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Gokarna beach trek is a village in Karnataka, which lies at the confluence of the Sahyadri hills and therefore the Arabian Sea. It’s believed that Lord Shiva appeared out of a cow’s ear here (hence the name Gokarna). Located just 150 km from Goa, it’s a well-liked weekend destination among backpackers and therefore the trek along the coastline is one among the foremost coveted travel experiences here.

Starting point of the trek

Gokarna Beach Trek starts from Gokarna, which also means the cow’s ear, maybe a holy site located on the Karavali Coast. Gokarna is present between the rivers of Agnashini and Gangavali. The middle of Gokarna is understood to house the famous Shiva Temple where the ‘Atmalinga’ is found. It’s believed that Atma Linga of Lord Shiva is placed by Ravana. Gokarna is additionally hailed together with the seven ‘Mukti Stalas’ or pilgrimage centres of Karnataka in India.

Location of the town Gokarna

The Town Gokarna is situated within the northern-waterfront district of Karnataka which is around 518 KMs from Bangalore. The place isn’t as extravagant as Goa yet but this is often where individuals everywhere throughout the planet seek harmony for culture, for sanctuaries, and clearly for the stunning shorelines. It is one of India’s most secluded and pristine beaches nearby. The place will draw both pilgrims and hedonistic holiday makers with equal enthusiasm. A medium-term venture for Gokarna Beach Trek makes it an increasingly helpful and flawless end to the weekend’s escape.

How difficult is the Gokarna Beach Trek?

Gokarna Beach Trek is a simple trek for an average person with basic fitness. That is, if you’re active at least a couple of times every week, it’s going to be a simple trek for you. This is often not an arduous trek through the sun; it might be a touch harsh. So you should apply sunscreen and should be hydrated for a fun day. The main part of the trek involves hiking through the hills and crossing an equivalent path to reach the subsequent beach. However, there’s a touch of climbing, crossing of rocks and boulders on the way too.

Best time to go

The trek is open all year round, but likened to other regions on the Western Ghats, the weather from November to March is right.

Route and time taken

The trek itself is about 9-10 km long but typically covers two days for travellers, to completely absorb the sweetness of the region. On a primary day, you’ll go around Kudle, Om, Half Moon, and Paradise Beaches, which can provide an excellent variety in terms of changes in terrain. The primary night is spent in tents at Paradise Beach, where you’ll witness the sunset and therefore the sunrise the next morning. The second day involves trekking to a couple of more beaches, including Nirvana and Kumta then heading back to Gokarna Beach.

Why do you have to do that Trek?

Hiking along the coast is the best thanks to Explore Gokarna and knowledge of its true beauty! So ditch the thought of renting a vehicle and getting to these beaches!

Your vehicle won’t be ready to take you to all or any of the Beaches!

Ferry Rides are expensive! If you propose to go to multiple beaches, it’s best to try to do so on foot! A method ride from Om Beach to Paradise Beach will cost around Rs.300!

The views you get to ascertain on this Trek are worth all the trouble you set in! It’s such a Rewarding Experience in itself! If you’re lucky enough, you’ll Spot Dolphins from a couple of cliffs near Half Moon Beach!

It is among the sole few destinations or activities that provide hills and beaches together. You get to hike and you get to swim multiple times during a single day!

Things to hold

  • Personal medication (if any)
  • Sweaters (Suggested)
  • Strong backpack (Preferably waterproof)
  • Fresh pair of garments for 2 days.
  • Mosquito Repellent Cream
  • Water
  • A torch with new batteries (must just in case of emergency)
  • You can carry the Energy Food
  • Sunglasses, Sunscreen.
  • Camera (Optional)


Children who are above 14 years can perform this activity and enjoy it.

The exact pick-up location and time are going to be confirmed after the booking.

Trekkers choosing the without transfers variant will need to make their own arrangements for transportation to and from the campsite.

you should go for this trip as you will really enjoy it. you will get the chance to make new memories so that you can add them to your album.

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