How to fix if my Yahoo Mail is empty automatically?


There might be instances when your emails and contacts are missing in your mail account. It usually happens when your mailbox is inactive. An inactive mailbox stops receiving new messages, and all contents, contacts folders, and settings are deleted permanently. You can undelete emails from Yahoo Mail or submit the Yahoo request to help you to retrieve deleted or lost emails. You can do it via any browser on the Mac or PC or through the mobile app on Android or iOS devices. If you are the one who is stuck because Yahoo Mail is empty, then just move ahead to fix it.

Undelete Emails from Yahoo on Desktop

You will not adhere to the deleted emails forever to keep the server space saved. Yahoo will clear the Spam folder after a particular period. Trash emails will delete after seven days, while spam emails will be deleted after 30 days. Such settings cannot be changed, so be careful. When you delete an email, Yahoo will move to the Trash folder, which remains there for seven days.

The simplest way to recover any deleted emails is to undelete the email from that folder-

  • First and foremost, access Yahoo mail in the trusted web browser
  • Click on “Trash” from the left-hand navigation panel.
  • Find and choose the message you have to recover by clicking on the checkbox that appears left of the sender’s name.
  • Choose “Restore to Inbox” from the options list at the top of the inbox with the checkbox.
  • Now you can see all of the emails available in the mailbox.

Steps to undelete messages from Yahoo on Mobile App

Tap on the icon from the bottom screen to open the navigation menu in the Yahoo mail app. This step is ideal for iOS or Android to fix if Yahoo Mail is empty.

  • Tap on the Trash when the navigation menu opens and open the email which you have to recover
  • Tap on “Move” and choose “Inbox”, and the chosen mail will now be available in the inbox.
  • Recover Deleted Emails with Yahoo Restore Request
  • If you can’t find the deleted email in the Trash folder, you can submit the Request to Yahoo.
  • Not sure, but yes, there might be a chance that Yahoo will help to find and restore the email by following these steps.
  • Go to the Restore Request form through the Yahoo Help Center.
  • Choose the required form, whether you deleted the message on the desktop or mobile and the approx time when you saw that email last.
  • Enter the Yahoo Mail id and email address which you have to access and choose “Create Request” to complete the request

When you are all set then, the recovery email will add to the folder in which it was previously. Check the Trash Folder if you didn’t find a message when the restoration procedure is complete.

Recover Deleted or Lost Messages

To get lost or deleted emails you have received in the past seven days or to undelete emails when you clear the Trash folder.

  • Click on the Send a Restore Request in the Yahoo mail restore help form for Yahoo Mail is empty resolution.
  • Use the drop-down menu to decide the issue, choose Mail, and accidentally delete emails on WebMail. If you use a Mobile device, then move ahead with the step.
  • Select the appropriate timeframe from the drop-down list under the section “When you last saw that missing emails”. The maximum amount is 16 hours.
  • Enter the other domain of the form and check the CAPTCHA box and choose to Create a Request

You will need to wait for a few minutes to bring the Yahoo mail account to the earlier state when it was there. You can get the backup copy, download, or forward new emails. The backup will replace existing folders and email boxes.

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