How to Buy a Right Wooden Number Puzzle for Your Child?

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Are you searching for a wooden number puzzle for your child? Do you know what the best way to but these puzzles is for your child? Do you know how these puzzles can aid in developing various basic skills of your child from the beginning? Yes, I am sure you do not know the answer to all these questions. You do not know how you can build several basic skills for your kid without making so much effort. So, here in this short guide, we will throw light on each feature of these puzzles. In addition, we will also try to make sure that you keep some features in mind before giving any toy to your children.

Durable wooden puzzles and toys online in Australia are frequently helping children develop eye-hand coordination. They also develop logic skills, reasoning skills, and spatial awareness. So, they are a good way to contribute to your child’s progress from beginning through early schooling. Modest jigsaws need only a few minutes to accumulate and allow kids to learn complex ideas naturally, through play.

The Earliest Wooden Number Puzzle

If your child is of a very early age, we suggest you buy jigsaw puzzles with simple basic features such as shapes and colours. When purchasing a puzzle, make sure that it features large primary colours and basic shapes. This kind of wooden number puzzle permits you to perform with your kid. In this way, you can explain all the concepts in detail while assembling the puzzle. But if your child is very little and put everything in their mouth, we suggest you wait for some time. At this stage, your child will learn nothing, but he can get sick due to putting everything in their mouth. So, wait for some time and then when you notice that your child is able enough to tackle a puzzle, go for it.

Toddler Jigsaws Puzzles

As the age of the kid increase, the difficulty level of the puzzle also increases. Similarly, there are various toys online in Australia suitable for children of different ages. Over time, your small baby grows and becomes a toddler. Here at this age, we recommend giving you a slightly difficult puzzle with complex images and shapes. Furthermore, it is also essential to keep the interest of your child in mind. Make sure to purchase high-quality and bright puzzles so that your child attract to them.

Begin by presenting more complex figures that fit into a similar hole. Also, make sure the puzzles have only a bit of unique non-interlocking fragments that feature bright. Thus, at this stage, your child will be able to learn and differentiate between various colours and shapes.

Puzzles for Preschool Children

Wooden number puzzles for early pre-schoolers should not present very complex pieces and shapes together. We will suggest starting with more pieces of simple shapes. If you begin with more pieces and complex shapes, the child cannot solve them. So, if you want to fulfil the purpose of brain development and learning, use some skills and follow some tips. So, start with simple shapes, then go beyond with complex shapes and designs.

On the other hand, older pre-schoolers can assemble large-piece with a general basic image. These large pieces are usually in the non-interlocking form. So, try to purchase the favourite design and character of your child.

School-Age wooden number Puzzles

As your child learns numbers and letters, you may need a custom puzzle with their name as a decent learning tool. In addition, this is also the best time to present large interlocking pieces and complex features and designs to the child. You can give them puzzles that demand assembling unique figures into an image from toys online in Australia.

Often you can present a variety of riddles to your kid. They will logically be interested in those that fit their growth level. If they are not attentive to a puzzle, take some time to involve them. Thus, it is essential to develop their interest in the puzzles.

Points To Keep In Mind

When searching for a jigsaw and a wooden number puzzle, make sure to buy age-appropriate puzzles. In addition, it is often very frustrating for kids if they cannot complete a puzzle. This is due to the reason that the puzzle is too hard for their age or developmental stage. As a parent or handler of a child, you know the best time when your child is ready to solve a puzzle. If it seems to be too stimulating, just keep it aside for few days. After that, you will observe the stage is near when your child can play with an educational toy.

How To Buy The Best Toys Online In Australia?

There are various things that you should keep in mind while purchasing educational toys online in Australia. Keep in mind that always goes for the toy that fulfils entertainment purpose as well as educational purpose.

The Level Of Difficulty Should Be According To The Child’s Age

If your kid is younger, we will suggest you buy puzzles with fewer pieces. Anything too interesting will cause him to stop solving because of its struggle. So, any toys online in Australia you buy that are too cool will cause him to rapidly lose curiosity.

Theme Should Be The Best Fit For Your Child

Find a theme that your child likes, and then get puzzles according to the same theme. Is your child like the horses or shapes? There are accurately thousands of puzzles with pictures of horses. They are also accessible in various shapes and designs. Moreover, there are many topics available, so searching for one that fits your child should not be too difficult. Their curiosity about their favourite topic will increase their interest in the puzzle activity. Thus, building it something they love doing and like to do again and again.

The Puzzle Material Must Be Appropriate

Wooden number puzzle is available for babies, toddlers and young kids. So, it is essential to select the puzzle material appropriate for your child. Not go for too delicate a material such as glass or plastic. So, here we will suggest to you that the best material is wooden.

Advantages of Educational Toys

Kid’s puzzles offer many profits of serving kids to grow and progress their talents and skills. Here are some of the steps they help kids:

  • Educational toys online in Australia, such as puzzles, are a great way to familiarise teamwork.
  • They establish collaborative efforts as children work on the various puzzles in groups of friends and family members.
  • Puzzles build skills of critical thinking as they analyse the shapes and try to match the colours.
  • Manipulation of the pieces assists in developing coordination of hands, particularly for younger kids.
  • They also help to develop patience in teamwork.
  • Toys are a source of strengthening relationships with others.
  • Enhance attention to detail, concentration skills, and ability to focus.
  • The wooden number puzzle develops communication and social skills.

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