No Valid MBOX files found

How to Deal With no valid MBOX files found Error?


With the increasing demand for professional email clients, the software market is full of various email clients that customers choose according to their needs and requirements. This email client is designed for professional email handling for everyone, be it business people or entrepreneurs. Each email client saves its email in one file format that other email clients may or may not support. Learn to No Valid MBOX files found.

What is the reason behind “No valid MBOX files”?

Many Apple Mail users often experience this error when opening MBOX files. For example, imagine a situation where while working on Apple Mail, you saved old mailboxes as MBOX files and tried to copy them to an external drive. By using the Import option in the File menu, you have tried to open one of the MBOX archives in the mailbox. But unexpectedly every time you come across a conversation that says, “No MBOX Valid Files Found.” Now, we will discuss some of the factors that lead to such situations.


  • Sometimes a user tries to open an MBOX file in different versions of Windows OS. Thus, because of compliance problems, they may face this error.
  • The MBOX file the user wants to open may be corrupted.
  • External storage resources where the MBOX file is stored are damaged or corrupted.

Manual method to resolve

The most obvious question you have is – “How can I get MBOX open?” We will take you to different ways to open MBOX files.

  • Import MBOX File to Apple Mail
  • Open the MBOX file on Mac using the MBOX email client
  • Access the MBOX file using the MBOX email client
  • View the MBOX file using the free MBOX Viewer
  • Open the MBOX file using MS Outlook

These processes have several steps that a user has to go through. Let us have a keen view of it.

Import MBOX File to Apple Mail

  1. Stop Apple Mail.
  2. See the location of the folders in the mailbox you want to import.
  3. Located inside the folder structure, you will find the root folder for each email account added to Apple Mail. Navigate down to one level and go to the root directory of the main root directory. Double-click on the .mbox file and locate the mailbox folder you want to restore.
  4. Once the identified .mbox file needs to be found, open Apple Mail and click on File, Import Mailboxes. The following wizard will open to guide you through the process.
  5. Select Apple Mail instead of Files in MBOX format to have the successful import of files and choose to continue.
  6. Locate the MBOX file or root folder containing the MBOX files, if you are working with multiple files. After the completion of the whole process, a confirmation screen appears showing the successful import of files and their presence in the import folder. A successful import of a mailbox folder will be a duplicate of files/folders from an MBOX locally stored folder or an MBOX external backup file. A confirmation note will appear providing information about the location of imported files.

Open MBOX file on Mac Using MBOX Email Client (Thunderbird)

You can access MBOX Files in open-source email clients like Thunderbird on Mac OS itself. By doing this, you can download the Mac version of Thunderbird and open the MBOX file in it.

Open the MBOX file Using the MBOX Email Client

In this, we have to open the MBOX files on Windows using the Thunderbird email client. Thunderbird needs to be added to some extensions to perform important tasks. After installing ImportExportTools on Thunderbird, you can proceed to import the appropriate MBOX files into Thunderbird.

  1. Launch Thunderbird. Select Tools> ImportExportTools> Import MBOX file.
  2. In the Import files box, select file import mode. By default, it is set to “Import directly one or more MBOX files.” Click OK to continue.
  3. Navigate to the folder containing MBOX files, select the files, and then click Open.
  4. You will have all your mailbox items displayed to the left of the interface.

Open the MBOX file using the MBOX viewer

You can also select third-party tools to import and view the contents of your MBOX files. The application introduced a reliable and powerful tool for opening and viewing the content of MBOX files. This MBOX Viewer is designed to work with MBOX files regardless of the client application it is located on. Works well with MBOX files associated with applications such as Apple Mail, Entourage, Eudora, Opera, SeaMonkey, Sylpheed, PostBox, and Evolution. Additionally, you can import and view MBOX file content regardless of file size. The tool can be used by any user.

Open the MBOX file using MS Outlook

In addition to choosing manual methods or using the MBOX Viewer to view the contents of your MBOX file, a user can use the MBOX to PST Converter tool. MBOX to PST conversion allows users to import the converted file into Outlook. The MBOX to PST Conversion is one of the most recommended tools for converting MBOX files to PST format. The software allows its user to make accurate conversion of MBOX files into PST. In just a few minutes, almost all the email content contained in MBOX files is converted and saved in PST format.

How does the tool work?

Users can easily follow the conversion of the MBOX files to Outlook PST format in just a few simple steps that can be easily proceeded by any user. These steps include:

  • Firstly, install and start Softaken MBOX to PST Converter tool in your Windows Operating System
  • Now, select MBOX files that you need to convert into PST format


  • Get a preview of selected MBOX files


  • Now, set a location to save converted MBOX files


  • Finally, hit the convert now button

Users with this integrated software can easily work on their MBOX files and convert their MBOX files to PST format. The tool helps every user to manage their files easily and carry the conversion of their MBOX files.


Apple Users do face the “No Valid MBOX files found” error while opening their MBOX files. A user can try this MBOX viewer or the MBOX to PST Converter tool to view their MBOX files.