How To Jazz Up Your Social Media Campaign By Chat Messenger App

Digital Marketing

In the present day, the most important form of marketing for companies is social media marketing. You should manage your social media campaigns effectively to stay popular among your followers. But it’s not always easy to come up with new and exciting ideas so research is extremely important. You can also use your chat messenger app to get ideas from your online friends. NEEO Messenger is a chatting app that lets users share up to 100 MB of data via its File Sharing feature. You can’t come up with quality content consistently in isolation. You’ll have to get ideas from here and there while keeping tabs on what strategies your competitors are using. Given below is a list of ways to jazz up your social media campaigns:

  1. Share content created by customers:

Ask your customers to provide feedback after using your product. They can give feedback in several ways. You can request them to write their reviews on your page or make videos using your products. For instance, if you run a coffee business, ask your customers to make a video of themselves while drinking coffee. Positive feedback by customers will work better than any ad consisting of professional models. To encourage participation you can offer your customers incentives, such as giving them free coffee seches.

  1. Put up original prices with discounted prices:

You can attract more followers to your page by putting up discounted prices. Use bold and big font to put up the original price along with the discounted price. This will grab your audience’s attention at first sight because everyone enjoys discounts! Put up attractive pictures of the discounted goods and list their unique properties. Use your chat messenger app to share promotional posts in all your chatting groups.

  1. Encourage followers to tag friends:

People often tag their friends in the comments section under social media posts. You can create a ‘tag your friends’ post to get instant publicity. For instance, put up a picture of a hot steaming cup of coffee with a caption that says, ‘tag your coffee lover friend. You could even host a coffee-making competition and put up a post that says, ‘Tag four friends and get a chance to participate in the coffee-making competition’.

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  1. Show them how it’s all done:

Show your audience how you work behind the scenes for connecting with them at a deeper level. Put up videos that capture the making of the product from the very beginning till the final product. Show people, for instance, the hard work that goes into making refined coffee. Your customers will have greater respect for you and will value your product more when you give them the real picture.

  1. Check who likes your posts:

When you get ‘likes’ on your posts check who liked them. This will give you an idea of what kind of posts appeal to your followers and who likes your posts more. If you see more women liking your posts it could mean you need to create posts that appeal to men too. Your coffee brand, for instance, should be popular among both men and women. Comments and reviews are important but don’t ignore the ‘likes’. Every bit of interaction with the audience is valuable.

  1. Use funky colors in your posts:

Nothing catches the eye more than vibrant colors! When you see colorful posts it lightens up your mood. Your posts will attract more viewers not only with a colorful background but also with colorful words. Play around with words in all your captions, so that people enjoy reading them. Use big and bold letters for captions but keep the captions short. Get some good-looking models on board to advertise your brand.

  1. Get influencers to endorse your brand:

You don’t have to take the entire load of social media marketing upon yourself. Look for social media advertisers in your circle. Offer them incentives, other than money, if necessary, to create content for your page. Send them free coffee for a month if they agree to publicize your brand. Use your chatting app to look for influencers at least a month in advance of your campaign. It takes time to find influencers who are willing to cooperate.

There are a lot of ways to jazz up your social media campaigns but you have to think out of the box. Getting talented people on board to publicize your brand can help you gain many followers overnight. Go by what your audience would like to hear and see. Use your chat messenger app to find talented people in your community using NEEO Messengers, NEEO nearby feature. With this chatting app you won’t have to look far from home, or office, to find suitable candidates for your online campaigns. Many people want to share their talents with the world but they need a platform. Your social media page can be their platform and in exchange, you can get them to market your brand.