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A business owner builds a website to promote its products or services to the people. As our business grows, we want to give our 100% quality services to our customers, in terms of products that we are selling or the website quality on which we are promoting our products. To not have any disruption in the business, Dedicated Servers are the best option to choose for a high-traffic website. Serverwala presents the Best Dedicated Server Malaysia with a 99.90% network uptime guarantee to all its user ensuring hassle-free website performance. You get all the features of dedicated servers at a minimum price for your web page.

In this article, we will talk about dedicated servers in-depth and why it is good to have a host like Serverwala for a Dedicated Server in Malaysia.

Importance of Dedicated Servers for High Traffic Business Sites

Imagine, you have reached a certain level where your brand is recognized by everyone, and then suddenly you experience a downfall in traffic and it is impacting your brand image badly.

This is because of the high traffic you are getting on a shared server hosting. Shared servers provide very limited features and are shared with other websites too. So you get extremely limited security and limited resources. At this point only, you lose your brand images at traffic spike time. These neighboring websites impact your website badly if they are doing maleficient activities or are adult sites. You will experience the instant downfall of your site or decreased page load speed.

Hence, to prevent these problems like site downfall, slow page load speed, or low-security prevention, Serverwala offers their Best Dedicated Server Malaysia for high-traffic websites. Their dedicated servers serve with an enhanced level of security and a 99.90% network uptime guarantee. You get the SSD storage with its Malaysia Dedicated server to store your needed software and applications. Serverwala presents the prime features of dedicated servers with 24/7 customer service. Now we will discuss some of the features of Dedicated Server in Malaysia that are written below.

Serverwala’s Dedicated Server Malaysia Features

Malaysia Dedicated Server Hostings has features like high security, SSD storage, SSL certificate, SSH root access, great flexibility, and many more. We will discuss some of the further in the article and mention how Serverwala is good at providing the Best Dedicated Server Malaysia services.

High Security

Dedicated Server Malaysia provides the best security to your site, unlike shared hostings. It guarantees you to have a maximum network uptime of the site so that your site works easily. Serverwala’s Best Dedicated Server Malaysia is the best choice when it comes to security. Since it is a physical server and all the power is in your control, you can configure the server and make some customization as per your needs. Their strengthening the level of security makes a dedicated server easier to work securely for your web page.

SSH Root Control

As the name says, dedicated servers are fully devoted to you. You have all the access to change functions or add functions on the server. After having the control access, you get the power of handling every feature. This feature of Best Dedicated Server Malaysia gives you control over the software and hardware on the system.

Infrastructure Reliability

As dedicated servers are physical servers and they house in a data center to keep servers up when the local power fails. With Serverwala’s Best dedicated Server Malaysia you get the most reliable infrastructure to house your hosting and experience the immense flexibility of the server.

SSD Storage and SSL Certificate

A dedicated server comes with maximum SSD storage rather than a limited one like other hostings provide. Because of SSD storage, you are allowed to install and run your desired applications very smoothly. Also, Serverwala offers a private SSL certificate to all users of the Best Dedicated Server Malaysia hosting. An SSL certificate is necessary if you are asking for any personal details of the customers, this builds trust over your brand.

Option to Choose Control Panel

When we host our website on shared hostings, generally we get the control panel that is provided by the web hosting company. But with Dedicated servers, you are allowed to choose between two control panels. Serverwala provides cPanel and Plesk control panel to control your site functions. Mostly, Cpanel is popular among people because it is very easy to handle, but you can pick anyone.

Dedicated Server Offers Unique IP Addresses

Generally, websites get problems when they do not have a unique IP because of shared servers. After a period of time, you require a unique IP address for your server because of people’s engagement on your web page. So, you get two IP Address choices between IP4 & IP6 of the server. You can even buy more IP addresses at an additional cost with the Best Dedicated Server Malaysia.

Serverwala offers the Cheapest Prices of Dedicated Servers in Malaysia

For a high-traffic website, you need to have stable hosting, that provides more power to the site and is easy to handle. Hence, Serverwala comes with customized packages solutions to all the customers for the Best yet Cheap Dedicated Server Malaysia plans. Their plans start from $350 per month in which you get a CPU(Xeon(R) CPU E3-1230 v3 4 Cores / 8T), 16GB RAM, 500GB SSD storage, and 1 TB @ 1Gbps Bandwidth. You can also customize this package if you want higher-level functions for your site.


So, maybe now you have cleared your thoughts on Dedicated Servers and why they are good to have for high-traffic websites. For a high-profile website, it is necessary to give high-quality services to the customers. It not only in terms of products that you are serving but also as a site owner too. Hence to keep your brand image stable, get Serverwala’s Best Dedicated Server Malaysia for your web page. And, it makes your dream possible to get great revenues from your business. You get the one-stop solution when you choose Serverwala’s services.

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