How much will it cost to develop an ecommerce mobile app?


The flourishing eCommerce sector brings new opportunities for new companies and enthusiastic retailers alike. However, at that point, intensifying competition and the ever-changing requirements of customers can pamper the party. The app development company which is already ahead in this field lends a helping hand. Retailers need to harness the power of mobile apps to meet these challenges in a savvy and efficient way. However, they must know the expense of eCommerce mobile app development.

These days people prefer to give orders on the move or with the solace of their home. The dependence on the mobile app is, therefore, increasing step by step. Shopping in a hurry with extensive search features and secure online payment are the most prevalent trends. As a leading eCommerce business owner, you might offer these conveniences and facilities to your customers through an app. In this article, let’s expertise about how much it would cost to develop a mobile e-commerce app.


Factors that determine the expense of e-commerce mobile app development

From the features you need to include to the integrations, many elements come into play when determining the expense of e-commerce development. Let’s talk about these elements in a nutshell. In general, all e-commerce websites include these standard features. Suppose you are contemplating developing a regular application with fundamental features, like user logs in, item research, payment gateway, and checkout process. In that case, you can expect to pay around $10,000 for iOS and Android.

Besides, you can add some advanced features also, for example, speaking with an online visit, web-based media integration, multiple payment choices, message pop-ups, etc. If you wish to include these features in your app, you should pay significantly higher. However, pick the initial step with an essential e-commerce app if you are simply beginning

1.The area of the developer

The country where a developer is located assumes another crucial part in the overall app development cost due to the shifting rates per hour. Let’s take a glance at app development costs in different regions.

  • USA and Canada: 200$ per hour
  • Australia and New Zealand: $150 per hour
  • The UK and Western Europe: $170 per hour.
  • Eastern Europe, like Ukraine: $150 per hour
  • India and Indonesia: $80 per hour

However, if you treat your e-commerce app as your essential business, don’t rely on a single developer and hire an e-commerce team that takes care of the multitude of aspects of the project.

2.UI/UX design

The design and use of a mobile app can assume a fundamental part in engaging users and driving conversions. When it comes to e-commerce shopping, you need to provide your users with a seamless shopping experience which is possible provided that your app has a great design. The process of designing a mesmerizing app includes creating prototypes, wireframes, and customer journeys.

The expense of UI design Services depends upon the complexity of your app and the evaluation of the development company. For a simple app, wireframing requires 14 hours, UI design 14 hours, and UX design 7 hours which can go as high as 150 hours per process in complex applications. Therefore, the last expense of design will depend on how much does the development company charge per hour.


iOS, Android, or both, you can choose the stage according to your target audience. However, the development process on either stage varies, which leads to a difference in the expense. Let’s take a glance at both Android and iOS development.

Android App Development

Presently, Android has the most significant market share, with more than 87 per cent of end-users being on the Android OS. If you need to choose one stage, Android is your best approach as it will help you reach out to a broader audience. However, the expense of e-commerce Android app development is higher than iOS because of the model diversity of Android phones.

iOS App Development:

Apple users are generally considered to be rich, which is very true to some extent. They definitely have higher incomes and are ready to pay the extra money per app. Therefore, your audience may be small, yet it will have a higher customer lifetime value and will help you generate more benefits. The expense of e-commerce iOS app development can differ widely, which goes up to $100.


  1. Maintenance

Whether it is Android or iPhone both continuously develop and update their systems at regular intervals. To ensure your app operates well, ask the company you hire to provide post-system updates and app maintenance. App maintenance can be expensive and cost 20-30% of your all-out project cost. For example, if youre-commerce mobile app development cost was $50,000, its yearly maintenance cost will be no less than $10,000. A responsible Android or best custom iphone app development agency takes care of all these things.

Cost of eCommerce Mobile App Development

Numerous variables involve the expense estimation of eCommerce apps. A dedicated team will develop your app. Presently this team will include back developers, front-end developers, testing teams, etc. The real cost is calculated upon the hours spent by the developers for developing apps.

  1. Deployment and Testing Cost- To ensure that everything operates without a hitch, you should have an app that has run a series of tests. It will make sure that your app is the best and most stable. You should ensure that your app is tested using performance management and advanced examination. An expert might take from 40-500 hours. The most extreme time is taken for complex rationale.
  2. Area of The Developer- The area of eCommerce developers for any stage, for example, iOS app development, assumes a huge part. If you hire eCommerce app developers wisely based on the area, you can save a huge development cost.

Other Additional Cost

It includes legal and minor expenses for the development of eCommerce apps.

  • Costs for App Store It will cost you registration, service, and membership fee. This fee is for sending your app to the app and play store.
  • Maintenance and Updates You should ensure to ceaselessly update and invest in the maintenance of your app. Because, In the year 2016, Apple discarded over 50,000 apps. These apps didn’t uphold the latest releases and guidelines by iOS.

Fundamental Features affecting the cost to make Ecommerce Mobile App

User Interface- In the eCommerce app, the user interface is everything that users can interact with the UI controls, features, content, and capacities.

Simple Registration- This feature enables the user to log in using web-based media profiles or email accounts; this process allows customers to save time compared to the hazardous registration process.

Pop-up message- A pop-up message is a note that springs up on a device. Business owners can send their latest deals, offers, and limits to the users directly to their inboxes.

Customer Cart- Most online shops choose to get shopping basket features for payment and exchange activities. The user can save the items in the truck to purchase later.

Advanced Search- The search choice helps customers get the required items by composing item keywords in the search bar, as it saves time, and there is no need to navigate the entire app.

Social Integration- Joining social features into non-social apps are an excellent method to correlate friends, develop networks, and keep users reaching down to your app.

Customer support- An in-app customer service feature will enable you to manage this relevant information and advance its decisions for your next marketing approach.

Multiple payment choices- The customers ought to provide different payment choices all through the term of checkout with the highest confidence and security.

Review and Feedback- The users ought to be able to review and give feedback about items inside the mobile app, as this will help develop your business.

List of things to get Button – Applying this feature, users would bookmark the things they can need to purchase and notify the users about the suggestions.

Wrapping up

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