GT Wings: Things You Need to Know

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They are many ways to make your ordinary car look grand and elegant. There is always an option to repaint your vehicle and add necessary accessories to make it look stunning and fierce for external enhancement. However, some supplements are not only made to make your car look fancy.

You always see improved cars with big wheels, a newly-painted body, and a wing on their back. If you are rather curious about what does that wing in most race cars called and what is its primary purpose, then read along.


What is a GT Wing?

 Have you ever seen a winglike accessory on a vehicle? You probably do not know what that thing’s name is or what it can do. The gt wing or the automotive airfoil diverts uptrend airflow to create a negative lift. Keep in mind that this thing resembles an upside-down airplane wing.

It also opens up space between the car’s rear and its plane. Most racing cars have wings to help them maintain good aerodynamics during competitions. An automotive airfoil on the back captures the airflow off the roof. It then directs upwards, pushing the back of the car down. This mechanism is incredibly beneficial in racing because the impact keeps the car firmly embedded on the road surface.


Types of GT Wings

 There isn’t a broad deviation in the style of GT Wings available for sale. It intends to stop the car from levitating. The thing is, any type should serve its purpose.


  1. Whale Tail

Whale tail wings, also known as “tea trays,” are categorized by small elevated corners that sweep up the trunk. It has a strong impact, which creates a lot of drag force for your car.

  1. Gurney Flap

A gurney flap, or a “wickerbill,” is a small tab that protrudes from the wing’s edge. In contrast to whale tail wings, primarily used for aesthetic purposes, the gurney flap increases downforce for improved traction when pointed upwards.


Pros and Cons of The Wings

There are significant advantages and drawbacks to having this item on your car. If you want to weigh a thing, here are the major points for each category.



  1. Car Looks Cool

 Some cars with a wing on the tail look way more remarkable than others. The majority of vehicles that configure this type of accessory are race cars, so the hype vibes of your car are present.

  1. Helps Your Aerodynamics

 One reason racers have this type of item installed that it can assist the high-speed vehicle in keeping its tires on the pavement. Excessive speed can cause the car to deviate from its intended path, increasing the likelihood of an accident. This GT Wing is the solution to this problem. 


  1. Visual Deterioration

Because not all cars are designed to have wings, it may be challenging to find one that matches the paintwork of some vehicles, particularly older versions. Instead of enhancing your car’s appearance, you could end up detracting from it due to a mismatch.

  1. The Wings Can Easily Wear Out

 Most GT Wings are made of lightweight materials such as fiberglass or plastics. Too much speed from users can get the accessory damaged, or worst, can detach from the speeding vehicle. Some wings cost too much, and the fact that they can get rapidly broken makes it like throwing your money away.

  1. Installation Difficulty

 Some cars do not have a feature that can cater to a wing accessory. Installing the thing is somewhat tricky because you need to make sure it fits perfectly. If the item needs further details that will affect your car’s appearance, you might incur a lot of money paying for the extras.

The Bottom Line

Having a gt wing can be good only if your purpose is to create better aerodynamics on your car. However, having it if you are not a racer does not significantly impact your car’s performance. If you know that you need to pay more for it, think twice before doing so.


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