How to Extract Mailbox from EDB Files? Solution!


In this write-up, we will discuss the solution to extract mailbox from EDB files. There are lots of users asking for this solution and even we had also received a lot of queries to extract the data from Exchange offline files. Here, we will discuss both the manual as well the automated approach and users can easily continue with any of the solutions that suit perfectly for them.

But before that, we need to know what are .edb files?

EDB files are known as Exchange Database files that store the entire mailbox data and are responsible for maintaining all the data. We can say that, if our EDB files are attacked with some corruption or hacking issues, then it is necessary to extract the data from them, otherwise if the data is lost then, it will no longer be retrieved.

Reasons to Extract Mailbox from Offline EDB

  1.  When the user receives a corrupted, damaged, or orphaned file from somewhere.
  2. When they want to migrate the EDB mailbox data to another platform.
  3. Sometimes, when a user doesn’t want to connect with another mailbox and directly extract the data.
  4. Also, when a user wants to separate their public mailbox folder from the primary folder.
  5. Not only these but there are multiple other reasons for users to extract offline EDB files mailbox data.

Manual Way to Extract Mailbox from EDB File

In this solution, we will directly take the help of the Exchange Admin Center option to extract the mailbox from the EDB file. Also, the method is only suitable for those users who have a Live Exchange Server Environment in the system. Otherwise, they don’t be able to perform the further steps. If you also do not have this environment then it is better to continue with the second automated solution.

Follow the steps mentioned below:

  1.  Go to Exchange online and open Exchange Admin Center there.
  2. Tap on Recipients >> Mailboxes.
  3. Choose the desired mailbox >> Right-click >> Export to a PST File.
  4. Then, browse the destination path and Next.
  5. After that, the process will start automatically and you can be able to see the export message after some time.

Hence, by performing these steps, you can easily extract the needed data but it will require a lot of time and effort. Moreover, for this, you need to have some technical knowledge regarding Exchange. If you have any kind of doubt, then it is better to continue with the next solution that will give you desired results in just a few minutes.

Automated Solution to Extract Mailbox from EDB File

Many situations occur when users don’t want to continue with the Live Exchange Server Environment or they didn’t be able to use that. Then, we recommend using the EDB to PST Converter to extract the entire mailbox data directly in the form of PST format and also supports multiple other formats to export the data into them.

Also, users exports into PST format because it contains the entire mailbox data items including emails, attachments, data items, and other resources. The tool also allows the extraction of data from damaged, orphaned, or corrupted EDB files, instantly without facing many limitations and issues. Also, the data will be extracted properly with maintaining the entire data structure.

Moreover, the utility provides 2 versions. Free Trial version to export 25 items from each folder at once. The licensed version allows for the exploration unlimited number of emails with attachments and other data items instantly within a single attempt.

Steps to Extract Mailbox from Offline EDB files:

  •  Run the mentioned utility in your existing system.



  • Go to the Add file option and upload the data directly from the system.



  • Once uploaded, you can be able to see the entire data on the software screen.
  • Click on a particular email, and you can be able to see the data in different view modes.
  • Select the required number of emails and other data items that you want to export.




  • Then, Choose PST as the Export Type option and choose the Advanced settings.



  • Wait for a couple of minutes, you can be able to see the resultant exported message on the screen.

After that, go to the destination location and you can be able to see the resultant PST files with complete extraction of data.

End Results

Hence, extracting mailboxes from EDB files is not an easy task. Even, though there is a manual solution it will take a lot of time and effort from the users. But, using the automated approach, the solution became easy and the process will be done in a couple of minutes. Above all, we had discussed the entire solution and it all depends on the users to continue with any solution according to their needs and requirements. If you face any kind of issues, you can anytime connect without technical experts team.

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