Guide For Buying A Perfect TV Stands For Your Home


In modern times, we cannot imagine our living rooms or bedrooms without the television set. TV stands tend to be a great piece of furniture because of their high style quotient and utility. They stand out as an accent piece for your interiors and become a focal point of your living room or bedroom. The requirement for a TV unit is decided according to where it is to be installed. The amount of space in a given room.

So, here we help you make your purchase easy with some suggestions for choosing the right TV Stands online.

Things To Remember

Height of the TV Unit:

This is directly related to the size of the television screen and the place where you intend to watch it from. In general, the TV center should not be less than 42 inches from the floor level. Otherwise, it could create discomfort for your body, especially the neck.

If your room is overcrowded with furniture, go for a unit wherein the TV is concealed so that no wires or cables from the TV are visible. This helps in achieving a clean, clutter-free look.

The TV unit should not be placed at right angles to the viewing seat or sofa as it will be quite uncomfortable in the long run.

If you have a TV in a low seating area, you should prefer the unit which touches the floor and the screen is not too high. Go for a floor-mounted TV unit with a series of drawers to contain DVDs, VCDs.

Which Materials To Go For?

The primary material for a TV unit or cabinet is solid wood which is the most premium option. While medium density fiberboard layered with laminate or veneer helps achieve a sophisticated look at lower prices.

You can also go for metal or acrylic TV stands that look sleek and act as accent features in your room. You can go for brushed metal units that give out very subtle reflections and look classy.

Fusion, colored or lacquered glass paired with wood is also a new trend in TV units that looks modern and contemporary.

What Type?

Floating Shelves:

If you want to conserve space and do not want heavy wood sections, then floating shelving is the one for you. In this type of setting, the TV is mounted directly on the wall with the wall-mounted TV shelves around it. This will give a contemporary look and act as a book unit or a space to flaunt your souvenirs.


This can be floating (wall hung) or pedestal. The TV set is placed on the top. This is mostly a rectangular box type of structure provided with drawers. And compartments where other media devices can be stowed away easily.

Cabinet with Tower Unit:

This can be in asymmetric design wherein there is a tower only on one side of the TV. And shelves on the other. Or towers on both sides where you can put your speakers or sound systems.

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