How to Transfer Contacts from Outlook Mac to Outlook Windows?


Summary:- Have you been unable transfer contacts from Outlook Mac to Outlook Windows? Don’t worry; you are the correct spot. In this blog, we will discuss how users can resolve this query using different approaches.

We all know that contacts are vital in our lives, and because they are difficult to remember, we just keep them on our hard drives. What if we don’t have access to the disc containing our contacts and need to export to another platform?

Assume you are a Mac user who stored your contacts in Mac Outlook but then switched to Windows. And now you need to access those contacts in Windows Outlook, in this scenario you need export contacts from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook. Through this blog, We’ll discuss different techniques by which you can easily resolve this query.

How can I Move my Mac Outlook Contacts to MS Outlook?

You may export your contacts into Windows Outlook using one of these two methods. Users, on the other hand, can choose either of the techniques according to their preferences.

  1. Manual Method to export Contacts from Outlook Mac to Outlook Windows

  2. Expert solution to Resolve this issue

Let’s start with the free technique and then later on we will discuss the expert solution to help users solving this query entirely.

Can I Transfer Contacts from Outlook Mac to Outlook Windows Manually?

  1. Yes, users can manually import their Mac Outlook contacts to Windows. But there are certain limitations, that comes along with it. You must first save the contact file into a text file before you can utilize this method.

  2. After that, open this file in any spreadsheet program and convert it to a CSV file. Deliver this file to your Windows PC using any external device or other means. You’ll next need to import it into Outlook using the Import/Export wizard.

  3. Manual method does have flaws. There is high chances that it can corrupt or harm your files, and your data won’t be the same afterwards. As a result, it is recommended that you utilize an alternate solution to ensure secure and accurate results.

Expert Solution to Export Mac Outlook Contacts to Windows Outlook:-

Since, manual method does not provide accurate results, it is highly advised that one must opt for an Expert solution to transfer contacts from Outlook Mac to Outlook Windows. There are many third-party software available, but the OLM to PST Converter would be the best option for users.

Furthermore, this application is designed with a straightforward yet current graphical user interface that is simple to grasp and use. Both technical and non technical users can utilize this tool without having any issue along the way.

In order to export contacts from Mac Outlook to Windows, follow these below mentioned steps:-

1. Firstly, download and install this tool on your computer.

2. Then, go to the Add File tab and browse your OLM file.

3. After that, press on the Export button.

4. Now, choose PST as your file format.

5. Finally, hit on the Export button to begin the procedure.

Some Unique Features of this Software:-

Convert Mac OLM Files to Outlook data file:-

This software allows users to convert Outlook Mac data files to PST Format. Along with that, it provides users multiple saving option to convert their mailboxes into. Any user from technical to home, can utilize this tool easily.

Preserves Data Integrity:-

This tool ensures that the email’s data integrity and important properties are preserved throughout the process. It guarantees that users’ data is same before and after the process. Moreover, it maintains data originality even after the procedure.

Export Mac OLM Files With Attachments:-

It does not matter what the file format of attachments is, this utility will perform the conversion of data files easily. The best thing about this software that it maintains the original format of the attachments even after the process.

Advanced User Interface:-

This application is designed with advanced yet simple graphical interface, that is much easier for any user to utilize. Any user from Professional to domestic can use this tool without facing any trouble during the process.

Free Version:-

The free version of this allows users to export and save 25 items from each folder. However, users can also buy the licensed version of this application as well.


In this blog, We have discussed how users can transfer contacts from Outlook Mac to Outlook Windows. Along with that, we have mentioned both free and expert solution to help users out in this situation. Users can choose any solution according to their requirement.

As we know, free methods does have certain limitations. However, it is highly advised that users should opt for an expert solution. Because it not only saves time but also ensures that your data and other properties are preserved even after the procedure.

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