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How to Save Emails from Gmail Mailbox on Your Computer?


Nowadays, emails are a basic requirement of daily life and work. Almost everyone uses a web-mail account to send and receive emails. Gmail is the best email client among many other email applications available for communication. Gmail has a lot more features than other email apps, making it the best platform for communication and storing valuable information. It is capable of storing emails, contacts, drives, etc., and it is a very safe and secure email client. Hackers are creating new tricks each and every day to steal your important data. There are a lot of methods to hack Gmail accounts. That is why we are here to solve the problem regarding the way to backup or save emails from Gmail mailbox to computers or external hard drives.

In this technical blog post, you will get the solution and numerous methods to download and save your Gmail emails easily using a few simple steps. Here is the topic in brief:

A Better and Quick Solution

User-friendly The Gmail Backup Tool is the best solution to save Gmail emails to your computer with reliable results. Most people search for some free or affordable method to save Gmail text messages to their computer. So you can go with the Highly recommended Gmail backup software tool.

Backup and Save Emails From Gmail Mailbox Using a Native Method

In order to back up emails from Gmail mailboxes, Google is providing users with the ability to archive email messages. Let’s start this with the easy and clear step given below:

  • Launch the Gmail Web App in your browser (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.) and sign in with your credentials.
  • Go to the Settings button available in the upper right corner and click on it for personal information and privacy.
  • Now select Control your Content >> Create Archive.
  • Select your data from the Gmail account that you want to save, otherwise, it will select all emails by default.
  • Now click “Next.”
  • Select “Archive” from the drop-down list and enter a folder name. Select Archive format as a zip file.
  • Now, Select the maximum option in the Archive size heading box.
  • Select the downloading size given. Make sure the chosen file size is the max size of the exported file.
  • Click on the “Download File” button.

Here you will see some options to backup emails from your Gmail account on your computer.

  • Link via email: Users will get a link in their Gmail email mailbox. Use the link to download your files.
  • Apart from that, users can choose the Google Drive method for downloading. It will use the drive as storage.
  • Even users can connect and download through Dropbox account.
  • Users can also use One Drive to save their files.
  • On the final step, click on Create Archive, and you are done.

Drawbacks of the Manual Method

According to many users who tried the manual, there are many limitations and difficulties while following the manual steps to save emails from the Gmail mailbox. Some are below:

  1. Creating an archive is a time-consuming process. It takes hours.
  2. It is so risky that some files or directories may be lost.
  3. This method provides a limited number of attempts to download.
  4. It only creates an MBOX format file.
  5. You will not be able to read files in offline mode.

A Third Party Expert Suggested Software to Back Up Gmail

To make this procedure easy and to avoid the limitations of the manual method, We are advising an expert-recommended solution to backup your email from your Gmail account. In the solution by Expert, you can directly select which folders or emails to backup. This will give you more efficiency in backing up your Gmail email. Gmail Backup Tool can easily download and save emails in PST, MBOX, EML, PDF, and MSG formats. It downloads your emails with attempts, contacts, calendars, and documents. This software is capable of giving you a filter option to select your files accordingly. The best part is that you can save your emails in PDF format, so you can read them offline. Also, you can use it to backup multiple Gmail accounts at the same time.

Gmail Back-Up Software provides advanced features. You can select only emails you want to back up and this process will take place automatically. Users do not require much time in this process. Another feature is all emails will be saved as PST files, so you can import PST files into Outlook and use them in other operating systems. Now using this software is gives you worth sot. Uses just need to follow some steps to save emails from Gmail mailbox in computer.


In conclusion, among the several email clients available, Gmail is the finest. Gmail accounts can be hacked in a variety of ways. This technical blog post shows how to use Google’s Backup Tool for Android and iOS to backup or archive emails from Gmail mailboxes to PCs or external hard drives. Gmail Backup Tool can effortlessly download and save emails in the following formats: PST, MBOX, EML, PDF, and MSG. This software can provide you with a filter option to help you choose the right files. PST files can be imported into Outlook and used on various operating systems.

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