How to Open EML File in Office 365 Manually & Alternatively


For many years, I have been using Thunderbird application and last morning, my boss came and said me to import all Thunderbird emails into Office 365 cloud database. The main problem is that we need to perform the complete process without any single error. But I don’t know how do I import EML files into Outlook 365 cloud database freely. Can anyone please suggest me what should I do?

After deeply analysis of the problem, we decided to do research on user problem. Main purpose of this research is only to find out the best solution for user comfort. When our research was completed, we got manual solution that can resolve user problem, but it encircled with n numbers of disadvantages that can harm your complete database. So, we found another solution which is not free but definitely helps you and is beneficial in getting the complete solution of how to open EML file in Office 365 cloud database directly. If you want complete solution in brief so go through with this article.

Free Solution of how to open EML file in Office 365 Cloud Database

Manual method is a free-solution that simply supports user to solve the problem of how do I import EML files into Outlook 365 cloud database without any issue. This solution will require you to follow all the steps manually. Before implementing the procedure, be aware that it includes very lengthy process that suffer your precious time and your data too. Let’s discuss some drawbacks of manual solution:

  • Import single EML file at a time


If you have lots of EML files then this method is not workable because it process single EML file at a time. So, you have to follow the same procedure again and again that takes too much time.

  • Suffers important time of users

This procedure takes lot of time of user that can create a problem with your professional life.

  • Sometime it shows error

Most of the times you will be fed-up with the procedure because it shows maximum error during the conversion procedure.

  •  Security of data facility is not available

This solution never gives data security facility so your data can be corrupted in a single wrong click. It includes maximum chances of human error that could be the serious problem.

  • Duplicacy of items

The entire procedure is going by the activity of human, so sometimes they can import same EML file to Office 365 twice. Therefore, you will have to take care of the duplicate items with this method.

Adopt Accurate and Reliable Solution- EML to Office 365 Converter

Here you can utilize EML to Office 365 Converter that will definitely resolve your problem of how to import EML files into Office 365 cloud database. It is excellent solution that comes with numerous benefits like- batch facility, preview facility and free demo facility. Follow few steps which is given below to implement the procedure.

Procedure of EML to Office 365 Converter:

  1. Download and open EML Converter tool on your machine
  2. select EML files or folder from the stored location by provided 2 options.
  3. After selecting EML files, it lists all messages with multiple previews option- content, message header, raw messages, hex view. Examine email data properly.
  4. Click on export button and choose Office 365 as your saving option.
  5. Fill all login details and choose other options.
  6. press on Connect button to connect server and start migration.
  7. Finally, the conversion will start, after some time, the process will be finished with confirmation message.

Advantages of EML to Office 365 Converter

  • This converter gives batch facility for user that can directly import multiple EML files into Office 365 user account.
  • It can import EML files to other user account of O365 admin account.
  • It perfectly maintains folder attachments, formatting, messages, images etc. in a proper manner.
  • This tool supports all type of EML files such as Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Windows Mail, DreamMail, eM Client, Outlook Express, etc.
  • All latest and earliest Windows versions are well-supportable like- Win 7, Win 8, Win 8.1, Win 10 and so on.
  • It works as Email forensic solution to view EML messages properly in multiple preview options – content, hex view, raw messages, message header.
  • The program enables to save attachments, mail address, phone numbers on local system.
  • The EML to Office 365 tool is simple to handle so anyone can operate it without any issue.

Final Words

That’s it! I hope you are getting best solution to solve the problem of how to open EML file to M365 cloud database. No need to worry you can opt any of the solution between manual and alternate solution. But I think you should be alert with the drawbacks of manual method. As for the EML to Office 365 Converter, it also offers free demo version facility for user that permits to import first 10 EML items into O365 cloud account user account without any single charge.