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How to become a competitive PUBG Mobile Player



This blog is for all those players who want to their gaming level to a new height or you can also say that they want to improve it as in this blog we are going to tell you about the pro tips you can follow to make you level high and reach to a competitive level. 

PUBG is very much popular among the users and it is popular because it can be played by the users very easily and casually as well as professionally. The tournaments of PUBG take place all across the world from time to time and these PUBG tournaments give us the best PUBG Players around the world who are known for their good and amazing game not only the best players but many players participate in these games and tournaments. The major reason which the game is very much popular is that it gives the users the chance to play from any place and time they want to play and that also on their own devices like mobile phone, etc which they want to use. 

How you can play PUBG like competitive Players

In this blog, we are going to know the best pro tips of the same so we should begin with this without any delay so that you can use them whenever you want to improve your game. 

Tip 1 – Knowing the equipment you have 

The players must be aware of the equipment they are using and which they want to use or to whose they have access. As when the users or the players are aware and familiar with the equipment they are having. And about the mobile phone you are using it is not necessary or it does not matter which model of mobile device you are using you just need to be aware of the specs of your device you are using so that you can do the optimal settings for the same and they can also give you smooth gameplay for the same. 

Tip 2 – Practice 

We all must have heard of the phrase practice makes a man perfect from time to time so let us tell you that practice is necessary to improve our game in PUBG also so that you can be a master in this game. And this a philosophy which all the players should follow and they must practice the game, again and again, to improve their skills so that you can sharpen your edges and skills which you want to and work on your strengths as well as on your weak points where you are lagging behind. 

Tip 3 – Sticking with the team 

It is a very important thing to have a game plan before you begin your game and you must stick with your team and also rely on them before you start the game. A pro player is also a reliable team member who sticks to their team and also helps them and not only this but when you will play with a squad you can play smart and with their help and support you can go ahead in the game too. 

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Tip 4 – Never standstill 

Another thing the players need to keep in mind is that when you will stand still in the game any opponent can kill you as soon as they get the chance. As it is very much obvious that the more you move, the harder it is for the enemy to look for you and also target you. Along with moving the players must make sure that they are continuously changing their directions so that the users are not able to you and also not able to anticipate your location. Real players often make slight movements when they are targeting someone so that nobody could anticipate that you are targeting someone. It is very much important to keep moving after you make a kill so that nobody could kill you from behind. 

Tip 5 – Being Patient 

Patience is the key to playing a game and also winning it; if you will be patient you will get the desired outcome you want but if you will panic and will act irresponsibly then you will have to face the consequences of the same too. So, patience could make a big difference whether you survive the game or you are killed. 

Now we will provide you the list of the top 10 PUBG payers in world 2021 who are very much famous and you can also lookup for their videos to understand their game and take references from it too. 

Best 10 PUBG players across the world

  1. XQF Para boy – China 
  2. XQF Order – China 
  3. BTR Zuxxy – Indonesia 
  4. 33Svan – China 
  5. RRQ Earnny – Thailand 
  6. Mortal – India 
  7. Scout OP – India 
  8. Jonathan – India 
  9. Coffin – Turkey 
  10. TQ Marco – Uruguay 


Now we hope you have understood how you can become a competitive PUBG Player and can participate in various PUBG Tournaments. Share this blog with your PUBG Teammates now!

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