How Can I Fix My Hotmail Not Working Issue in 2022


Email is a great tool for personal and business communications. In terms of the most popular mail provider, Hotmail is often regarded as the most trustworthy email service in the world. Hotmail is an Microsoft service which allows users to send and receive email in a secure environment.

Hotmail is an extremely popular email service that has thousands of customers. While, as with any services for email, Hotmail can be prone to technological issues, it’s the most preferred choice for users across the world. A lot of users have complained that they’ve had issues with “Hotmail is not is working” or “Hotmail not sending emails,” preventing them from receiving emails. This is a frustrating situation however, with just a few quick fixes, you’ll quickly overcome the issue.

If you find that your Hotmail account isn’t functioning, read on for tips on how to solve the issue. In this post we’ll cover the most basic steps to troubleshoot to aid you in getting Hotmail working properly in your gadget.

What is Hotmail?

Microsoft’s “Hotmail” is a completely free electronic email management program (American Multinational Corporation). It includes administrative features for calendaring, messages, and other errands. It’s currently called Outlook. “Hotmail” is a Microsoft-related program which can be used to complete a variety of tasks.

Concerning this “Hotmail isn’t working” problem, numerous users have posted complaints across various platforms, including Microsoft’s official forum site, Microsoft official forum and various other popular platforms and asked for an answer.

How Can I Fix My Hotmail Not Working Issue? Here’s an effective solution.

Follow the steps below to solve your Hotmail problem of not functioning. There are a few fundamental troubleshooting techniques that will help you resolve the problem:

Verify for the state of your server

The first and most crucial is to find out the status of your server. In the event that the server’s down it won’t allow you be able to transfer or send emails. Therefore, if Hotmail doesn’t work due to the “server down” problem, you’ll need wait for a few minutes until you can try again.

Fix the Web Browser

There’s a chance that Hotmail has stopped working due to obsolete or corrupted browsers. You need to investigate the browsers to solve the problem. Here are some easy steps to resolve browser-related issues:

Examine your network settings

It is possible to experience Hotmail not working in the event that your device isn’t online. This is why it is a good idea to test your internet connection. If you want to send or receive emails the internet connection must be in good working order. Restart your computer and modem when there is an issue with your connection. Give it a while before trying to send the email once more.

Are you finding that Hotmail isn’t working anymore? Think about the following aspects:

If you’ve tried all the above options but aren’t able to achieve Hotmail not working functioning, take a look at the following suggestions to solve the problem:

  • If you’ve installed an email filter for Hotmail and you’ve set it, you’ll not be able to receive or send emails. To continue to send emails, you must take it off.
  • It is possible that you have set forwarding email to an email address that is different which prevents you from receiving or sending emails. To fix the issue you must disable email forwarding.
  • Examine whether any email addresses are blocked. This could be the reason for the inability to receive emails. If you want to continue using the service remove your email account.

Part 1: Why Hotmail Is isn’t working? Is Hotmail Inactive?

Are you wondering why my Hotmail account isn’t working right now? Perhaps you’re wondering what is causing this? Hotmail currently down?

If your Hotmail account isn’t functioning It’s not your fault. on Hotmail. The reason is that the Hotmail service has gone out of business. Even though you’ve got an email address that is However the Hotmail service was closed in 2013. Microsoft has also transferred the majority of Hotmail users to a different service known as Outlook while they let Hotmail users continue to use their previous email addresses.

This implies that it means that the Hotmail accounts have now been host by Outlook. But, it doesn’t mean the fact that Outlook is the cause of why Hotmail is currently down. There could be a variety of reasons that you’re Hotmail account isn’t functioning properly. Understanding the causes of these issues will aid you in resolving your issues better.

These are just a few of the most frequent reasons why my Hotmail account to stop working.

  • Server down issue.
  • Network connectivity issue.
  • It is not compatible with Hotmail with the browser you are currently using.
  • A wrong username or password.
  • Unsufficient configurations.
  • Older versions of Outlook is available, or there could be an issue in or a problem with your Outlook account.
  • The software you are using to send emails may not be functioning properly.
  • Something could be wrong in your iPhone or computer Android device or tablet that you’re trying to connect to the Hotmail account. Hotmail account.

Part 2: Repair Hotmail not working on Outlook

Many reasons could cause Microsoft Outlook Hotmail not working correctly. So, there are many options to resolve the issue. In this article we’ll provide several of the best efficient but common solutions to fix Microsoft Outlook Hotmail not working in a proper manner.

1. Check Internet Connection

Are you experiencing Outlook live not functioning? You must verify your system’s connection to the internet. This is because if your device isn’t connected with the internet in a proper manner, you’ll definitely experience Outlook live issues and not functioning correctly. If this happens, then you should verify your internet connection fast.

  • If there isn’t internet connection, try to resolve the issue before trying to connect to Outlook live.
  • In this case, you must reboot your modem or router then reconnect your device within a few minutes.
  • You can now connect directly to the Hotmail account. There’s a good likelihood that it will be working properly and you’ll be able start working with Hotmail. Hotmail features in the most efficient way.

2. Take out Hotmail Account, and then Add it to Outlook Again

Are you experiencing Hotmail not functioning today? Are you having problems with Hotmail being slow to load? If so, you should remove the Hotmail account, and then attempt to connect this account to your Outlook application or in a second time. In the majority of instances, this will help in resolving the issue that is causing Hotmail not loading properly.

Are you unsure of how to delete and add an Hotmail account to Outlook to get it back? Follow the steps below to finish this issue.