How To Repair Corrupt Outlook PST Data Utility?


One, not unusual place difficulty each Outlook consumer would possibly have faced- as a minimum as soon as i.e., PST documents were given corrupted. And, this hassle has been here for years. However, the goal of this technical write-up is to speak the way to restore corrupt PST documents.

But earlier than having an in-intensity discussion approximately the strategies, let’s first get acquainted with the Outlook records document(.pst) and why it has a tendency to get corrupt effortlessly.


Brief Introduction of PST document

PST documents shop copies of emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, journals, and different gadgets. It incorporates a folder structure and some character gadgets. Here, emails frequently have a massive length compared to different gadgets for the reason that they include attachments.

If you speak approximately the scale of the PST document then it could cross as many as sure GBs. Through the ‘Auto archive’ function in outlook, you could create PST documents. Further, this document layout is effortlessly portable.

But, What’s Problem with PST documents?

Well, frankly, the PST document isn’t always a robust document layout and is taken into consideration as particularly fragile. The layout of this document layout is unreliable for the long-time period garage of a huge quantity of records.

Furthermore, PST documents are at risk of record corruption which is the actual problem of many Outlook users.

Now, the query arises, how does that happen? Let’s discover the same.

In What Way PST Files Get Corrupted?

For diverse motives, PST documents don’t properly open and supply blundered messages. Such as,

Abnormal Termination: When you often open and near the outlook software or in case your laptop machine terminates all of sudden then there is a danger of PST  repair document corruption.

Oversized PST: As mentioned earlier, PST documents can’t shop massive records documents. And, the manner records are developing those days, PST documents frequently exceed their limit (approx. 20-50 GB). Particularly, this makes them prone to corruption.

PST documents shared thru networks: Sometimes, in organizations, to get entry to a not-unusual place PST documents, it’s placed on a server and shared thru networks. This concurrently ends in records corruption. And, while the document length is larger, the possibilities of document corruption are higher.

When you’ve got closely corrupted PST documents, it suggests the subsequent blunders messages.

“Errors were detected in abc.pst document” The abc.pst couldn’t be accessed.” “Unable to open ABC. Pst, document. Access denied.”

Such sorts of blunders messages can purpose a nightmare in case you are in a rush and need to open an essential PST document.

However, there are methods you could use to restore the corrupt PST document(s). Let’s research diverse strategies.

How Can You Repair a Corrupt PST File?

Dealing with corrupted PST documents is straightforward if you realize the proper manner to restore the harm.

So, for repairing PST documents, there are 2strategies to be had that you could use. One of the strategies is a guide one, which Microsoft helps itself, that makes use of scanpst.exe. And the opposite one is automatic that makes use of Tried and Tested PST Repair Tool.

Let’s speak them one via way of means of one.

Manually Repair Corrupt PST File using-residence Tool

If you’ve got minor corrupt PST documents then with the in-constructed inbox restore device(scanpst.exe) you could effortlessly get better them. Just observe the under steps.

  •  Locate the Inbox Repair Tool for your laptop. Because the vicinity is unique for unique Outlook versions. For instance,
  1. Outlook2019: C: Program Files Microsoft OfficerootOffice16
  2. Outlook2016: C: Program Files (x86) Microsoft OfficerootOffice16
  3. Outlook2013: C: Program Files (x86) Microsoft OfficeOffice15
  4. Outlook2010: C: Program Files (x86) Microsoft OfficeOffice14
  5. Outlook2007: C: Program Files (x86) Microsoft OfficeOffice12
  • After finding the device open and run it for your machine.
  • Then, click on the Browse button and pick the corrupt pst document which you need to restore.
  • Click on Start. Now, the Inbox Repair Tool will start scanning for corrupt documents and restore them.

However, Microsoft itself doesn’t guarantee that you’ll have corrupt-loose PST documents after following the above solution.

Resolving problems with PST documents can be a sizable drain on sources for IT directors if the corruption degree of PST documents is extreme.

Hence, professionals advise choosing the expert automatic device (as noted above) that will let you get a better couple of particularly corrupted PST documents.

Let’s see how!

Professionally Repair Corrupt PST File Using Automated Tool

With the assistance of the device, you can’t handily restore the corrupted PST documents however additionally get better virus-infected, inaccessible, encrypted, and deleted PST documents. Sounds intriguing, proper? So, use the best Softakensoftware Outlook PST Recovery Software to restore the corruption of Outlook PST documents.

Let’s get acquainted with the software program for sporting out the task.

  1. Install the software program for your laptop and release the same.
  2. Click on Add File and then pick either Select File or Search File.
  3. Assuming you’ve got clicked on the Select File alternative, click on the ‘…’ to browse the PST document.
  4. Finally, you could export the result in the PST layout.
  5. At the final click on the Export button to finish the task.


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As you realize PST documents are particularly fragile and get broken quickly. And, to get better the harm, the handiest manner out is to restore them. For that, you could use the in-residence Inbox to restore the device, however, it’s now no longer a possible alternative if the harm is past your control. And, to deal with those excessive damages, an expert device comes into the picture. Hence, in accordance, with your requirement make a choice and pick the proper solution.