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How Box Manufacturers Can Help Enhance Your CPG Branding?


If you are still using generic CPG boxes, consider a change. Common packaging errors can easily be omitted by the expertise of box manufacturers who craft boxes for every product and budget type.

Customized CPG boxes offer a unique opportunity to stick out from the rest. With that said, sellers often make some frequent mistakes while cutting, designing, and printing their boxes. Your CPG boxes can look much more enticing when you realize these errors and eradicate them for good.

Difference between good and bad packaging

It always comes in handy to know what components create better boxes and what features should be avoided. Designing CPG boxes comes with a lot of responsibility in terms of gaining a much-needed competitive edge in the dense markets and doing so within a narrow profit margin.

Particularly, small and/or new companies can feel intimidated by the sheer level of rivalry, customer base, and packaging requirements. But don’t worry! We are here to ease out all your packaging troubles by summarizing some common mistakes and giving our opinion on rectifying them.

Below are some main characteristics of good CPG packaging boxes:

  1. Robust in strength and storage.
  2. Looks distinct from other rival branded boxes.
  3. Step-in for branding effectively
  4. Radiate unmissable marketing vibes.
  5. Extend a favorable unboxing appeal.

With all these attributes, the packaging boxes fulfill their potential. You have a golden chance to make packaging work for your brand more efficiently than it currently might be doing.

What to avoid in box designs?

To understand what you should do with your packaging designs, it is first crucial to identify what you shouldn’t do. The following are some commonly found bad box features.

  • Ineffective aesthetics

Disorganized designs can be just as bad as no designs at all! About 62% of customers indicate opting for branded boxes with custom designs. This shows the significance of styling for reaping customer loyalty.

An inappropriate box look can become a hazard for the business instead of turning into an asset. Customers link the same attributes to the brand image as they perceive via its packaging.

Solution: Take time to determine your branding goals. If it is to introduce the brand to new customers, then put more emphasis on the brand logo and title. On the other hand, if your brand wishes to impress its customer demographics then choosing relevant languages, colors, and/or patterns can work better.

  • An unprofessional box look

CPG markets are so full of identical items that generic boxes are instantly snubbed by buyers. Brands that customize their boxes without imparting a strong message can lose out on potential customers and sales. Random patterns, shabby boxes, outdated color printing, etc. can misalign with the true brand perception.

Solution: Experienced box manufacturers evoke customer interest using a blend of colors and images. Certain printing effects such as spot UV coatings, and varied lamination types help to seal the box designs from wearing out. Crisp and fresh-looking boxes excite customers by offering higher value for money.

  • Lack of customer connection

Many brands don’t invest in creating a communication platform with customers using their CPG packaging. Bland and boring box content fail to form a direct link with buyers.

Moreover, boxes that are difficult to open, miss out on vital product info, usage manual, or relevant brand details may also cause inconvenience to buyers. Clients would feel put off by lengthy box openings and confusion over product functions.

Solution: Always remember that your CPG boxes are representing your brand. Think about how you can ease out the unboxing experience. Reduce the number of steps involved in this procedure. Another method is to mention the instructions on the boxes along with essential product details like storage, ingredients, and manufacturing details among others.

box manufacturers

  • Unsuitable product protection

Customers frequently complain about broken or damaged CPGs. It results in businesses incurring considerable costs in replacing items or refunding buyers. These are generally caused by poor box quality that comprises bigger measurements, inappropriate materials, and lack of handling guidelines.

Clients receiving broken products are likely to share unfavorable reviews online. It takes 5 positive customer feedback to counter a negative one.

Solution: Different box designs strategies can protect your products. If you are frequently experiencing damaged deliveries make sure to:

  • Choose apt box sizes. Measure your products correctly to assess the box dimensions required.
  • Get customized box materials that have suitable wall densities and shapes.
  • Include protective cushioning. If your products are fragile or sensitive, add custom trays, handles, sturdy locks, and/or box fillings.
  • Use informative box printing to tell buyers and logistic companies how to handle the shipment.
  • Unnecessary box space

Too much unutilized box space doesn’t benefit anyone; it is prone to more product damages and unnecessarily inflates costs. Even if you save packaging expenses by choosing standard boxes, ultimately, you will lose money on refunds and a sullied brand repute.

Sub-standard and unplanned boxes are one of the main factors driving new CPG brands out of business within their first year.  You must take corrective measures to prevent wasting box space so your costs are reduced and customers are strongly pleased.

Solution: One workable way to invoke box space utilization is to adopt creative box shapes. These would also offer sturdier product grips. Customers appreciate brands that are conscious of their activities and their impact on the environment.

Why does a good box design matter?

Can you imagine the adverse effects on your brand image if the above packaging mistakes are not rectified effectively? More often than not, brands suffer due to one or more of the stated errors. You can successfully tackle the industry challenges to emerge with a retainable brand identity.

An easy way out is to opt for experienced box manufacturers that are there to guide on every box design and creation step.


Effective CPG boxes can achieve a lot for your brand. Remember to focus on the customer experience, memorable box appeal, unboxing adventures, and brand aesthetics to garner customer satisfaction.

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