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How Do You Promote Your Brand with Marketing On Reddit?

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If you’re looking to expand your marketing platform beyond traditional social media, marketing on Reddit could be a great option. When digital marketers are asked to look at social media marketing, they usually start with the biggest platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Many marketers forget that the internet is a huge platform, with different types of web users in different corners. One such site, which many internet users ignore, is Reddit.

Although it is the sixth most visited site, it is the least used site in social media marketing. Therefore, if you want to grow your business, just like the major social media platforms, you need to get familiar with Reddit marketing.

A Guide to Reddit Marketing

Reddit and Reddit users strongly protect these online communities. Some of them reject marketers who undermine the integrity of their communities. This is because people gather on Reddit not only for the visual appeal of their posts but also because they share similar interests, support social goals, etc.

When marketers enter Reddit to promote a particular post, Reddit users usually become aggressive and ignore attempts to intrude on their community.

Before you enter Reddit, you need to develop a proper Reddit marketing strategy. This strategy will help you establish your position on Reddit.

Create an account

Start by creating and registering an account on Reddit. The account name should match your website or brand keywords. The more you can associate your marketing activities with a real person, the more credible you will be.

Create a Trackreddit account to receive notifications.

TrackReddit notifies users when someone uses brand-related keywords on Reddit. This way, every time a user mentions your brand, you can join the conversation. This allows you to engage with your customers at the exact moment they mention your brand.

Create your own feed

Look at all the sub-resources that are relevant to your brand. Start with your standard homepage and discover smaller community niches. In the sidebar of the subreddit, you’ll find the communities we recommend. You can also find exactly the conversations and communities you’re looking for by typing “Reddit (keyword)” into a Google search.

Stay on top of things

Reddit marketing requires you to be there all the way – you need to constantly follow Reddit discussions, vote and add comments. You need to identify comments that interest your target audience and promote them in a targeted way – once you understand what Reddit discussions are and how they are structured, promoting your product should be a breeze.

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Activate and engage

Before you start posting marketing content on Reddit, you should start commenting on other people’s posts. However, this doesn’t mean you should flood other people’s posts with comments. Posting 10 to 15 comments a day is not an exercise. Also, your comments should be interesting and engaging – the Reddit community is very noisy and you don’t want to be marked as spam.

Share unique and original content.

You need to create content that speaks exclusively to Reddit users. But just like Facebook, not every post on Reddit will be a viral hit, so you also need to be open to criticism. So the most important aspect of marketing on Reddit is to be patient. This way, you can better promote your product and also address a Reddit audience.

Be consistent

Don’t forget that another aspect of marketing on Reddit is consistency. No social media platform is an ATM that captures an audience in the blink of an eye. Think long-term and attract more visitors to your domain.

What types of Reddit content are available to digital marketers?

Marketing on Reddit can include almost any type of content. So, to advertise on Reddit, you need to consider your target audience. This will help you come up with new content ideas to post on this site. You can also hire any company that will write the best content for this purpose.

  • GIFs: Whether it’s sports or movies, Reddit loves GIFs. So use these little videos to promote your products and services on this platform.
  • Videos: By providing links to YouTube and Vimeo, you can attract many Reddit users. So don’t hesitate to use video content when advertising on Reddit.
  • Photos: When marketing on Reddit, many users prefer photos to increase the visual appeal of your post. This helps keep users interested in your page.
  • Text: Promoting your website with text such as interesting poems, quotes and keywords is an effective way to convey content. So use your natural writing skills to gain views on Reddit.
  • Blogging: you can also post blogs on Reddit to attract the attention of different communities. This way, Reddit users will be interested in the different articles you publish on the platform.

Now that you understand the concept of Reddit marketing, you need to promote your site on this platform. Ignoring Reddit can be the biggest mistake you can make when writing articles for social media. So use this guide to promote your website here.

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