How Sales Can Be Increased By Communicating With Customers?


The selling and buying of goods online, also known as e-commerce, has gained immense popularity in the past few years. However, some people still prefer to shop the conventional way for a number of reasons. One obvious reason is that while shopping online one can’t physically check the product before purchase. Here’s where chat messenger apps can be put to good use. If you run an online business, you can provide thorough guidance for all your customers. One of the main advantages of doing business online is that there’s a greater outreach. People all over the world get to view your product and if you want to maintain foreign clientele you need to work on your communication strategy. NEEO Messenger is a real-time chat translation app that translates text and audio messages, Word and PDF documents, in over a hundred languages. You can use the chat translation feature to communicate with international customers. The following tips will help you increase sales using the translation feature:

  1. Answer queries instantly:

Anyone who asks a question could be a potential customer. If a query goes unanswered, you’ll end up losing potential customers. Hire an agent who is quick in responding to queries no matter what time of the day it is. A real-time chat agent can communicate with several customers simultaneously. The chat translation feature will assist the agent in communicating with foreigners.

  1. Give more attention to serious buyers:

There are some customers who know exactly what they want and have sufficient knowledge of the product. The customer care agent should be able to differentiate between customers who ask general questions and who ask more specific ones. Someone who, for instance, tells you they want play pen with a specific size and color, and within a certain price range should be dealt with first. If such a product exists in your shop chances, are it will be purchased right away.

  1. Promote seasonal sales more fiercely:

Many people put up end of season sales, however, you can benefit a great deal by putting up a ‘start of season sale’. As soon as the new season comes a lot of people begin to worry about their wardrobe. By sending promotional messages for your start of season sale, you’re likely to win several customers. Use your chat messenger app to create striking posts and combine it with a link to your website. Send these to all the customers who have shopped even once at your store.

  1. Turn your visitors into leads:

Many people casually browse through websites even if they aren’t interested in buying something. Through certain software you can check who is visiting your site and send them a message right away. Send a greeting, ‘Hello, how can I help you?’ or send a promotional message such as, ‘Enter a luck draw to win items worth more than 5000’. Add a question, ‘Would you like to enter the lucky draw? Promotional messages on the spot will undoubtedly raise interest in visitors.

  1. Maintaining ties with customers:

When someone buys something from you, record their names along with their purchases. If you specialize in selling a specific product you know who your target market is. However, if you sell different items then it is important you keep track of all the purchases made by customers. This way you can forward promotional messages accordingly. Share videos of items that might interest them and you might be able to convince them to buy something.

  1. Show them you care:

Your aim is to increase sales and for this you will try your level best to convince customers to make as many purchases as possible. However, this may not always be the best technique. There are times when you need to show genuine concern for the customer. When they ask you to share information for products within a certain price range guide them properly. Over time you can figure out what financial capacity each customer comes from. Be equally eager to help out all the customers and help them buy quality products within a reasonable amount.

  1. Ask for feedback regularly:

One very popular way to keep customers engaged is by asking them for feedback whenever they purchase from you. You need to remind them time and again of how important they are for you. Request your customers to post their feedback on their social media walls. Use your real-time chat translation app to send messages to customers from different countries to increase your outreach.

You can use your chat messenger app to publicize your brand by connecting with your customers. NEEO Messenger is a real-time chat translation app that removes all communication barriers. Download the app to gain maximum number of customers. 80% of sales depend on how you market your product so invest time, effort and energy into forming strong bonds with consumers. Afterall, they are what keep your business going.

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