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How Big My Pooch Will Grow:- Puppy Weight Calculator


What’s the point of using a Puppy Weight Calculator? The short answer is that it aids in estimating how much your adorable pooch will weigh as an adult dog. But, aside from the fact that it will help you plan and prepare better, aren’t you interested to see how big the little man will grow?

Knowing whether your dog will become large or not is vital to planning, from living in a big enough house to picking the right kennel. Of course, you may have a purebred puppy and have a general sense of what to expect, but Mother Nature might still surprise you.

If you’re familiar with the breed, you could have a good idea of what to anticipate, but there’s so much variance in size that it’s often difficult to tell. And if you don’t know the breed or if it’s a mix-breed, you can be completely clueless.

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As a result, monkoodog’s puppy weight calculator can assist you in estimating how much your puppy will weigh once fully grown.

The time it takes for your puppy to attain mature weight is determined by his overall size. Toy and tiny breeds will grow faster than giant breeds. Toy breeds can achieve adult weight as early as eight months, whereas most giant breeds will grow until two or three years old. Small, medium and enormous breeds will all fall into the same category.

  • Classification of Breed Size

Dog breeds are usually divided into five groups based on their size. Small, medium, huge, and enormous toys are different sizes. It’s not a precise science, and there will be some overlap across breeds.
However, in general, the smaller the breed, the faster it will develop and mature. The larger breeds grow more slowly and take longer to reach maturity.

Toy =  up to 6kg

Example – chihuahua, toy poodles

Small = 6 – 11kg

Example – pugs, french bulldogs

Medium = 11 – 22kg

Example – Siberian huskies, border collies 

Large = 22 – 45kg

Example – doberman pinscher

Giant = Over 45kg

Example – Great Danes, mastiffs.

Factors That Affect Directly Your Pups Weight

  • Gender 

The gender of the puppy might also play a part in determining the dog’s weight. Male dogs are often larger and heavier than female dogs of the same breed. So if the father is of the same breed as the mother, your male puppy will likely be more prominent than his mother. On the other hand, a female puppy can grow the same size as her mother if her father isn’t much more significant.

  • Neutering

While neutering your dog will not enhance his overall weight, it will make him more prone to become overweight if you do not change his diet. Because the decline in sex hormones reduces your puppy’s energy demands, you’ll have to feed him less frequently. Before changing his diet, talk to your veterinarian; remember that if you neuter him before he’s a year old, he’s still growing and needs more calories than an adult dog of the same size.

  • Diet and Exercise 

The amount of weight your puppy will gain as an adult will be determined by his diet and activity. Dogs, like humans, are prone to gaining weight. Obesity has serious health consequences for dogs, just as it does for humans, but you can keep track of your dog’s weight with our Dog Weight Calculator.

Dog Weight Calculator

Benefits of Puppy Weight Calculator

  •  It ensures that your pup is growing on the right track
  •  It makes sure your pup is not facing any abnormalities or irregularities in growth.
  •  It gives you a rough idea of what to expect from the adult version of your pooch if you have no idea

Because every puppy’s growth curve is different, it’s best to check your puppy’s weight every few days.

With monkoodog, you may get a mathematical estimate of how big your puppy will grow in a flash, based on your puppy’s current age, weight, and breed; our puppy weight calculator predicts his maturity. Then you’ll be able to track his progress on an interactive graph.

Tips to Ensure Your Puppy Is Growing Properly

  • Break that one large meal into many small meals at small intervals throughout the day.
  • Puppies and adult dogs have distinct nutritional demands, so feed your pup puppy food rather than adult dog food. Use specially formulated food if you have a large puppy breed to meet its unique growth requirements. 
  • Use the feeding recommendations on your puppy’s food as a starting point for how much to feed, then modify as your pal develops.

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