Helpful Tips For Translators To Increase Their Translation Productivity


Working faster does not mean offering low-quality translation but can increase translation productivity without mistakes while saving time to keep your personal life and improve relationships with others. This can be a difficult challenge, especially with many clients and more work to do. Here are some practical and tried tips to increase translation productivity without overworking yourself.

Fast typing:

The translation work depends mainly on typing. To save more time, increasing typing speed is a must. There are many typing applications to exercise more on finger placement on the keyboard to ensure writing without looking. This can increase the writing speed by more than 60 to 100 words per minute, thus fulfilling the required tasks in less time.

Mastering CAT tools:

using CAT Tools helps increase translation productivity, as it ensures consistency within the exclusive content and reduces the hours needed to end the required task, Those tools can help to track product names, specified terminology, and abbreviations needed to replicate and also retrieve saved terms from previous terms with its translated and make an appropriate suggestion for similar translation.

Distance from distractions during work:

The various smartphone preoccupations and notifications during your career contribute to losing time and concentration, which may hinder you from completing the required work. Before starting your task, smartphones and any distractions that may cause from the completion of work should be eliminated. It is also recommended that a few minutes be allocated to rest every hour or half-hour.

Division of large tasks into smaller ones:

Translation requires a combination of multiple skills through which creativity is as essential as your artistic and linguistic skills. Getting a big project can be stressful and requires a lot of focus to maintain the level of performance, but working under pressure kills creativity, which reduces productivity and increases the chances of mistakes, so the big tasks must be divided into small milestones so that work can be maintained consistently and the desired results optimally achieved. Always remember that enhancing your productivity at work is the most critical key to success. As a translator, achievement and optimal use of time should be your first principle to maintain performance.

Including proofreading is the fourth way to achieve consistency in the translation, as revision is the most critical step in the certified translation process. It is not just a matter of checking grammar and persuading misspellings. It ensures that the content of the text is conveyed, the most appropriate phrases are used in the sentences, the content follows the stylistic guidelines, thus maintaining the coherence of the text, achieving most of the translation consistency.

Context review

Context testing is the fifth way to achieve translation consistency. Clients rely on translation companies or certified translators to ensure that they can reproduce the original document և convey the desired message in the required language. The translations text should make sense in the context. During the local review step, the translated text is reviewed in context to correct errors. The text is then finalized. This process guarantees a high level of consistency. The translation has become a very high percentage. You have achieved feeling. You can carry out the project with confidence.

Working faster does not mean that the translation will be of poor quality. But it can increase the productivity of the translation without making any mistakes.

This can increase quality consistency reduce project time and cost.

Allow communication with legal translation in Abu Dhabi 

Allowing translators to communicate is the third way to achieve consistency in translation. Sometimes many translators have to deal with languages. Thus, translators must have a connection between translators translating the same tasks

When translating with CAT, the tool gradually retains each original expression արտահայտ its corresponding translation

Keep in mind that certified translators may use a different target word for another word without this dictionary, resulting in inappropriate content.

A word dictionary can consist of terms related to some common words used throughout a product, industry, company, service, or even content. Staying true to this dictionary will surely save you time and money.

Create a dictionary One way to ensure consistency in creating a dictionary is with your program

The Translation Office in Cairo will take more effective measures to ensure consistency, including creating a dictionary, using translation memories, proofreading, and more.

Having different translations of the same source in other parts of the translation text can not only be confusing,

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