How to plan honeymoon in dubai

How to Plan Your Most Romantic Honeymoon in Dubai?


Dubai is an ideal honeymoon getaway. The city’s opulent atmosphere keeps the excitement level high for both inhabitants and visitors. Additionally, it makes a perfect option for a honeymoon in Dubai.

Dubai is for people who prefer to enjoy a luxurious life since it is surrounded by splendor. Additionally, this renowned tourist destination has stayed at the top of the rankings since dawn. Here, Arabian culture and the modern world are beautifully combined. Honeymooners may visit this location to indulge in marital bliss, rest, enjoy, rejuvenate, and engage in all the world’s greatest delights. Dubai, a sophisticated metropolis, also aims to play the ideal host card.

Further, there are several Romantic places in Dubai for honeymoon that would make your time memorable. Additionally, Dubai offers endless possibilities for those on a tight budget. While choosing Dubai honeymoon packages, ensure that your travel operator includes all the exciting activities. To plan the ultimate Dubai honeymoon, you should have the following thrilling and romantic Things to do in Dubai.

Plan Your Honeymoon In Dubai With Roaming Routes

There are plenty of things to do for a honeymoon in Dubai; ensure that you do not miss any of the following.

Experience a Desert Safari

When one considers Dubai, the idea of a desert safari will appear in the backdrop. You cannot pass up this opportunity. Enjoy a delicious supper, belly dancing performances, and wine with your companion while gazing over the starry sky.

Newlyweds should opt to reserve their accommodations in advance at Bedouin camps that provide the most incredible camping amenities. You may experience the Arabian lifestyle while driving across dunes in cars, jeeps, and large SUVs. Further, grab souvenirs by buying at local marketplaces as the safari experience concludes.

A honeymoon in Dubai would be more than thrilling with this desert safari.

Experience the Adrenaline Rush with Sports

Dubai will not let you down if you’re looking for adventure when honeymooning in Dubai. Jet skiing, kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, and shark safari are just a few of the many activities available.

Hot Air Balloon During Your Honeymoon in Dubai

Soaring high up in the sky is one of the best romantic experiences when in Dubai. If you or your partner has ever wished to go on a hot air balloon ride, then include hot air ballooning on your Dubai honeymoon. Additionally, it is among the best things to do in Dubai. Further, you can witness the city’s splendor spread before your eyes. During a balloon flight, you will see a breathtaking panorama of towers, dunes, and gazelles. Choose between dawn or a sunset ride, depending on your mood. The voyage will undoubtedly be the most remarkable adventure of your relationship.

Shopping! Shopping!

Are you aware of Dubai’s Shopping Festival? This is one of the most desired shopping events throughout the world. Tourists globally gather to purchase everything, even gold jewelry.

The most prominent malls in Dubai feature all premium brands and items, from perfumes and apparel to jewelry and trinkets. It is stated that one might spend an entire day mall-hopping without becoming bored.

As a new couple, you may choose thoughtful presents for each other and gifts for family and friends back home. So to attend the Dubai Shopping Festival, you need to plan your honeymoon in Dubai accordingly.

Enjoy at Wild Wadi Water Park

Wild Wadi Waterpark, situated near Jumeirah Beach, is a famous destination in Dubai. One of the most thrilling ways to spend a day of your honeymoon in Dubai is visiting and enjoying rides. Further, it is among the largest water park intersections in the world and is intended to keep thrill-seekers entertained all through the day.

You and your companion may enjoy several water rides while consuming mouthwatering appetizers and delicacies. Additionally, many visitors choose to spend the entire day at the amusement park since the water in all slides is tepid.

The site’s centerpiece is the boat ride that travels upstream and downstream of the river. And they are often open until far beyond dark, providing magnificent vistas of the city at night while descending the slides!

Cruise Around Dubai

One of the most important things to include in your Dubai honeymoon tour itinerary is cruising around Dubai. Dubai Creek is an ideal honeymoon destination, and you may reserve a dinner cruise on a Dhow while admiring the breathtaking cityscape. Allow your love to flourish to its utmost extent as you enjoy carefully prepared dishes.

The two-hour trip will refresh and revitalize you. To end up making the evening memorable, reserve a limousine and return to your accommodation like a celebrity.

Traveling Tips For Honeymoon In Dubai

Avoid Public Displays of Affection

Kissing and caressing are public decency offenses. However, married couples holding hands is okay. Public shows of love and sexual harassment or randomly approaching women in public settings are punishable by jail or deportation.

Visit from October to April

The winter period between October till April gets acceptable weather conditions and good beach vibes to the city. So for a comfortable honeymoon in Dubai, ensure you plan your honeymoon during this period.

Reserve your accommodation well in advance.

Since Dubai is becoming a very popular holiday destination, and from October until April is the peak season for travelers, you should book a comfortable hotel ahead of your arrival. Confirm your Dubai accommodation reservation two to three months ahead of time to achieve this.

Dress Properly

Consider conservatism rather revealing and showy when considering your holiday clothes. Women’s overly short, tight, or see-through attire is deemed obscene, while males should never go shirtless. Dress conservatively to avoid unwelcome attention and to show respect for the Muslim culture. Further, ensure to be well-dressed when visiting religious sites.

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Final Say

Whether it’s the exotic locales, opulent shopping, or mouthwatering food, Dubai offers everything to make your honeymoon the finest vacation you’ve ever enjoyed. The only drawback to this great location is that public displays of affection must be handled with caution. Therefore, observe the nation’s rules and enjoy all the beautiful things Dubai offers visitors and newlyweds.