How to Use Facebook Groups to Grow Community

How to Use Facebook Groups to Grow Community


Facebook Groups are a great way to meet similar-minded individuals and become increasingly relevant for businesses and brands that want to build an online community.

Facebook has just launched Groups for Pages. It allows the more than 70 million Pages of Facebook to build their own distinct communities and feeds. Buy Facebook likes Uk for your fan page.

This update introduces new strategies for brands to increase engagement, and may help reverse the declining organic reach that Facebook Page owners have been suffering for the past couple of years. More than one billion people worldwide use Groups. More than 100 million of them consider Groups as the primary element to their experiences on Facebook.


Facebook Groups are a great way to meet like-minded individuals and become increasingly relevant for companies and brands looking to create communities. How do you set up an Facebook Group? More importantly how do you create an active community within the Facebook Group? Let’s get started.

Here’s a brief overview of the topics covered in the Facebook Group’s guidelines. Click on an area heading to jump into the appropriate section.



Facebook Groups vs Facebook Pages


How do you create an Facebook Group that is “on brand” appealing, attractive and easily accessed


How can you create an engaging community within your Facebook Group


One of the most frequent questions about this subject is “Should I create Facebook Group or Facebook Page?”



It’s also a difficult one since Facebook Groups and Facebook Pages are becoming increasingly alike.



One example that Facebook Pages had previously was Page Insights feature that lets social media managers know the way they are able to gauge how their Page or posts doing. Today, Facebook Groups include built-in analytics too, as do Group Insights. Visit the best site to buy Twitter followers Uk.



Here’s a brief summary of the benefits in each of the following categories:


  • Facebook Page
  • Analytics built-in (Page insights).
  • Call-to-action buttons (e.g. Book Now, Sign Up or Discover more) in your Facebook page.
  • Increase the reach of your Facebook page and posts by using Facebook ads.
  • Comment and like the Facebook page you are on.


Include apps and services on your Facebook page to ensure that your followers can easily purchase a product and make a reservation or request a quote, and much more.

  • Facebook Group
  • Analytics built-in (Group Insights) currently.
  • Create your Facebook group to be secret (Closed and Secret).
  • Create polls, post documents, or even sell and buy within the group. Facebook Group.
  • Chat with other members of your group.
  • Members receive notifications about posts that are added to the Group.


You can now connect your Facebook Groups to your page on Facebook, perhaps you can answer the question is both.



In this article we’ll discuss the process of creating and running the management of a Facebook Group. If you’re interested in reading more about Facebook Pages, then you may be interested in our tutorial on how to establish and manage the Facebook Page for your business.



How do you make an Facebook Group


The process of creating the Facebook Group is very straightforward. Let’s review the most important steps:



  1. Select for your Facebook Group name and privacy setting

To begin, click “Group” beneath “Groups” under the “CREATE” section on the left sidebar of Facebook. It is also possible to find similar options under the drop-down menu that is located in the upper-right corner on every Facebook profile:

Then, fill in your basic information in the pop-up window:

Input the names of your friends you wish to add or email addresses of individuals you would like to invite to join your Facebook Group. (You must add or invite at minimum 1 person.)

Choose the privacy settings of the Facebook group you are in (Public closed, secret or public).


Here’s a brief overview of the distinctions between the three privacy choices:

For instance, a public as well as a private Facebook Group could be suitable to create a community of customers. A secret Facebook Group could be great for private groups like Beta testers, VIP customers, or VIP customers.

If your Group is open to the public, it’s important to note that anyone can view the postings and comments on the Facebook Group without having to join. If you wish to safeguard private information of members in your group, then a private or secret Facebook Group will be more suitable.



After you’ve chosen your privacy options, click “Create”.




You’ll be asked to choose the icon you want to use for Your Facebook Group. If you don’t select an option, Facebook will default to the standard Group icons ().


However, there are some options to improve your Group more appealing to join and easy to find…



2. Complete your Facebook Group’s details


Go to your Group settings by clicking on the three dots button beneath your cover photo and then click “Edit the Group Settings.”





The best way to do this is to go through the list and make sure you fill out each form in a specific way. These are the essential points to remember:


The ideal size for a photo is 820px wide by 462px high.



On desktops, Facebook will crop the cover photo slightly to the left and the bottom. On mobile devices, the Facebook Group name and details will appear over your cover image. There is an example here and download the template here.


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