How To Choose The Best Ethernet Crimper As Beginner Or Enthusiastic?


Introduction of choosing the best ethernet crimper :

If you are a network engineer or a DIY network enthusiastic then you know the value of the best ethernet crimper or best RJ45 crimper. There are various Ethernet crimping tools available in the market within this vast market how will you choose the perfect one for yourself that will perfect as per your requirements. Few aspects need to check as per your job descriptions or say how you are going to use the Ethernet crimper.

You may find low-cost and cheap Ethernet crimpers which also work great but the main problem you will face that its blade would not last any longer.

Now this will be a big problem how many times you need to replace your ethernet crimper. Or the blades now as a network enthusiastic you know how valuable these crimping tools are. The main problem appears with the blade or sharpness of the Ethernet crimper. That after few cuts the blade goes blunt now you need to give huge pressure for cutting or maybe you need to chop multiple times for cutting an RJ45 cable.

Will you love that with your Ethernet crimper? Of course no that’s why you need a good review or say you need to understand what a good Ethernet crimper is. While you are going to purchase with the hard-earned money you need to use this for a longer period. You will not love your crimper if it gets breaks or stops working after a few usages.

while you are a heavy crimper tool user then not only grip and size matter to you. But also comfortability matters to you in a big time. There are many things that you should look for before purchasing a great Ethernet crimper. Being a professional Ethernet crimping expert you need a professional Ethernet crimper too. Thus you need proper guidance on how to purchase the best ethernet crimping tool.

Here in this article, we will describe points you should check before purchasing an affordable yet excellent Ethernet crimping tool also we will tell you 2 of the all-time great ethernet crimping tool.


Durability is an important factor while considering your next best friend the ethernet crimping tool. Some come with Black oxide made rust-free which you can choose if you need to carry this tool from one place to another. Some come with stainless steel made this will be especially good if you are a massive user.

And there are few with plastic or ordinary steel made which are much much affordable but not for a hefty usage. If you want to keep it in your home and work one single time in a month then plastic made will be the best for you.


The grip is an important factor while purchasing your next best professional ethernet crimper. If you are taking it for home usage especially once in a while. Then you can skip this point you guys don’t need to care about the grip.

But if you are a professional network engineer who works maximum time with an Ethernet crimper. Then you should check if the Ethernet crimper offers a good and comfortable grip or not. So that you can work with precision for a longer period without hurting your hands.

Wrapping up

Two of the most used ethernet crimping tools are Hiija EZ RJ45 Crimp Tool and Klein Tools VDV226-110 they offer good grip, good cutting precision and comes with multiple offerings.

The Hija tool is made by using sturdy professional grade steel materials. That offer great torque without much bending thus providing great cutting precision. With this tool, you can crimp not only RJ45 but also various types of wires.

The Klein tool is great if you have to work only with the RJ45 wires. It has an embedded RJ45 tester in the grip along with a quality grip. That offers multiple usages without hurting in your hands.

To get more in-depth reviews and details about Ethernet crimpers you need to visit Tenstuf.Com where you can get a detailed review of the ten best ethernet crimpers along with a buyers’ guide on how to purchase the best Ethernet crimper.

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