How to draw a simple fish

How to draw a simple fish – Easy Drawing Tutorial

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How to draw a simple fish

Today we will learn to draw light, sweet and funny fish. It is a very easy fish drawing that can be used as a starting point to offer more ideas for your fish drawings. They only restricted their imagination. Start with simple fish drawings, then go from there to see what other ideas you can find.

Fish drawing for beginners

Let’s start by searching for the basic art supplies that we will use today. Some of the connections in this article can be connection links. It means that I get small commissions for purchases created through these connections without additional costs for you.

How do you draw a fish?

The first thing you should do is the basic form of our fish. You can draw a rotation for your fish. If you enter more advanced designs, it is really important to use basic forms to avoid your drawing. You can learn more about how to use shapes to draw. If you want to change your fish’s look, you can use squares, triangles, or rectangles for the body’s shape. Do not be terrified to try unique items and experiment.

Step 1:

Draw the fishtail. Pull the tail, pull on a line at the top, the curve. Then a line curves the opposite direction and returns to the body of her fish.


We will go to the head of her fish now. Make a curved line to the front of his body.

Step 3:

Then draw a circle for the eyes with a smaller circle in the height of the highlight. For more ideas on drawing your eyes, look at the drawing ideas at the end of this tutorial.

Step 4:

Draw a mouth for your fish. You can draw it like a smile. Or you can wear lips for your fish.

Step 5: How to draw fish fins

Now we pull the rest of the fins. Draw the upper fin by making a semicircle on the body of your fish.


You have to draw what looks like a side shape at lower fins.

Step 7:

Then repeat this form directly before your first fins. Hold on if you arrive in your other rows.

Step 8:

It is overlapped, and we can use it to show depth in a drawing. If you have all your drawn fins, come back and add lines to display an additional level of details. Draw three or four lines in each fin that follow the curve of their fins. Fill the tail in the same way.

How do you draw fish scales?

fish drawings

Now you have to pull the scales. And there are many different ways to draw the balance. But drawing scales give the texture of your fish. We will create several rows of lines for our fish rankings. Begin next to the line you have designed for your head and draw a set of C-back lines. For the second line, draw your scales between the first lines you attracted. Follow the same procedure for the remainder of your scales until the body of your fish drawing is filled.

Using color pencils

To finish your drawing:

  1. Add more details such as bubbles or algae.
  2. When you’re done with your drawing, add a specific color.
  3. Choose a color for your fish and use two or three different color ropes of this color for your drawing.

I used three nuances of rose and colorful scales in a pattern with these three colors in this example.

I have used color pencils, but you can use all media you want to use for your works. Or you can try something completely new for yourself. There are so numerous ways to draw a fish. You can change the fins, ladders, and even the shape of your fish. Repeat and exercise are the best methods to improve your skills in art and drawing. It also helps you with your creativity and presses your comfort zone.

Draw ideas and improve your artworks

Art and drawing are skills purchased that everyone can work. The better you rehearse, the more valuable you will get. But do not feel like you spend half of your day with a pencil out of hand. You can significantly improve your skills by practicing a few minutes every day when you are consistent.

And do not forget to keep it fun. Try something new and test with your ideas. To save time, try artist trading cards for your works of art. You are a good time if you do not want to exchange it for other artists. Challenge yourself to create and see drawings in days, from what they come. It is a great way to improve your skills and press your creativity.

How to draw a light tread fish tutorial

It is for our lesson on how to draw a fish. We hope you have enjoyed the tutorial of art, and we cannot wait to share our next tutorial with you. Whether drawing fish or anything else, make sure you rehearse and work as many days as achievable to your skills. You do not have to spend hours a day with your art. They improve them if they do not only draw a few minutes a day. If you require help or have queries, we will return them to you in the comments.

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