7 popular events with Perfect Dress, Jewelers and Hairstyle


Dress is an important feature of all humans. Dress-up encourages creative thinking and communication skills. Dress and hairstyle help you to introduce yourself. It can build your confidence level and boost your energy. Workplace to personal life looking good always makes you different from others. Parties were actually made for people to gather and have fun. You should dress well at the parties. Here are some dress ideas for you. It gives you a clear idea about party wear. 

Wedding Party

A wedding party is always special for the bride, groom, and guest. Wear something floral print long dress. When it comes to a wedding outfit it is a classy choice. Statement blouses, floor-length Anarkali, lehenga and saree are best for weddings. Don’t wear too much jewelry, wear something classy pair of earrings. A messy bun, bridal bun with real flowers, open hair with an out curl these hairstyles can complete your look. 

New year party

As the new year comes with a bunch of parties and gifts. There everyone is in the mood to rock the new year party with a gorgeous outfit party. Where you need to look stylish and comfortable, you should pair a pretty gown, skirt, and top set. You can choose cocktail dresses for the new year party. You can always wear a new year hairstyle. Try a long hairstyle at the party. From sparkling neckless to shiny bracelets are perfect goes for a new year party. 

Dinner party

If it is a normal dinner party you can suit up in your cocktail attire. Dress up like you are celebrating the party. It is not an easy thing to go to a dinner party. Correctly dressing up is a big challenge. As different types of parties need different types of styles. Going to the party with the pair of an all-white jumpsuit, some high-waist, wide-legged pants, simple long-sleeved top. You can wear a romantic heart pendant, sparkly statements earrings, classic crystal bracelet at a dinner party.  

Birthday party

For a daytime birthday party wear jeans and a colourful top. A jumpsuit or skirt also gives you an elegant look. Maxi dresses never go out of fashion. Messy curls look good with a gown, if your hair texture is straight, retro Hair Bun is very easy to try and also gives you a simple and classy look, you can also try a simple low ponytail. If you are a birthday girl you can try some hair colors to create a different look. skunk stripe hair is very trending nowadays. A simple gold chain, pearl necklace, or pair of earrings can complement your look.

Picnic Party

Pic relaxes our minds. It is healthy for our mental health. A picnic usually happens with a family. Nothing is better than eating your favourite foods, and snacks with your family outdoors. Wear something comfortable. Picnic usually happens in the winter so wear a stylish jacket, a cotton frock also looks good on a picnic. For summer picnics, carry a hat and wear a denim skirt with a puffed top. Wear a simple bracelet that is enough for a picnic party.

Cocktail Party

A cocktail party is an informal party where cocktails are served. It lasts 2-3 hours. Snacks and cocktails are served to the party guests. It is one of the fun pre-wedding events at Indian weddings. Stay away from maxi and mini dresses. Jumpsuits, blazers and blouses are good alternatives for cocktail parties. You can choose any dark black dress that never goes out of fashion for parties. Plain stiletto boots, pumps, and simple sandals work best with this party. Wear fine jewelry, ghana lemonade braids, wavy hairstyle, and soft waves that go best with a cocktail party. 

College party

College life is the best life for parties. It is one of the most memorable lives for everyone. College parties are not what we watch in the movies. You can wear something neon, jeans or a simple saree if you are comfortable. If you are attending any Halloween party then wear something animal print dress or jungle print. Big earrings and flat shoes for college parties. Don’t try any fancy hairstyle. Keep yourself simple. Otherwise, you can’t dance with your friends. The heavy dress can spoil your party.  


We can escape our daily routine when we attend a party. Party gives us the opportunity to meet new people and create a good network. Dressing well helps you to get attention. When you dress well that means you care about yourself and self-care is very important for us. Wherever you go it makes you more confident and beautiful. People will clearly see your creative skill. As well as it can improve your mood and make you happy inside. Dressing well is always useful for us. Be honest, and confident, and never forget to wear your smile. A smile is the best thing that everyone should wear. 

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