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How safe it is to use a wooden jhula for baby?

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Rocking cradles come in many shapes, varieties, and variations. Traditional palnas are made up of wood with intricate engravings. The inspiration for this jhula was taken from a cotton saree which was attached to a spring strung up on ceiling beams to form a hammock for the baby. The terms palnas, and cradle are used interchangeably. A wooden jhula for baby is a modern version of these palnas.

Some of the modern models of a cradle have motorized and automatic options. Like the old time when one person was delegated the task to swing the baby, these motorized ones move automatically. These cradles come with a vibrator and music system. Some parents choose wooden cradles for their kids while others like metal or plastic ones. Some versions of these cradles come with accessories like a mosquito net, waterproof liners, and hanging toys.

Is it a good idea to use a wooden jhula for baby while putting him to sleep?

As per the experts and doctors, the baby should be made to sleep on his back on a firm sleeping surface. Also, a jhula is a great pick for babies because they love to sleep by rocking them. Babies correlate the rocking motion of the cradle with the movements they might have felt in their mother’s womb. Parents can also leave their babies in the cradle and work because the risk of falling is less.

Factors to be considered while buying a wooden jhula

Buying a cradle or jhula for the baby is an important decision because as a parent you wouldn’t want to hurt your baby or make him feel uncomfortable while he is sleeping. So, you need to consider certain factors when you plan to buy a wooden jhula.

  • The wooden jhula should be nothing but comfortable. You cannot ignore the comfort angle of the jhula because the whole point of buying it is to ensure that your baby is safe and comfortable.
  • The jhula should be made up of fine quality of wood.
  • It should be durable and should be able to take the weight of the baby from 0 to 24 months.
  • It should be well-finished and the surface should be smooth to prevent any harm to the baby.
  • You should be able to assemble it all by yourself.
  • It should be easy to handle and maintain.
  • The fabric that is used to cover the wooden jhula should be breathable, shouldn’t have any foul smell, and should be super soft.
  • In case the jhula includes a net, it should be breathable and should allow you to see the baby clearly. This also prevents choking because air can easily pass through it.
  • The components of the wooden jhula should be eco-friendly.
  • The fabric should be machine washable so that it is easy to maintain.
  • The presence of wheels in the cradle enables you to move it anywhere in the home so that you can keep the baby in front of your sight in case you are working.
  • The jhula should meet the needful certifications and standards.
  • It shouldn’t make any unnecessary noises because this will disturb the baby while he is asleep.
  • It should be decently priced because you cannot use this jhula once your baby grows older and bigger.

Benefits of using a wooden jhula

There are certain benefits of using a wooden jhula like-

  • A wooden jhula holds your baby closely and swaddles your baby. Putting the baby in a jhula will make him feel secure.
  • Since the babies are associated with the gentle rocking motion of their mother’s womb, they feel a sense of belonging in these jhulas.
  • Wood is an environment-friendly material so this material is the safest for the kids rather than going for plastic or metal cradles.
  • The jhula offers a comforting and cozy ambience for your newborn to sleep in.

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To conclude

A wooden jhula for baby is a perfect pick for you in case your baby has a habit of sleeping in your lap. The jhula offers a safe and secure environment for the baby to sleep. But before buying a jhula make sure that it is strong enough to support your baby’s weight. Make sure you don’t hang any unneccsary accessories like metal balls, tassels, or ghungroos because they might pose a risk of choking. Also, make sure you don’t put a lot of force to rock it.

Soft and gentle rocking is liked by the kids. Always check the fastenings because if you constantly move the cradle, the attachment points might become loose. Also, always keep an eye on the baby while he is lying in the jhula at all times. Don’t keep the baby unsupervised just because he is sleeping in the cradle. In case you have a caretaker, make sure he or she follows your instructions while putting the baby to sleep in the cradle.

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