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Google Classroom Assignment Creation: Step by Step Guidance


Google Classroom makes it simple to create, distribute, and manage assignments with your learners without having to use paper. Classroom, which is linked with Gmail, Drive, and Google Docs makes the task easy.

Assignment help services make use of these materials. They use a plethora of techniques so that your work to create an assignment is easy in the Goggle classroom. These techniques act as mediums for improving the assignment workflow between teachers and students.


Why assignment creation in Google Classroom?

You have availability of many features which you can avail as a teacher. For example, you can develop an assignment and you may use the same assignment in multiple classes. You may also decide whether your students should work on a separate assignment or the same copy. Furthermore, Classroom allows you to provide personalized feedback to your students and monitor their progress on their tasks.


Step by step guidelines to develop an assignment in Google Classroom:

You can create an assignment in Google Classroom by following these steps:

  • Move to and log in.
  • Decide on a class.
  • Select New Assignment in the bottom right-hand corner which would help to create a new assignment.
  • Specify the name of the project.
  • If necessary, add any extra instructions.
  • Change the due date or time of an assignment

The assignment is due the following day by default.

To alter the date of the assignment, follow these steps:

  • Click the Down arrow, next to Due Tomorrow.
  • Choose a date by clicking the date.
  • (Optional) Hit Time and enter a time to establish a due date.
  • Hit Due date. Click the ‘Remove’ button next to the date in order to create an assignment without a due date.
  • (Optional) Click on the drop-down list. Choose a time from the list, or input your own time by clicking “Time”.
  • Press the Save button.
  • Click on a file, select it, and click on Upload.
  • Click the Driver symbol to connect a Google Drive item.


Find and pick the appropriate item, then click Add.

  • (Optional) Choose how pupils may interact with a Drive object if you attach one. Click Students may choose the proper choice by viewing the file next to the connected item. The options are:
  • Students may view the file if you want them to read it but not alter it.
  • You can choose to allow all students to modify the same file if you want them to.
  • Make a copy of the file for each student if you want them to edit it as needed.
  • (Optional) Select and pick one of the following choices:
  • Youtube, to attach a video
  • Click the URL to add a video link.
  • Click Add after entering the YouTube video’s URL.


To find a video to attach, go to Video search.

In the YouTube search box, type in keywords.

  • Add the video you wish to attach by clicking on it.
  • To add a link, type the text for the link and click Add.
  • If you realize you may not need the attachment, just click the X next to it.
  • (Optional) Select any other class by clicking its name following the attachment icons.


Choose one of the following:

  • Click Assign if you wish to publish the assignment right away.
  • If you wish to store the assignment for later, choose to Save draft from the arrow next to Assign.


Steps To Create An Assignment In Google Classroom On iOS/iPad/iPhone:

  • Tap Classroom, followed by the class.
  • Toggle between Add time and Assignment.
  • Fill in the title and any other instructions.
  • Change the due date or time of an assignment
  • The assignment is due the following day by default, but you may alter it.
  • Touch Due date, then tap OK to change the date.
  • (Optional) Tap Add time, then OK after selecting a time.
  • (Optional) You can create an assignment with no due date.


Materials can be added to an assignment:

  • To add your project, you may include Drive files, links, pictures, or photographs.
  • Press on attach an icon to attach a file.
  • Tap Drive item and then press the item to attach it.
  • To customize how students engage with an attachment, click Preview.
  • Students have the ability to make modifications to the file.
  • Students have access to the file and can read it, but they cannot modify it.
  • Make a duplicate for each student—each student gets their own copy of the file, which they may edit.
  • Delete—Remove the attachment from your computer.
  • Touch Link Link, input the URL, then tap Add to add a link.
  • To attach a picture, press Pick photo and choose the image you want to use. Alternatively, hit Use camera to snap a picture.
  • To remove an attachment, press Delete next to the attachment.


Some helpful hints for generating and assigning assignments:

  1. Make a subject list for your classwork:

Organize your resources and postings into categories to make it simpler for students to locate them.

  1. Schedule and reuse assignments:

You may use Google Classroom to create assignments and quizzes, as well as ask questions and share materials. To release your task, use the scheduling function to choose a day and time.

You may reuse posts that your colleagues have made with your own classes. This would help if you want to develop a class on the same topic for your department. The downloaded guide will show you how to accomplish all of this.

  1. Think about what kind of material and resources you’ll need:

You have a textbox as well as the ability to connect additional material as supporting resources. Consider how you’ll put this to use when you’re assigning tasks.


Consider breaking down the job into bite-sized pieces when explaining it, for example. We are reviewing stuff as a school; in our department, we are presently rehashing a particular subject every week. On Monday, we established our week’s task, which had a Friday deadline. We break down content lesson by lesson into manageable chunks for students.  Instead of asking students to watch the whole playlist, ask them to take notes. Tell them to answer questions for an assignment involving a big playlist. It may comprise 30 short films. Tell them to view videos 1–6; take notes, and answer select questions. Then have them repeat the process for videos 7–11, then 11–20, and finally they can check 20 to 30.



Creating assignments on Google classroom is not difficult. In fact, it offers a host of features and facilities to add modify and enhance the assignment. The techniques prescribed by assignment help services in the article would give a thorough knowledge about them.

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