How are Montessori Toys Helping in Your Child’s Development?

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If you find yourself wondering why you’re getting your little ones these educational toys, you are not alone! A lot of parents don’t realize that there are a number of benefits to using learning toys from an early age. 

Be it a Montessori shape sorter toy or any other toys for development, there is a list of benefits attached to every toy.

The primary benefits are related to the following fields: 

  1. Visual learning of the environment 
  2. Hearing
  3. Understanding what is heard 
  4. Movement (gross and motor) 
  5. Understanding their own body
  6. The feel of different objects to their touch.

Let us check out the most popular Montessori educational toys on the internet. You will learn that they impart a lot of benefits to your child.

Every Montessori toy will give multiple benefits to your little one and hence be a learning experience. 

Montessori Toys For Newborn and Infant 

You are not going to believe the incredible benefits that children get from the following toys!

Gili’s Shape Sorter Learning Toy For Babies and Toddlers 

This shape sorter toy is one of the most shape sorter toys available in the market. The vibrant colors are a sight to behold for the baby’s eyes. The easy-to-hold blocks that come with this toy are in multiple Montessori shapes. Your baby learns the different colors and shapes from this toy. 

What’s more! The blocks help with your little one’s grip. The big cube with all its elastic compartments provides the perfect exercise for your little one’s developing motor control. This toy helps the young ones learn hand-eye coordination.

Gili’s Baby Activity and Tummy Time High Contrast Soft Toy Set 

These Montessori toys for newborns are just the thing that they need in their initial months. Research has told us that newborns develop their vision with time. Their brain is rapidly expanding, reaching sizes more than that of an adult brain. Over time, the baby’s brain will snip off useless information and the brain will reach its adult-sized proportions. Montessori toys for newborns are essentially crateful of information for the babies; everything is a learning opportunity.

However, during the developmental time period, the eyes of the baby appreciate high contrast. The mirror in this set is good for entertaining the baby.

The hanging toys are great for developing arm and hand movements for future use. Similarly, the baby would enjoy the feel of the soft book in this set. As far as newborn learning toys go, this toy set has it all! This set is best for introducing Montessori activities for 4-months-old and above.

Gili’s Activity Toy for Sensory Development for Toddlers

This Montessori toy for a 4 month old is a tiny package full of multiple benefits. If you were looking for shape toys, this can help because of its design. This toy has multiple cords stuck to a disk. The baby can move these textured cords and enjoy the different motions. The bits at the end of the cords provide another sensory learning avenue for your little one’s hands as they learn the shapes.

The toy is vibrant in its colors and that is great as far as Montessori toys 4 months old go. 

deMoca’s Busy Board For Toddlers

This Montessori learning toy is super interesting for the young, and there are multiple reasons for this distinction. This busy board is available in several color options. 

The busy board provides several options for the kid to play around with. All the busy board activities are ones from around the household. We all know how curious kids are about the different switches, locks, and other things they shouldn’t be playing around with. This busy board provides the little ones with the perfect opportunity to use their hand and arm muscles for movement; this also improves their awareness of their body. 

LIKEE Wooden Pattern Block Animals Jigsaw Puzzle Sorting and Stacking Game

This toy is another creative answer to the shape learning toys dilemma. The 36 wooden pieces that come with this toy can make up to 60 images per the pattern cards given with the toy set. The cards are great for learning new words. 

On the other hand, the toy itself is great to introduce problem-solving through the use of visuals and arm/hand movement. Your kid will become more aware of their body’s movement in space. Overall, this product is another great take on Montessori sorting toys.

Why do You Need to Buy Your Kid Gili Toy’s Montessori Toys?

Simply put, the benefits from Gili Toys’ products for little ones are immense. Your kid needs to be only looking at one of the Gili Toys and they’d be learning something. While toys by deMoca and LIKEE are good too, they require a lot of care. 

Gili Toys on the other hand are durable and good-quality toys that will stay with your baby for years without breaking. Gili Toys are made from non-toxic and sustainable materials; this quality makes them safer for the little ones. When buying any toy for the young ones, remember that it is going to end up in the kid’s mouth one way or another.