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Guide – How Long Does A Frontal Lace Wig Last?

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Women worldwide wear wigs to achieve desired hairstyles because they are the best way to change from a regular style into a fancy one. But how long do lace frontal wigs last?

The lifespan of a frontal lace wig will depend on the maintenance and the quality of the wig. Want to learn more about frontal wigs? Well, scroll down and learn about it!


What Are Lace Frontal Wigs?

Make your HD lace frontal wigs mimic your natural scalp 
Make your HD lace frontal wigs mimic your natural scalp


frontal lace wigs made with 100% virgin human hair are one of the most popular products. As the name suggests, frontal lace wigs have a lace construction that mimics your natural hairline and blends with your skin color. On that lace construction, virgin hair is attached to it.

The hair on the frontal lace wigs is hand-tied individually into a thin and invisible lace material, resulting in a natural-looking hairline. The frontal lace wigs give the illusion of hair growing from your scalp.


How Long Does The Frontal Lace Wig Last?

Closure human hair wigs or lace frontal wigs? 
Closure human hair wigs or lace frontal wigs?


Similar to closure human hair wigs,  the lifespan of frontal lace wigs or HD lace frontal wigs is mainly determined by the maintenance and how frequently heat-styling tools are used.

virgin human hair lace frontal wigs will last up to one year with the right care and maintenance. However, you need to know the right caring routine for your frontal lace wig and the factors that will negatively impact your frontal lace wig.

The factors which will affect the lifespan of your frontal lace closure wigs are:


Adhesive Glue

Even though you are using the best quality adhesive for your frontal lace wig, the performance of the glue will wear out and become weaker over time. When the glue becomes weak, it won’t hold your HD lace frontal wig and will not give you a natural look.  If you put the adhesive several times, then this might cause damage to your natural hair



Maintaining your wigs in the right way is important as this will help with the lifespan of your frontal lace closure wigs. Poor maintenance gravely affects the lifespan of frontal, HD, and closure human hair wigs.


It is recommended to have two wig sets as you can alternate them and change them. For example, if you will wear one to work, you can choose the other one to wear for workouts. That way, you can maintain both of them properly and avoid overusing them.


You have to wash your hair with care and also refrain from using harsh chemicals while washing them and styling them. Also, when you are not using the other one, you can always keep your lace frontal closure wigs inside a proper bag and store them in a cool and dry place.


Taking care of your wig is really important for their lifespan. You should always try to maintain them in the right way and also be careful when washing and styling it.

Hot Tools

100% virgin human hair frontal lace frontal wigs have the versatility to be styled and manipulated by using hot tools. However, you have to know that overusing the hot tools on your wig can cause breakage and damage to them. So, you can go for a hot tool styling twice or once a week; that way, you can maintain and wear your wig for a longer period.


Use heatless styling methods to achieve curls and waves. Using hair rollers, braiding your hair, and then letting them dry is one of the best ways to achieve bounce and fullness. These heatless styling tips and tools will really make your frontal lace closure wigs last longer.

Where To Buy Your Frontal Lace Wigs From?

Get immense options of frontal wigs from TGH 
Get immense options of frontal wigs from TGH


With the rise in the popularity of wigs, it is overwhelming to find the right hair store to buy your frontal lace wigs from. But, we are here to help you choose the right hair store for your frontal lace closure wigs. True Glory Hair is one of the top branded hair stores in the United States. They source their hair from Brazil and India, and all their products are made with the finest natural style and texture. You will get the immense option in choosing the frontal lace front wigs. Buy from the best and flaunt your hair!



Although wearing a wig will give you the best hairstyles, you will need to know that the lifespan of your lace frontal wigs solely depends on the way you care for them. Now that you know some important things about the frontal lace closure wigs, keep in mind the factors affecting the lifespan of your closure and make your frontal lace wig last longer than your lifespan. Thanks for reading,  I hope you like the blog  !!


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