How To Use Social Proof To Boost Your Marketing Efforts?

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Social media marketing has become pivotal in running a business today and beyond. Besides using communication to provide information to customers, businesses must think about investing some time in marketing efforts too. SMM helps businesses to keep customers conscious of all new changes and updated with their most recent business announcements. But with the prevalent use of marketing, it has become essential for marketers to boost their strategies. Indeed, you are also looking for some spells to do magic on your marketing strategies, aren’t you? Well, that’s why we brought this “social proof” concept to give your marketing effort a thrilling boost!

Social proof = Word of mouth

Before explaining it comprehensively, let’s take a quick yet real-life example as a starter…

Suppose you are searching for an ideal manufacturer for a “Living room sofa.” The most you might have done yet is find it online; that’s how we buy things these days. But you are still uncertain because when it comes to furniture, you need one-on-one experience; what say? Well, what you want here is word of mouth; of course, you probably have checked the online reviews but are unsatisfied.

Now, if your friend or a family member talks “Good’ about a manufacturer, you are more likely to take that endorsement seriously! We need social proof to make decisions, And that’s why even after being so old and typical, word-of-mouth still appears as one of the most meaningful forms of advertising.

The story of how “I bought a living room sofa” your friend told you is an excellent illustration of “social proof.” This explains why people tend to embrace the views or actions of people they trust. And that’s how many businesses use this persuasive strategy for SMM efforts.

What Is A Social Proof?

Like communication, science also plays a major role in marketing… the science of psychology! Social Proof is the most prominent and robust psychological phenomenon used in marketing. It is basically an idea almost all consumers follow! This is entirely based on the human tendency to assume that the majority is always right!

Indeed, this idea is based on normative social influence, which says that individuals will definitely conform to be liked by or accepted by society. Put simply, the social proof is that very approach where most individuals adapt their general behavior, buying habits, and decision-making just like most individuals do. Makes sense, though!

When you see a line of customers waiting to get coffee at a cafe, or a celebrity or influencer drinking a specific coffee brand, you will more likely gravitate towards that. It’s natural, in a situation, when we are a bit skeptical about something or baffled with multiple options, we choose what most people choose, don’t we?

That “celebs, influencers, and the majority of people are doing it, so it is possibly right” assumption makes us do the same, no matter what!

Here are some examples of social proof that reflect how strong your efforts in social media marketing are:

  • Company’s name & insignia
  • Photos & testimonials posted by customers
  • Case studies, ratings and feedback
  • Positive reviews on Google
  • Stamps of approvals from recognized organizations
  • Followers on social media platforms
  • Number of services/products purchased or downloaded
  • Celebrity endorsements & regards from influencers

How can we use social proof for marketing?

Based on a logical approach, social proof can manifest itself in different forms; that’s what we will discuss below.

Business authentication: documents, credentials, licenses and certificates

Credentials are the social proof that shows how authentic your business is. This is one important social proof businesses must carry to boost the SMM approach. Business credentials are a big plus in gaining the trust of the industry’s customers; business credentials always come in handy. Your credentials should always be at the display window (highlights) of your showroom (website).

Expert’s approval: Always welcome… Always matters!

When a well-known figure, an industry thought leader, or influencer approves your business, product, or services, it naturally uplifts your marketing efforts. Whether blogging, social media posting, or being photographed with your products, this kind of social proof can take any form.

Whenever you get a chance, invite experts to take over your social media; having experts on SM means you get to tap into their followers. Indeed this is a perfect use of the Halo effect, where whatever the experts say about your business, product, or service becomes an influential thought! And apparently, that’s what fans and followers will opt for!

Share, Share, Share: the more you share, the more you glare!

Whatever is being shared on social media becomes a part of life in this social media world! People understand it, probably like it, and eventually bring it into their life; that happens mostly; what say? Innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority, and laggards; sooner or later, customers will adopt the products if it’s positively and highly shared on the internet.

The number of users, clients, downloads, followers on social media, and of course, the number of years in the business; all matter! Share more about your business and always say gratitude to your users; that is the best way to create social proof. Always prefer sharing milestones on social media to make a persuasive social proof.

Final Words

By tapping into the basic human instinct to adopt the actions of others, building trust and credibility, and lowering barriers, social proof works so well in the marketing process. Now that you know the magic of social proof to boost marketing efforts, you can easily leverage this approach to elevate your social media marketing efforts.

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