How To Protect Your Braces While Playing Sports?

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If you’re in the market for a sports mouth guard, you may have heard of custom guards and wondered if it’s worth the extra money to get one instead of one from your dentist. It’s worth it! A custom mouth guard not only protects you better because it fits your mouth perfectly, but also protects your braces or other dental work, reducing your risk of getting damage or chipping in the future. Here are some tips on how to protect your braces while playing sports with both types of mouth guards.

Why You Should Wear A Sports Mouthguards For Braces?

Have you just received a mouth guard or braces and are now worried about protecting your new smile? Read on for information about how to protect your braces while playing sports. ##Why You Should Wear A Sports Mouthguards For Braces?: Having braces can be a pain, literally, when it comes to playing sports. After all, what happens if you have an injury to your mouth during a game or practice and cannot remove those pesky wires in time to get medical attention? Besides that embarrassing moment, there is also risk of teeth being knocked out, chipped or fractured by another player’s helmet. If wearing a normal mouthguard causes discomfort while playing sports because of your braces then wear custom made one designed specifically for dental protection.

What Type Of Mouth Guard Is Best For My Braces?: There are many types of mouth guards available at most sporting goods stores, but they are not all suitable for people with braces. The best type of mouth guard to use with braces is one that will mold around them and cover both top and bottom sets of teeth. This type will provide maximum protection against serious damage such as broken or dislodged teeth, which could easily happen without any kind of mouth protection. Custom-made mouth guards should be used as they will fit comfortably over your braces without causing any kind of irritation. These mouth guard sports can be purchased from dentists who specialize in sports injuries or from some sporting goods stores such as Wal-Mart where they may offer customized fitting options.

What Are Sports Mouthguards For Braces?

Mouthguards are one of many important braces accessories to wear while playing sports. The main purpose of mouthguards is to protect teeth and other soft tissue in your mouth from injury. Teeth can be especially vulnerable during sports, since you’re likely to take a blow to your face or head at some point when you’re competing. Fortunately, mouthguards are made specifically for braces protection—and they’re very inexpensive. The best place to buy one is from a sporting goods store that sells team gear, but if you don’t have one nearby, you can also purchase a mouthguard online.

How To Choose The Best Orthodontic Sports Mouthguards For Braces?

Getting involved in an activity that puts your braces at risk is something no one wants. But if you have orthodontic appliances and still want to participate in sports, there are a few things you should do. A mouth guard is a simple solution to protect your braces during sports or any other activity where you might bump into something. You can talk to your dentist about getting a custom-fitted mouth guard. Be sure it fits well and will give you enough room for breathing, talking and drinking throughout your activity of choice. And don’t forget about continuing with regular checkups so that your new smile stays healthy!

Using A Boil And Bite Mouthguard With Braces

If you play sports, then you know that a mouthguard is one of your most important pieces of protective gear. But wearing braces can be tricky when trying to find a mouthguard that fits comfortably. It’s critical that your mouthguard be customized for your mouth and teeth, especially when wearing braces. A bad fit or improper protection could damage your braces and cause dental problems down the road.

Using Custom-Fitted Mouthguards With Braces

One of your biggest concerns as a parent should be your child’s teeth. Mouth guards offer effective protection from trauma. To your child’s mouth and teeth when playing sports or any other physical activity. Custom-fitted mouthguards are recommended for children with braces, although it is possible to purchase one without orthodontic work. You can easily find mouth guards designed specifically for teenagers who wear braces. They come in various colors and provide customized coverage that will keep your child safe while playing sports.

What Is A Bottom Mouthguard?

A mouthguard is a soft or hard device worn over your teeth to protect them from injury. Bottom mouthguards are placed on the bottom teeth and cover your cheeks, tongue, gums and lips. They do not include a top piece, like those worn by football players and wrestlers. Instead of protecting only your front teeth (like top mouthguards), they protect all of your teeth on both sides. Make sure you always have a clean pair for games and practices too!

How Much Does A Braces Mouthguard Cost?

The average cost of a mouthguard is $15-30. The price of your mouthguard will vary depending on if you choose a custom or off-the-shelf one. When in doubt, ask your orthodontist. Mouthguards are frequently covered by insurance as well. Be sure to contact your provider and ask about coverage before purchasing a mouthguard, though. A good rule of thumb is to replace your mouth guard every year. If it gets lost or damaged between appointments, get a new one immediately! They’re relatively inexpensive so there’s no reason to risk injury. By playing with an old one that may not fit correctly anymore.