start a medical practice

How much money does it cost to start a medical practice?


Starting any business can be a tough decision. There are several risks associated with it. And whether it is a small business or a large one, you need a good amount of money to start the business. And starting a medical practice is no exception. The approximate amount required to start a medical practice ranges from $70,000 to $100,000. But the amount may vary depending on other considerations.

What is a medical practice?

Medical practice is a place where a medical practitioner or many practitioners come together to examine and diagnose a patient, test them, or can offer other possible treatment options to them. Medical practice may consist of other individuals like receptionists, nurses, as well as office administrators. For the smooth running of medical practice, you need the correct amount of persons who will be responsible for their tasks.

Type of Medical practices

There are four different types of medical practices, and one can choose them according to their convenience and future goals.

  • Private practice- In private practice, the practitioner is the only one dealing with the patients in the hospital or clinic. They are the ones who can make the schedule, decide the treatment procedure, responsible for clinic or hospital expenses, and are the all-alone decision holder.
  • Group practice- In Group practice, two or more practitioners are involved in providing the same medical care in the same medical practice. 
  • A hospital- In a hospital, the practitioner only needs to focus on treating patients. They don’t have to deal with any administrative decisions, unlike the private practitioner.
  • Locum Tenens- Those who pursue such medical practice can serve as temporary physicians. 

How to budget your expenses to start a medical practice?

There are, no doubt, a lot of factors involved while considering the expenses you need while starting a medical practice. 

  • Employees- To start any successful business or, in this case, a medical practice, you must have a confident and good number of employees. You will need different kinds of employees to make your team strong, such as doctors, nurses, assistants, administrative managers, and health professional lawyers. You have to research the average incomes for all these positions. And then make your budget according to the employees’ salaries you are willing to pay them.
  • Rent- Choosing the best location to start your medical practice can be challenging. You need to make sure about how much space you will need and the maintenance of the area while considering the rent.
  • Insurance- While starting a medical practice, you will need general practice insurance and malpractice in medical sector insurance. So, if anything happens to your patients or your area of medical practice, the insurance can cover it.
  • Equipment- Medical practice equipment is very costly. For the smooth running of your medical practice, you need to buy all the necessary equipment. You also need to buy office equipment. This is a major addition while starting your medical practice. Marketing- If you want to grow, you will need perfect marketing to establish connections within the community of people. You must hire a marketing professional who will write blogs or make and manage your medical practice website to attract patients.

What steps to take to start a medical practice?

To start a medical practice, it is required that you have proper knowledge of the medical industry. But there are many other responsibilities included while starting a medical practice.

  • Proper planning
  • Market Research
  • Name of Medical practice
  • Medical practice registration
  • Location of Medical practice
  • Administrative structure
  • Finance
  • Buying of equipment such as equipment required for medical practice, equipment required for office
  • Obtaining various medical memberships, and certifications
  • Obtaining tax identifications digits
  • Insurance of your medical center
  • Find a health professional lawyer

Why do you need to hire a health professional lawyer?

Health professional lawyer focuses on the aspect of the medical industry. Before starting a medical practice, you need to hire a health professional lawyer who will take care of all the important insights into the medical industry. 

  • Handling insurance companies- Dealing with insurance companies might be difficult for you as there are other important works for you to do while starting a medical practice. So, it is best to hire a health professional lawyer who can take care of the insurance of your medical practice.
  • Dealing with the paperwork- As you want to focus on your medical practice, dealing with law paperwork can be frustrating. Only a health professional lawyer can handle it in the best way.


You need to consider every aspect of the medical practice before starting it. There is a lot of critical thinking, appropriate planning, and proper functioning required to start a medical practice.


In this article, you will learn about the expenses related to starting a medical practice. Also, you will know about the possible budget expenses needed while starting a medical practice. You have to be aware of what medical practice is and the types of medical practice options available for one. The article also discussed the necessary steps to be taken while starting a medical practice.

The article also focused on the aspect of why hiring a health professional lawyer can be beneficial and important for your medical practice. We also discussed the roles of a health professional lawyer.