Wickedly Fun Virtual Event Ideas For Online Socials In 2022

Wickedly Fun Virtual Event Ideas for Online Socials in 2022

  1. It is essential to make your virtual event successful by adding fun and interaction for the employees. That’s why you need to upgrade your strategies and ideas this 2022. 

So, here is a complete list of wickedly fun ideas that you can use for your next virtual event for online socials in 2022.

Fun Virtual Event Ideas for Online Socials

Guess Who:

You can note down some fascinating habits or characteristics of your colleagues or friends and create a guess who game in your virtual event. Ask them to identify the person and enjoy sharing various memorable moments with that person. 

Murder Mystery:

You can create some intriguing and suspense murder mystery games. Create teams and solve the various mysteries using the numerous clues.

Escape Room:

You can create an escape room game for better teamwork. Divide teams and ask them to explore the environment, find clues, observe the leads, and unravel the enigma to win the game. 

International Games:

You may have played the ATLAS game many times in your childhood. Create a contest for your best virtual event to add some sense of excitement and draw everyone’s interest. 

Game Show:

You can always organize a game show, whether you conduct virtual corporate events or an AGM. For instance, jeopardy, game show night, a name that tune, family feud, the price is right, etc., can be a good choice. 

Magic & Mentalism Show:

You can even ask your colleagues to show magic or other tricks. This way, you can make your virtual corporate events more interactive and engaging for the attendees. 

Trip to Paris:

You can create a great experience by picking the best virtual AGM platform India. For instance, you can make various trips to different places and click photos using the photo booth.

Trivia Night:

You can create a significant Trivia night by preparing some questions yourself. Also, you can invite an MC for your virtual corporate events.

Team Hunt:

You can include a team hunt game in your virtual event. Give a tag after the game to every team as per their performance. 


You can even get mini-games through the best virtual AGM platform India. Just include and let the game begin. 


You can make a fun drawing and play the game altogether in your virtual corporate events. Let the attendees use the best virtual AGM platform India and whiteboard to portray the provided word without writing it. 

Journaling Workshop:

Make your team kick start the journal practice. You can provide the employees with great interactive and actionable tools with the best virtual AGM platform India.

Watercolor Class:

You can add a watercolor class for all the employees in order to make their brains relax and show some creativity. It can be fun to draw inaccurate and funny images. 

Team lunch:

You can send the employees a treat from the company side and turn your foodless virtual corporate events into a fine virtual team lunch. 


You can ask all your employees to brew or cook something and share their dishes while attending the virtual event. It can add a twist and chat to your team lunch. 

Museum tour:

You can conduct virtual museum tours with the best virtual AGM platform India. It can be a fantastic tour for all the employees as they can enjoy every artwork without any noise sitting at their homes. 

Cooking class:

You can schedule a session giving cooking classes to the employees. It can create a more entertaining atmosphere. 


You can enhance the virtual corporate events by adding a few meditation sessions. Moreover, it can make the event calmer and increase the concentration power of the employees. They can feel freshened up and more relaxed with such activities.

Origami class:

You can make the employees remember their childhood by adding origami classes to your virtual corporate events. It can be fun and creative as employees learn more innovative things while remembering childhood memories.  

Learn to play chess:

Many people have their childhood wish to learn chess but can not achieve much success. You can add a session of chess games or classes that can also be a good brain exercise. 


Taboo can be a suitable game to enhance team strength. The teammates have to guess what one is trying to tell them. It can increase communication and also can be a hilarious game. 

Wine night

A virtual corporate event can end with a wine tasting in the evening. Moreover, send the wine bottle to your employees and ends your event with a celebration. 

Dumb charades

You can add the evergreen dumb charades to your virtual corporate events. Make teams and play also you can reward the winning team or give funny punishment to the losing team.

Share drunk history

You can share some funny drunk stories of your past with everyone present in the virtual fair. 

So, these are the various wickedly fun virtual event ideas that can be helpful for online socials in 2022. Hope, you will find this article beneficial in order to make your virtual corporate events fun and successful.

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