories Instagram can be accessed by tapping the booth in the social networking application for Android or iOS, or by consulting the right panel in the web version of the service.

After opening and viewing the History you are interested in, you can interact with it by pressing the text field if it is acting as an app. Send a message and type a message to send to the user who created the content or quick reactions among those listed above.

Analyze your account statistics

By analyzing your account stats, and in this case referencing Stories, it’s possible to understand. So you can check what types of content are most successful with your target audience. However, to do this, you must go through with a link to a company profile. Facebook On Your Own: If you don’t know how, read the guide where I explain in detail how to do it.

Once you have a company profile, sign in to your Instagram account via the official Android or iOS app to access the Stories stats, the little guy is at the bottom right, and press your profile picture to see the Stories you’ve posted.

At this point, swipe up from the bottom corresponding to the content you are interested in to see the statistical data of each content and hand stogramma to access the screen with all the statistics about interactions, accounts reached, number of followers achieved, etc.

Then try to read the data you can get to determine the type of content that seems most successful on your account. For more information on how to view stats for Instagram Stories, check out the guide I linked to you.

Sponsor stories

If the instructions I gave you in the previous chapters didn’t greatly increase the views of your Stories, you might consider: sponsoring the created content. You also need to have a company profile to be successful in this case.

To sponsor your stories, launch the official Instagram app on your Android or iOS device, sign in to your account (if necessary), the little guy is located at the bottom right of the screen and press your Profile photo (top left) to open your story.

On the screen that opens, tap the button More… at the bottom right and in the pop-up menu select the item Increase. Then follow the instructions you see on the screen. budget yearly time to provide promotion form of payment apply to fund sponsorship and confirm your intention by pressing the button Create promotion.

Depending on your budget and other options you choose, your story will be shown to a wider audience and you should be able to get more views. For more information on how to sponsored Instagram Stories, read the guide I linked to you. You can also increase your Instagram views on Storied when you buy Instagram views from Flowline Center. Flowline Center is the best website to buy Instagram views. Simply visit website and order views to get instantly. In that way, you can buy instant Instagram views.

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