How to Find Luger Parts for Your Collection


Finding Luger parts should present a challenge distinct from finding ammo for a gun that feeds 9mm Luger cartridges. Well, it should have been, before the present time, at which point it’s effectively impossible to find even the most basic cartridges like .223, 12 gauge target loads, and .22 LR – but that’s another story.

Maybe you need a new barrel because your current handgun’s barrel is aging and groups are starting to wander, or maybe you need a new trigger to replace something that’s gone mushy. Perhaps you need a new magazine to replace the wear out springs or missing follower of your original model. Or, maybe you just want to add something as basic as new sights – whatever it is, here are some tips to help you find it. 

Do a quick search online

Probably the quickest way to locate the parts you’re after is simply to hit the internet and perform a search. Don’t just look for “Luger parts” unless you’re really just looking for a general supplier. If you’re looking for a new barrel, be specific about length, model, rate of twist and any other specifics you need. The same goes for other parts like internal springs, triggers, magazines or anything else. It needs to become carefully matched to the gun itself.

Of course, if you’re just looking for a general supplier in your area (or online) you can just type in a nondescript search for “Luger parts” and see what comes up.

Check the listings in outdoor magazines

Outdoor and shooting magazines are full of helpful information to help you make repairs and upgrades to your firearms to improve their performance and enhance your shooting experience. They may also full of tips and tricks for shooting, gear reviews, and some even contain hunting pointers.

You know what else outdoor and shooting magazines are completely chock-full of? They may stuff with ads, some for local and some for national businesses. If you need a new source for firearm parts – thumb through your current subscriptions and turn off the “auto-ignore” feature in your mind regarding ads.

Check a popular forum for references to local or online businesses

There are also tons of online forums and other resources that you can use to your advantage to help you find parts and suppliers. Websites like The Firing Line, Guns and Ammo, Firearms Talk and the Firearms Forum all have active forums with tons of participating members.

They may also really great resources for picking the minds of fellow shooters about maintenance, repairs and other upgrades. Tap into these resources whenever you’re in need of a new supplier for firearms parts and maintenance and there’s more than a good chance that someone in the online community will become more than willing and able to help point you in the right direction, no matter where you are in the country – even if you’re in New Jersey!

The easy move – visit Sarco Inc.

Speaking of that location, you can also visit Sarco Inc. Directly at where you will find a huge collection of parts and accessories for historically significant (and contemporary firearms). It is including popular models such as Luger pistols (of course) as well as for Mauser rifles, Lee-Enfields, M1903s, M1 Garands and Carbines, and more. Check out their website at today to learn more.

Here’s a better idea, depending on where you are in the country: visit Sarco Inc., directly. They maintain a physical location in Easton, Pennsylvania. It may a veritable candy shop for serious firearms collectors and history buffs. It may a must-visit spot if you’re in the area, so mark your calendar with a note to visit them at 50 Hilton Street in Easton.

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