How To Reach A Suitable Decision Without Fretting Too Much With Video Calling App


There are times when we want something badly, but when we’re finally close to getting it, another more lucrative option appears. We then find ourselves trapped by our inability to make a decision. You can use your online chat app to take suggestions from your friends. NEEO Messenger is a video calling app that lets you conduct unlimited calls free of cost to other NEEO users. You can call up a friend when you’re trying to figure out which hair color or haircut will suit you. But there are some decisions in life that you need to make on your own. Listed below are some tips that might help you with your decision-making process:

  1. Taking advice from third parties:

While trying to reach a decision, you might feel the urge to take advice from people close to you. They could be family members, friends, or even colleagues. However, there are some situations when you can’t blindly follow someone’s advice. For instance, if you’re having issues with your partner, you need to be fair while assessing each person’s contribution to the problem. An outsider can try to guide you according to their frame of reference but they cannot help you come to an ultimate decision.

  1. Making the best of your choice:

It may be tough to reach a decision when you have two options that weigh more or less the same in cost and benefit. What some people do is delay decision-making by ignoring all the options. But what they don’t realize is that avoiding the options is a decision within itself. By delaying your decision you might end up losing all your options. Opportunities don’t keep sitting and waiting for you. If you let them get away, you’ll only be left with regrets. Take a risk if necessary, and make that call using your video calling app. Whatever you decide, stick to it, give it your best shot and it will bear fruit.

  1. Choosing to do the right thing:

Sometimes we are caught between, ‘what we want to do’, and, ‘what we should do’. For instance, you’ve been working in an organization for a year and finally decide to use your annual paid leave. Christmas is around the corner so you decide to fly out of the country and visit your sister who lives in Canada. Unfortunately, one of the three members of your team falls severely ill and stops coming to work. This puts you in a difficult spot. As a responsible employee, you’ll end up staying back and postponing your visit to your sister till your colleague gets back to work.

  1. Eyeing all the options objectively:

At times we need to keep our emotions at bay for making a rational decision. For instance, you get your child a kitten to pet but then realize she is allergic to cat hair. Your child may have grown attached to the little pet and will not want to part with it. But as the parent, it becomes your responsibility to get rid of the kitten. You want to do this without letting your child get emotionally hurt. You’ll need to find another home for the pet. Then tell your child that she can help someone who is very sad and lonely by giving them her kitten. Your child may need some convincing, but when she gives in, she’ll feel satisfied knowing she gave up her pet for a good cause.

  1. Deciding when you’re calm:

When we’re angry or upset we tend to limit our options unintentionally. The only two options we can see are ‘what is bad’, and ‘what could be worse. However, none of these options is suitable. The best way to make a decision is by analyzing the pros and cons of each decision in a cool-headed manner. And realize there could be more solutions to the problem than those you can see right now. When you keep an open mind and decide to explore different options, you’re more likely to come to a suitable decision. Use your online chat app to take suggestions from online friends.

  1. Creating a checklist for assessment:

It’s wise to think about the advantages and disadvantages of each option before you choose one. But sometimes by overthinking, you may end up selecting the less favorable option. By creating a checklist on paper, you can avoid unnecessary mental stress. Create a table to list all your options, then give each a score on how it will impact you in the present, in the near-future, and the long run. Whichever option scores best in all three areas is your solution to the problem.

NEEO, the online chat app, will help you connect with mental and physical health professionals from around the world. You’ll be able to make good decisions when you’re physically fit and mentally sane. Connect with your loved ones using the video calling app when you need advice. However, regardless of the advice people give, the final decision is your own and if things don’t go as expected you cannot blame others.

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