How to Choose a Good Silicone Designing Company


Choosing a Silicone Designing Company can be challenging. There are many factors to take into consideration, such as experience, timeline, cost, and quality of work. This blog post is going to outline the top ways to choose a vlsi chip design company.However, let us get a brief idea on silicon design

What is silicon design?

If you’ve ever worked with computers, chances are you have used a silicon chip. But what exactly is the silicon design of chips? And how did it come to dominate the computing and electronics industries? Let’s explore!

As we move into 2020, more than 80% of all processed data and stored information is on semiconductors, with that number predicted to increase even more in the future. It’s no small matter: semiconductor-manufacturing plants process trillions of dollars worth of silicon wafers each year.

So what exactly is “silicon design”? Put simply, it’s the process of creating an integrated circuit composed of silicon-based transistors and other components. The term “silicon design” is also sometimes used to refer to the manufacturing process of these silicon chips, as well.

Historical Overview of Silicon Design

The integrated circuit (IC) has come a long way since it was first proposed by a graduate student named Geoffrey W.A. Dummer in 1956. In his proposal, he suggested that an array consisting of multiple transistors and resistors on a single wafer could be used for digital computing purposes. Over the course of several decades, our understanding of the silicon chip – and the devices embedded on it – has evolved substantially.

The earliest silicon chips were fabricated using a process similar to that used today – except that transistors were made using photolithography rather than by etching through a mask. Even with this primitive technology, it was extremely difficult to manufacture semiconductor integrated circuits in large quantities. For instance, in 1977, Intel’s first commercially viable chip was only half an inch wide (precisely 0.5 inches).

In 1978, Intel co-founder Gordon E. Moore presented a theory for how the number of transistors on an integrated circuit would double every year. This result is still known as Moore’s Law, and has become a cornerstone of the semiconductor industry.

More than 30 years later, Moore’s Law continues to hold true. 

Reviews on the web

Reviews on the web can provide you with valuable insight into not only the vlsi chip design company that we are going to list but also what they are like to work with. An excellent review program is one that has prominent public reviews and then private peer reviews as well, which are only visible to the company’s customers. The review should cover all aspects of your needs so that you can get a complete understanding of what you will be getting with embedded system design company.


Reviews are one way to get a feel for how good a company is. The other way is to speak with references. References should be carefully chosen and not just recent ones but also ones from the past. If a company manufacturing semiconductor has been in business for longer than five years, then the chances are that they have a reference list from over the years which will give you an excellent idea of how they work. It is also highly recommended that you speak with as many past customers as possible. If a company has been in business for five years, then it is likely that its customers will be happy with its service. 

Customer support

Customer support plays the most significant role in how good a company is. A company should have someone available 24/7 if possible to provide support. And help solve any issues you may have regarding your order. Even if it is a large company, the chances are that you will find someone who will respond to your email or phone call. If a silicon company does not have this, then there is a perfect chance that the company will not be reputable. 

 Payment options

Customer support is most important, yet many of us prefer to deal with an online payment service. That saves us time, effort, and money in the long run. The two main payment options are online payments and credit cards. Many companies accept both, but not all. If a company does not accept credit cards, then it is likely that they will be very price-conscious. Therefore, you should be careful if you choose to make a large order. 

 Shipping options

Many of the more well-known silicon companies offer free shipping on all orders. However, this is not always the case. To ensure that your order arrives quickly and in good condition without any scratches or bumps. Then it is best to stick with larger companies that offer free shipping. 

Technical specifications

The technical specifications are an essential part of any VLSI physical design company. They will provide you with all the information that you need to know in order to get your task done. For most jobs, this will be a concise list, and if you have been given too much information, then it can become a bit confusing. 

Product warranties

If you are ordering products that contain high-tech components, then it is crucial that the products come with a product warranty or at least an extended warranty policy. The extended warranty should be at least 90 days in duration. If the products can break easily, then it is best to get a warranty that is longer than three months (1 year). 

Customer support

Customer support is critical when dealing with companies that are new to the market or new to you as a customer. It should always be available during regular business hours if possible. If a company has out-of-hours support, then it is worth asking how fast they respond during those times. So you know what to expect. 


Price is one of the most important factors when choosing a silicon designing company. If two companies have similar reviews and references. Then it is likely that the cheaper one will provide a better quality of product. It is always worth checking out reviews about cheap companies on the internet for any signs of poor customer service or low-quality products. 

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