How to Become a YouTube Partner in A Easy Way

How to Become a YouTube Partner in A Easy Way


It’s free and entirely voluntary, so if willing to do the effort to promote your video. And become YouTube Partner so you can create an additional income stream for your company. The opinions that are expressed by entrepreneur Contributors are entirely their personal opinions. But the most common is to buy YouTube Subscribers Malaysia for your channel.

The idea that lies behind YouTube Partner is simple. YouTube Program for Partner is quite simple It’s easy to create and publish video content on your YouTube Channel. And then take the steps necessary to create an audience for the videos. When someone views your videos the banner display advertisement (called “Overlay In Video” ad) or a banner display ad ( “Overlay In Video” ad) is shown within the video’s window or a shorter TV commercial advertisement plays before the video starts playing. Additionally, banner ads are automatically shown on your YouTube channel’s homepage.


Every time someone views or clicks on an advertisement that’s video-based through the YouTube Channel, you earn some money. The amount you earn will depend on a range of factors and includes the kind of advertisement that is received or viewed by the user. If you wish to make substantial and consistent revenue by becoming a YouTube partner you’ll need to continuously produce thousands or even 10s of thousands (or more) views of your videos each month.

What to do for becoming a YouTube partner?

Being a YouTube Partner is free and is completely up to you. One of the main advantages of being a YouTube partner is the fact. That Google manages everything related to advertisements placement, income collection and payments. When you are a part of YouTube Partner, Google connects your YouTube videos to advertisers. It chooses the ads that will appear and tracks the total amount of traffic (views) and ad response. YouTube will then pay you according to the amount to participate within the Partner program. It is no longer necessary for you to locate, approach and manage advertisers. This is now an automated procedure. The Procedure to buy Instagram followers Sweden is also so simple.


When you are a YouTube Associate, you will only make money from videos that include all original content, and that adhere to the YouTube Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. Videos that violate copyrights, for example, the video has copyrighted music doesn’t belong to you or content that isn’t owned by you–don’t qualify for this program.

Signing Up for the YouTube Partner Program

The process of registering to become an official YouTube partner is something that you will need to complete. Only once your YouTube channel is established. To include YouTube Partner capabilities for the features of your YouTube channel, go to YouTube and sign in with the identical Google account information you used to establish the YouTube channel’s profile. Follow these steps:


  1. The upper-right corner is the display, tap your username or profile picture.
  2. If the YouTube menu opens Click on “Settings” in the YouTube menu. YouTube “Settings” option.
  3. If it appears that the YouTube “Account Settings” screen is displayed, select “Account Settings” and then click on the “Monetization” choice. It is located on the left-hand side of the screen, beneath “Channel Settings. “Channel Settings” option.
  4. On to the “Monetization” screen Click on the white and blue “Enable My Account” button.
  5. A pop-up window displaying an image of the YouTube “Monetization agreement” will appear. Near the bottom left corner place a checkmark over the three checkboxes. To indicate that you have read and agree with the conditions in the contract. Click “I accept” to continue the “I  Accept” button to proceed.
  6. Another pop-up will pop up. It’s called “Monetize My Videos.” It has 3 options each with a checkbox. The options are “Overlay in-video ads,” “TrueView In-Stream Ads” and “Videos include product placement.

What to do next?


Once you enable the YouTube Partner option and select to make your videos monetizable. Advertisements for banners will automatically appear at the top of the YouTube Channel page. The advertisements displayed are usually directly related in relation to your content in accordance. With descriptions and tags, information has associated with the video. In some instances, public service announcements may be shown or shown. Being a partner on YouTube you don’t have control over the way ads are from advertisers. All of this is by Google.


The next window that pops up will provide a short explanation of how you can make money. From each video uploaded onto YouTube. YouTube Channel. Let this discussion be in detail. To begin, click “Got it” or the “Got It” button to proceed.

YouTube Partner program. It’s only necessary to be completed once. Following that, you need to turn on the advertisement features for all of your qualified videos.  After that, connect your Google account (YouTube channel account) to a Google AdSense account, another procedure that must be completed only once. After that, you’ll be up and up and

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