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How to Make Possible Scoring 80 in Masters Dissertation?


Are you dreaming of scoring 80+ in your masters dissertation? Know that it is the dream of hundreds of students like you. The reason is that most students fall in the range of 70-79% marks. Getting an 80 or an A+ grade is very challenging. However, today’s article is here to help you cope with this challenge. You can score 80 or more in your masters dissertation if you read this article thoroughly. It is because today, I will talk about the top tips that can help you score better. Hence, let’s start today’s discussion on Fornewz by answering the question below first.

Is it possible to get 80 in a dissertation?

It is the most common question that most students ask the experts online or their teachers. Yes, it is possible for those students to get 80 or above marks in masters dissertation. Where most students get 70-79, it does not mean you will also get these marks. If you work hard and follow the teacher’s instructions along with help from the internet in the form of tips, you can easily score high.

Top tips to make scoring 80 in a dissertation possible

A dissertation is such a lengthy task that scoring high is challenging for every student. However, following some tips and techniques for doing a dissertation can easily bag an A+ grade. Now, you must be thinking about the tips I am talking about again and again. Let’s not keep you thinking further, as a brief description of the tips is as follows:

1.     Do not panic – The first rule of writing a dissertation

As described earlier, a master’s dissertation is a lengthy document. It is a document which consists of hundreds of pages. Panicking while writing this lengthy coursework is normal. However, you should avoid panicking as much as possible. Try to organize yourself and start the dissertation process as soon as possible. The reason is that the earlier you start writing a dissertation, the earlier you finish. Hence, you must not panic over dissertation writing because this fear will not let you move forward. However, if you feel overwhelmed and unable to work on a dissertation, get masters dissertation help from the best writers.

2.     Start by creating a schedule

A schedule is the most important thing you must create before working on your dissertation. It is necessary because when you work by following a strict schedule, there are high chances that you will finish with a top-class dissertation. If possible, I recommend you make a Gantt chart. Using this chart, you can easily divide your lengthy dissertation into smaller pieces of writing which you can cope with very easily.

3.     Aim to write a few, but quality words each day

While writing a top-class dissertation, quality is what matters the most. Yes, quality. The quantity of words that you write is meaningless in this document. So, your aim should be to write a few words which are rich in quality and express the meaning of the dissertation topic. Writing daily is also a good practice to score high in a master’s dissertation. It is because daily progress leads you to an effective dissertation at the end of the day.

4.     Lean on your friends for feedback

One blessing of having smart friends is that they come in handy when working on your dissertation. They can review and criticize your dissertation based on their expertise. So, you must try to get feedback from your friends or family member about your dissertation. You must take that feedback as constructive and avoid making the highlighted mistakes again in your dissertation. Give your friends enough time to review your masters dissertation so they can review your work properly and add comments. Hence, leaning on your friends or family members for help is a must-to-do step.

5.     Be precise and concise in your dissertation

Students often make the mistake of being too descriptive in their dissertations. Yes, a dissertation is a lengthy writing project. It does not mean that you can write as much as you want. It also does not mean you can write what you want. Always be concise and precise in your writing. If there is something that needs explanation, explain that. All you need to do is avoid unnecessary explanations that a dissertation topic does not demand. Also, the teachers grade precise and to-the-point dissertations highly.

6.     Demonstrate extensive research in your masters dissertation

A key difference between a 70-79 and 80 dissertation is the amount of research that you have done. To get 80, you need to convince your teacher or supervisor that you have done extensive research work. Show this to them with the help of your writing and the information present in your dissertation. Failure to do will surely fail to grab good grades. Another good way to demonstrate that you have done extensive research is by mentioning the references in the reference section. Mention all the sources that you have used in your dissertation.

7.     Proofread the dissertation carefully

The first draft is not always the final draft. Still, there will be many mistakes in your dissertation that needs to be attended to. Leaving those mistakes in the masters dissertation and submitting it can affect your grade badly. Therefore, you must proofread your dissertation carefully before the final submission. The reason is that it is the only you can get rid of the unwanted errors and typos in your dissertation. For an 80-mark dissertation, you need to make sure that your dissertation is error-free. Also, ensure that your work is fluent and accurate in its meaning.


Writing a masters dissertation is difficult; writing an 80-mark dissertation is challenging. The reason is that the elements of this dissertation are too much. You need to be perfect in your use of language and tone. Also, you must mention all the sources used in the dissertation properly. Additionally, follow all the tips mentioned above because these tips are your key to making possible scoring 80 in a dissertation.