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Get to Know How Many Partner Visas Options Are Available


Partner visas like partner visa subclass 300 are also known as de facto visas in Australia. A partner visa in Australia is offer to the spouses or partners of permanent Australian citizens. The partner visas are also provided to Australian permanent residents or some eligible New Zealand citizens living in Australia.

A partner visa in Australia can be obtain in two stages. But at first, a person is provided with a provisional partner visa. After receiving the temporary partner visas, a person needs to stay in Australia. The person will assess once again before deciding whether they will get the permanent partner visa or not.

A partner visa in Australia will obtain by heterosexual couples as well as same-sex couples. Dig deeper to know more about the different types of partner visas in Australia. This article will also offer some information about the requirements for a partner visa.

Different Types of Partner Visas in Australia

The various partner visas that are available in Australia are as follows:

1. Visa Subclass 300

The Prospective Marriage Visa subclass 300 is a provisional visa that enables the holder to visit the country to marry their Australian partner. The visa subclass 300 expires within nine months. Within the validity period, you can also visit Australia once and get married to your partner.

2. Partner Visa Subclass 820

The partner visa subclass 820 is a provisional visa that also enables the de facto partner or spouse of a permanent resident or citizen of Australia to stay in the country. But the onshore visa remains applicable as long as the application for subclass 801 visa gets processed.

3. Partner Visa Subclass 801

The partner visa subclass 801 allows the spouse or de facto partner of an Australian permanent resident or citizen to permanently settle in the country. The application for subclass 801 needs to be made with the application for subclass 820.

4. Partner Visa Subclass 309

The partner visa subclass 309 is another provisional visa for the spouse or de facto partner of an Australian permanent resident or citizen. So the visa remains applicable as long as the application for visa subclass 100 will decide.

5. Partner Visa Subclass 100

The partner visa 100 is a permanent visa for the spouse or de facto partner of an Australian permanent resident or citizen. The application for visa subclass 100 needs to be done with the application for visa subclass 309.

Processing Time for Partner Visa

Typically, the processing time for a partner visas application takes around 16 to 24 months. The following factors influence the processing time of partner visas in Australia

  • Promptness of the applicant in providing additional information
  • Time required for background check formalities as per the information provided by the applicant
  • Time required to collect information from sources like national security and health
  • Places are available under the authorities of the partner migration program.
  • The final decision is made after examining the authenticity of information and documents provide by the applicant

But you should make your partner visa application well in advance of your desired travel date. Because you should never begin with arrangements like tickets and lodging until you get a positive affirmation from the Department of Immigration Affairs. A migration agent Perth can help ensure that the processing time of your partner visa isn’t unnecessarily extended by offering the right guidance.

  Conditions of Partner Visas

Some general conditions that should be met to obtain a partner visa in Australia are as follows:

  • The partner visa applicant needs to have sponsorship from their de facto partner residing in Australia.
  • The sponsor and the applicant need to be above the age of 18 years while making the application.
  • The sponsorship needs to be for at least two years.
  • The sponsor needs to be a legal citizen of Australia or New Zealand. Permanent residents in Australia can also sponsor their partners.
  • The sponsor and the applicant need to be in a relationship for a minimum of 12 months while making the application.
  • Satisfactory proof of marriage or relationship needs to be provided. The Department of Immigration Affairs needs to be shown that a mutual commitment is present in the relationship.
  • The couple should pass the interview apart from submitting legitimate documents of their relationship to the authorities.

Duration of the Partner Visas

The duration of a partner visas depends on which subclass you will grant. But people applying for provisional partner visas need to review their application after spending two years with their partner in Australia. After the end of the 24 months tenure, so the authorities determine whether the person is capable of obtaining a permanent partner visa in Australia.

But the applicant needs to be in a genuine relationship to obtain a permanent partner visa in Australia. Because if the couple breaks up or gets divorce, the applicant might not obtain a permanent visa. The non-resident might also deport back to their home country if they can’t show proof of a genuine relationship. But after a person obtains a permanent visa in Australia, because they are not oblige to stay in a relationship with their sponsor.

Eligibility Criteria for a Partner Visas in Australia

Some common eligibility criteria to obtain a partner visas in Australia are as follows:

  • The applicant needs to be a partner or spouse of any Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible citizen of New Zealand.
  • The applicant should meet all the criteria and eligibility requirements of a de facto relationship.
  • An applicant can apply for a permanent partner visas while staying inside Australia. A provisional partner visas will be obtain only if the applicant is staying outside Australia.

Documents to Submit to Prove Relationship with Partner

Before obtaining a partner visas, you need to provide evidence about your relationship with your partner. The documents that can prove your relationship with your partner are as follows:

  • Assets owned jointly such as real estate
  • Joint bank accounts
  • Liabilities like mortgages owned jointly
  • Joint undertakings like a joint lease
  • Adding each other as beneficiaries in insurance policies or wills
  • Bank statements
  • Receipts, invoices or bills
  • Invitations and letters
  • Flight tickets showing proof of joint travels
  • Photos
  • Letters or emails to each other
  • Social media interaction between the two
  • Telephonic conversation records

Apart from the documents proving your relationship, you also need to provide some other documents. For instance, the applicant needs to undergo medical tests to obtain a health certificate. It helps in ensuring that the partner visas applicant won’t be a threat to public health in Australia.

Some other documents that need to be provided with the partner visas application include a background check, work experience, educational qualifications and social security.

Ending Note

If you want to obtain partner visas in Australia, it is always prudent to consult an immigration agent Perth. They will help you satisfy all the requirements of obtaining partner visas in the country. But the agent should be reliable and have enough experience to help you in the process.

While making the application, you need to submit a fee that depends on the partner visas you are applying for. Apart from the processing fee, you also need to bear other expenses while making a partner visas application.

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