How To Get Started With Flutter App Development – Ultimate Guide


App Development depends on various factors, vitally on your requirements and the platform you want to launch your app on. Flutter being cross-platform, you can develop apps on iOS and Android by writing and using only one code for both.

As a flutter app developer, you can save weeks of writing platform-specific codes, and as a business owner; you can save time and money to launch your product in the market soon.

To know how? Keep scrolling.

Reasons for the Use of Flutter for the Next Project

  • Reduction in number of workflow and tools
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Faster than other Native App Development
  • Great UIs
  • Possess Control over Release Cycles
  • Single code for apps for iOS and Android apps
  • Hot Reload
  • Minimalistic designs
  • Lightweight components
  • Reduced time for Flutter UI and business logic

How to Get Started with Flutter?

Flutter development generates declarative UI writing. Your developers can create custom widgets and combine them with the existing ones. Let us start with Flutter mobile app development and then with web Flutter app development:

Step 1: Install Flutter

To develop a cross-platform application for Android and iOS platforms with Flutter, firstly you need to install:

  • Xcode
  • Android Studio

There are multiple ways to install Flutter, but the easiest way to get started is to download the installer from the official Flutter site or through Github.

Download Flutter SDK, follow the respective instructions after selecting your operating system.

Install an editor and understand its fundamentals.

Developing a cross-platform application using Flutter has different setup instructions for the different operating platforms:

  • Linux
  • macOS
  • Windows

Hire Flutter app developers for assisting you to launch your app seamlessly on whichever platform you wish to.

Step 2: Create a Project

The direct way to start is to type the below command in the terminal:

$ Flutter create hello_world

Make sure the project name consists of a lower case and use underscore characters. With this command, you can create a folder with the name hello_world that further can store several files. And to examine the content of the project that you created, open the hello_world project using Android Studio.

Once you create the projects, choose Flutter Application among four options that are shown on your screen

Give your project name hello_world as decided above.

On the next screen, you will find some other options to fill details in such as company domain, package name, etc. And yes, you can use anything here if you don’t have an actual domain.

Next click on Android X. artifacts! You choose to use Android Jetpack, which is a complete suite of libraries, tools, and guidance to help in writing high-end applications.

Now, you need to choose between Kotlin or Swift support. It will not impact anything here. You can choose the Flutter SDK as well.

Once you mark your preference, click on the finish button and wait while Android Studio is setting up the project for you.

Step 3: Run Your App

After you set up your Android Studio with the basic hello_world app that you can run on both iOS and Android platforms. However, before starting your project, make sure either your real phone is connected to the computer or developers have created an emulator to test the app.

so, now you know that how your final app will look on both devices after you run the hello_world project on both of these platforms.

What is Dart?

Flutter uses the programming language known as Dart.

Dart is a fast language that writes clean code with its excellent type system and terse syntax.

Features like Ahead-of-Time or AoT compiler along with the VM and JIT (Just in Time) are the power behind the hot-reload and fast refresh abilities that enable a real-time view of changes. This makes Dart produce the kind of speed developers enjoy while writing code.

Companies using the Flutter app


World’s biggest online marketplace decided to usher Flutter in their new app. Out of Alibaba’s Xianyu’s 200 million registered users, over 50 million of them use the Flutter app.

The makers wished for an app that supports high-quality graphics and still loads fast. Flutter’s fast FPS and sharp UI and navigation came to their help in fulfilling what they exactly wanted.


Reflect is a mindfulness app. It was built in React Native first and later switched to Flutter. While the React Native version performed well on iOS, the makers were not satisfied with its Android version. Then they switched to Flutter for its cross-platform consistency, hot reloading, great tooling, and high-performance features.

Google Ads

Google Ads offers various features like

  • View campaign stats
  • Update bids and budgets
  • Get real-time alerts and notifications
  • Call Google experts

Google Ads is made using the Flutter framework to keep your ad campaigns running seamlessly.

JD Finance

JD Finance is a leading digital technology company, which uses the Flutter framework to cover various services like fintech, urban computing, and digital enterprise.

Every day, Flutter is becoming one of the most usable technologies across the global market. If you are seeking a one-stop solution to develop an app for Android and iOS or if you wish to build applications with highly impressive UI and efficiency, Flutter is highly recommended.

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