Health Care Providers Should Check Out CharmHealth

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If you’re a health care provider, you should check out CharmHealth. You’ll benefit from the direct engagement and connection it can provide with your patients. Unlike a traditional office setting, Charm is not tied to a network or an office location. The app also integrates with Google Calendar and is HIPAA-compliant. Read on to learn more about CharmHealth. Its benefits:

Smart Navigation Feature

With the launch of the CharmHealth Smart Navigation feature, healthcare providers can navigate the healthcare system easily and effectively with natural language commands. The feature is designed to simplify navigation, allowing users to type or dictate commands, and display information in the quickest and most efficient way possible. For a user to become more familiar with the features, CharmHealth has created a YouTube channel with helpful tips and tutorials. It is recommended to visit this channel for the most up-to-date information on the new feature.

CharmHealth’s AI-enabled appointment bot allows patients to book appointments and even schedule tests. The bot understands health conditions and offers recommendations based on the information that it has gathered. The system is also designed to help patients communicate securely and conveniently with their health care teams. The AI-enabled appointment bot is available on the CharmHealth website, mobile applications, and via email. While these features do not yet reach the level of customer service and convenience offered by more traditional methods, they are a step in the right direction for healthcare providers.


The CharmHealth software platform combines Electronic Health Records, practice management, revenue cycle management, and telehealth capabilities. It can be customized to meet the needs of a small to mid-sized ambulatory practice. The system’s document management module makes it easy for a physician to upload and organize documents while facilitating communication with patients and practice staff. CharmHealth can also be used on tablets, and the practice’s staff can view patient charts and send notes and appointments through the patient portal.

The EMR in Charm Health is HIPAA-compliant and certified to MU Stage 3-2015 Edition. Other features include document management, secure messaging, and the ability to track child growth charts. It also integrates with accounting software. CharmHealth has customer support available 24 hours a day. For more information, visit the CharmHealth website. You can learn more about the features of this cloud-based EMR. CharmHealth has been used by healthcare practices in over 30 countries.


If you’re in the market for an EHR, consider CharmHealth’s cloud-based solution. This HIPAA-compliant, MU Stage 3-2015 Edition certified system is a comprehensive web-based EHR. Its advanced features include telemedicine and premium claim management tools. In addition to patient-facing features such as e-prescription, the system integrates with QuickBooks and includes a document management module. You can even choose to have the system integrate with your own accounting software, making it even more convenient.

The CharmHealth suite of products includes an EHR, a practice management solution, and a mobile app. With mobile integration, users can view lab results, make appointments, and accept payments online. Patients can set personal wellness goals and schedule follow-up appointments with providers. CharmHealth is HIPAA-compliant and MU Stage 3-2015 Edition certified and is available to customers at no additional charge. CharmHealth’s secure messaging capabilities allow patients to send and receive messages with their providers while ensuring privacy and confidentiality.

Integrated with Google Calendar

If you use Charmhealth, you can now sync your appointments with Google Calendar. HIPAA-compliant and secure, CharmHealth integrates your calendar with the EHR. Enabling this feature is easy: simply go to Settings> Calendar> Google and enable the Charm-Google calendar integration. If you already have a Google calendar, you can switch to Charm’s new interface and continue using it as usual.

To set up an appointment, simply click the Charm calendar icon on the Home Page and select the Settings tab. From here, you can filter the providers by State License to view only the ones in your region. If you want to see only providers who are licensed to perform Telehealth Consultations, you can select a provider by State License. Alternatively, you can choose a location and choose to view a provider or resource based on that location.

Integrates with Digital Scales

The ChARM Health EHR Software is an electronic health record system that seamlessly integrates with digital scales. CharmHealth works with Select Health o meter(r) Professional scales, which automatically input patients’ weight, height, and BMI. This software requires a USB 2.0 cable to work properly and also includes practice management and medical billing capabilities. The software also allows physicians to enter patient information using an online interface.

The Charm Health patient portal provides convenient access to patient records. The patient portal includes appointment booking, visit reports, and secure messaging between patients and doctors. The patient portal even offers a mobile app that allows patients to securely message their providers. It also features a patient portal that can access on smartphones and tablets. CharmHealth integrates with digital scales through its patient portal and its companion apps. With this integration, physicians can easily access patient records online and access important information from anywhere.