How to Grow Your Facebook Group from Zero to 1,000+

Digital Marketing

Facebook has been steadily decreasing its organic reach over the last few years. Businesses are reaching far fewer people free of charge when they post on their Facebook Page.

This is Facebook’s apparent reason. They encourage businesses to advertise by reducing their organic reach. This strategy is very successful, and more than 6,000,000 active Facebook advertisers are reported to have adopted it.

Organic reach hasn’t disappeared entirely, however. With a Facebook Group, you can still reach people consistently on Facebook without paying.

I don’t advocate that you spam get more facebook followers uk with links to your site. This is a wasteful use of time and, frankly, annoying. Instead, create your own Facebook Group.

You can market to your target market regularly by creating a Facebook Group. Inviting people in your target market to join the Group doesn’t have to pay. The big difference between a Facebook Group or a Facebook page is that your Group members will see your posts. This is huge!

How can you get people to join your Facebook Groups? This article will demonstrate how to create 1,000+ Facebook Group members quickly.

This article will focus on creating a Facebook Group rather than growing one. Here’s how to create a Facebook Group if you don’t have one.

Connect your Facebook Group with your Facebook Page

Directly advertising your Facebook Group can help you generate members. However, I found it to be inefficient and expensive.

Instead, link your Facebook Page with your Group. It is easy to do so. Click here for instructions from Facebook.

Invite Page Likes to Join Your Facebook Group

After your Page and Group have been linked, you can invite friends who like your Page to join your Group.

You’re likely to have already liked a few pages if you’ve been active on Facebook for a long time.

It is very effective to invite these people to your Group. I have seen at least 50% of those invited accept my invitations to join the Group.

Facebook doesn’t allow you to invite everyone at once. Each person must be invited individually, and Facebook limits you to 50 invites per day. If your Page has thousands of likes, it won’t take long for you to reach 1,000 members.

But not everyone who reads this will like thousands of Facebook Pages. Some will create new Pages.

If this is the case, you may advertise your Page to get likes and invite people to join your Group. This is a much better way to promote your Group than direct advertising.

Make a Facebook Page Likes Campaign

Click the green button to create an account in Facebook’s Ads Manager. This will open a window similar to this:

You will need to give your campaign an official name and choose the Page likes campaign objective, as you can see.

Choosing the right campaign goal when creating a Facebook advertising campaign is essential. Facebook will optimize your campaign to achieve your objective.

Next, give your ad set a name and click Save to Draft at the bottom of the Page.

Your targeting criteria should be established.

It’s now time to create your Facebook targeting for the new campaign. Scroll down to the Audience section and navigate to the Ad Set level.

You will unlikely advertise to warm audiences when trying to generate Page likes. You can therefore ignore the Custom Audiences section.

Add the locations you wish to target. This should be as big as possible. However, it must be in your business’s area.

It is not worth creating a get more facebook likes uk if people can’t be customers.

Next, set your Age- and Gender-parameters. This should be left as open as possible. Large target audiences respond well to page-like campaigns.

Detailed Targeting criteria may be added after that. I would not add anything if you are a local business or your product/service is popular in mass markets.

If your product/service is a niche, you might consider adding something closely related.

The default settings can be left as is. You can set your budget, then go to the ad.

Make your Facebook ad.

Facebook ads designed to get Page likes should be simple.

Include an image related to your industry. Include information about your company and why you think people will like your Page.

As you can see, Page like ads is formatted differently than most ads. This means that not all images will work.

Because it is colorful and exciting, the image above grabs people’s attention. The ad immediately lets people know the purpose of the advertisement.

Here, I have used a simple copy and told people why they should Like my Page. Your copy should be focused on why people should like your Page.

To create a compelling and inexpensive ad, you may need to play with several copies and ad variations.