How to View .msg Files into PDF Document Format?


Today, we will be going to explore suitable techniques or you can say methods for MSG file view online to PDF format. So, first, we will go through the manual method and then, we will jump to the professional suggested MSG to PDF Converter software. But before going to discuss both solutions, let’s take a quick look at the reasons for MSG files to PDF conversion.

Various Reasons for Viewing MSG Files in PDF

As we know that PDF is the most popular document file format that attracts a lot of users from different places. So, here we will discuss the same benefits provided by PDF. Read the points that we have discussed below:

  • The PDF is the most compatible and easy to the accessible file format which is the main reason for users to shift from MSG format to PDF. The users of PDF files can simply open and access the PDF files easily without any issues.
  • It is one of the topmost safe document file format that’s why users prefer this format. Users can lock and protect their PDF files by using a password in it. It avoids any unauthorized access to any PDF files.
  • The PDF file format is the legal file format that is used by professionals for legal work.
  • If we talk about MSG files, they can easily get corrupted and damaged when large amounts of data are saved in them.

All the above-mentioned points describe the perfect reasons for the users who are searching for a solution for how to view .msg files into PDF format. Now, let’s proceed to discuss the solution of MSG files to PDF conversion.

Direct & Popular Ways for MSG File View Online to PDF

We have discussed in the first para that we can go through the two types of solutions for how to view .msg files into PDF format. i.e.,

  1. Manual Way
  2. Professional Way

Get ready to follow both the solutions one by one that we have discussed in the next.

Manual Solution Working Steps:

  1. In this manual guide, first, you need to select an MSG file and open it in Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Then, choose an Outlook email message to continue the process.
  3. Now, go to see the File menu and click the Save option to continue.
  4. After that, save the email file at the desired location in HTML format.
  5. And, go to that particular location >> click right on the .html file >> access that file in Microsoft Word.
  6. In this step, navigate to the Microsoft Word File menu and press the Save As option.
  7. Finally, select the portable document format which means PDF to save the MSG files.

Professional Solution Working Steps:

  1. Run the MSG to PDF Converter software.
  2. Add MSG files using Select Folders or Select Files.
  3. After adding the location, click Next.
  4. On the next screen, choose folders and click Next.
  5. Choose the PDF option and get all the advanced options and benefits.
  6. Locate the path for PDF output files and click the Next button.

Which Solution is Most Preferred?

Many of the users ask the same question which solution is perfect. Manual or Professional? So, the answer is a professional solution. Do you know why? Because the manual working guide comes with some drawbacks that shift the users towards a professional solution.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the drawbacks:

  • Manual working steps are lengthy and technical.
  • This solution does not give any guarantee of successful results.
  • Your files can be damaged with this solution.
  • The method is not perfect for many files conversion.

While on another side professional solution comes with the fantastic benefits to its performers that you can see below:

  • The professional guide is short and easy.
  • It includes a familiar interface.
  • The facility of batch file conversion is available.
  • Exactly maintains folder structure in new format also.
  • Selective mode functionality is also helpful.
  • It is the perfect tool for all technical and non-technical users.
  • Email filters and date filters for any specific file conversion.
  • Different file naming options to manage output data.
  • Use amazing save attachment options.
  • Advance PDF options to save MSG files.
  • Retains all email details like- to, cc, bcc, etc.
  • Supports all Windows and Mac editions.

Use FREE Download Facility

MSG to PDF Converter free download facility is available for the users who need to test the program without any cost. Using a free download version, anyone can freely export MSG email messages per folder to PDF file format. And, after using the free trial benefits, you can proceed to collect its license version without any problem.

Finalize the Post

In the above discussion, we have explained all the available techniques to solve your issue of how to view .msg files into PDF format. After reading the complete material of this blog, you should know which method is beneficial for MSG file view online to PDF format. So, all the best and make your perfect decision.

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