How To Change The License Key In Avast Antivirus


Avast is a top antivirus program that offers numerous security tools and services to users. The plans of this antivirus are available for all devices. Whenever you need good security on the computer; you can install it on the device and be secure from all the threats. When a user installs the free Avast antivirus; he can protect the device from various basic threats. Using the freeware does not require a License Key in Avast. Users can open the Avast site and install the antivirus directly. But when the user requires a paid Avast plan then he needs to purchase an Avast license.

Purchasing Avast Antivirus License on Windows Device

When you get an Avast antivirus for Windows; you can only use the setup on the Windows system. If you want to use Avast on another platform then you have to purchase another Avast setup or go for a multi-licensed program. Purchasing the Avast licensed program will also stop Avast popups. Avast antivirus offers lots of plans for Windows devices. Users can install any Avast setup for the system.

  1. Open the PC and click on the browser
  2. Search for Avast antivirus
  3. Open the website and hit on Windows
  4. You will see an available Avast plan for your device
  5. Check the features of Avast antivirus plans
  6. Inspect the resource requirements of the setup (RAM, hard-disk, processor)
  7. Tap on Avast setup 
  8. Select the Purchase option
  9. Tap on the Sign In button
  10. Create an Avast Account
  11. Provide the correct details
  12. Enter the correct email address (you will get the key on this account)
  13. Type the billing details
  14. Hit on Next button
  15. The Avast payment process will appear

After completing the payment; a confirmation window will appear. Open the email address and click on Avast mail. Tap on the setup and it will start installing. The setup will start searching for the resources. Once the setup finds all resources, it will start installing. Avast activate window will appear. Check your email address for the Avast license key. Enter the key and tap on the Confirm button. If the key is correct; your Avast antivirus license will get activated. Now complete the download process and restart your Windows device. Users will get the Avast icon (orange icon) on the desktop. Open Avast antivirus and click on the full scan option. The Avast full scan feature takes some time. This scan feature will remove all the threats from the device. 

Renewing Avast Antivirus License

Users can access the features of the Avast plan until they have an active subscription. Once the subscription expires; the user has to renew the License Key in Avast. You can also renew the Avast setup before the expiry. When you renew the plan before expiry; the device doesn’t go vulnerable. Avast will start sending the subscription expiry warning notifications days before the date. For extending the service; he can renew the Avast license easily. 

  1. Open your Avast dashboard
  2. Click on the Menu button
  3. Tap on the My Subscriptions option
  4. Hit on the Renew button
  5. You will get the renewal plans of your Avast setup

Choose Avast antivirus renewal plan for your account. Hit on the Renew button. You will get the billing form on the screen. Tap on the Renew button and the renewal process will begin. Once the Avast antivirus setup gets renewed; the user can easily use the Avast tools on his device. Some Avast plans also provide the auto-renewal feature. When you want to use Avast antivirus for a long time; enable the auto-renewal feature. It will renew the Avast antivirus before expiry automatically. 

Upgrading Avast Antivirus Setup

If you want to try another Avast plan; upgrade the setup. Users can wait until the subscription expires and then upgrade the Avast plan instead of renewal. Users can also upgrade the plan after cancelling the subscription. Cancelling the subscription before the expiry and upgrading the plan will lapse the remaining days. But if you cancel the subscription after a few days of renewal then ask for a refund. Once you receive the refund for your Avast antivirus subscription; get the upgraded plan.

  1. Open the Avast website and search for a new Avast plan
  2. Click on the setup and tap on Buy Now button
  3. Purchase Avast with the same account
  4. Open mail and install the Avast setup on your device

Before installing the upgraded Avast plan; remove the previous setup from the device. Delete all Avast-related files and then install the new setup reliably.

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