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Flaunt your Products in these Cardboard Display Boxes


Every time a brand launches a new product, its main concern is to make its products recognized. Having attractive packaging is equally important as having an eye-captivating display of your products. Through display packaging, you present your products to the world. This is your way to mark the first impression.

Display boxes are a formal way to introduce your products to the customers. That is how your products come in the highlight. Thus, your products then gain wider recognition and increase sales for your brand.

Display boxes are paramount if you’re working to enhance your branding. At iCustomBoxes, we offer the best display boxes produced out of the best quality cardboard stock!

Remarkable Elements of the Product

  • They can bear a large number of your products
  • A unique way to present your product
  • It is able to grab customer’s attention
  • Extremely strong and sturdy
  • Serves as a way of advertising your product to the market
  • Enhances branding
  • Grows recognition for your product

Every now and then, we see new brands entering different industries. They require and look for better ways to introduce their products to the market. Moreover, there are many startup owners that are trying to establish their brand and gain recognition.

First and foremost, team iCustomBoxes highly appreciate all these talented people. We extend our support to our clients and look forward to helping them. For this purpose, we have introduced our cardboard display boxes.

Our display boxes are the perfect pick for your products. They are not only durable but they will also help you to grab market attention. Reserving a place for your brand in any industry nowadays is not an easy task. By gaining wider recognition and fame for your product, you will improve your brand’s worth in the industry easily!

Our Stocks are Durable and 100% Environment Friendly

It is very important to ensure that your stocks are environmentally friendly. People do not appreciate brands that do not have recyclable packaging. Especially if you are a new brand, you need to reserve a place in the heart of customers in order to reserve a place for yourself in the market.

With our eco-friendly cardboard display boxes, you are able to do so. The cardboard stock we offer has a highly eco-friendly nature. Henceforth, once your products are all sold out, the display boxes can be recycled easily!

Moreover, the display boxes demand to be extra strong. They have to handle a large number of your products. Thus, we at iCustomBoxes deal with this issue smartly. Our team has worked on the stocks we offer. Now, we provide the finest quality stocks. They will be able to protect your products in the cardboard display boxes!

Have Uniquely Printed Display Boxes

  • Outlooks matter a lot when it comes to displaying boxes. They help you to catch the customer’s attention and make your products more appealing.
  • At iCustomBoxes, we now offer printing techniques. Hence, you can now benefit from our highly equipped technology.
  • We offer digital and offset printing services.
  • You can now have the accuracy of your prints on your cardboard display boxes.
  • Moreover, you can mention a brief introduction about your product, your brand’s logo, ingredients, etc. on the cardboard display boxes as well!
  • It will help the customers to know better about your brand!
  • This will make your brand look promising to the customers. Thus, you will see a vivid increase in sales.

Get the best Customization in Town!

Team iCustomBoxes now offer some amazing customization features for your cardboard display boxes. You can make a fine look of your boxes with these add-ons. They will give a more enhanced look to your display boxes. Furthermore, some features are designed especially to make your packaging more eye-infectious.

We offer:

  • Foiling
  • Embossing/Debossing
  • Coating
  • Die-cut windows

Lifesaver hack: You can pair up foiling and embossing/debossing to make the logo/designs on your cardboard display boxes stand out. Furthermore, if you coat your boxes at the final stage, it will make your display highly attractive. Thus, you will then be able to grab the maximum attention and your products will be the most sold out!

Our Panel of Professional Designers!

To help our clients personalize their paper cigarette boxes, we now offer design support. Our panel of professional designers will guide you to build an impressive look for your display boxes.

Moreover, they have a better know-how about the latest trends and what tricks can make your display boxes stand out. When clients are in such a critical position where the fate of their brand relies on them, they might face trouble. They won’t be able to decide what they want their boxes to look like. Our design support will put you at ease and guide you on how you can build a unique look for your cardboard display boxes.

Moreover, our design support is completely free for our clients. Thus, you won’t have to worry about paying for this support!

Customer Support

  • To deal with all your questions, we now offer customer support.
  • Our customer support is available 24/7
  • Our team is highly professional and welcoming. They will deal with all your queries right at hand.
  • Moreover, with their 24/7 availability, you won’t have to worry about timings before reaching out to us.
Free Shipping

For years, team iCustomBoxes have been assisting their clients. Our main aim is to fulfill all their demands. Moreover, clients have different concerns as well. However, one concern they cannot stop worrying about is the shipping services.

Dealing with all the troublesome shipment services is hard. To put our clients at ease, we now offer shipping services. Our shipping is safe. Hence, your cardboard display boxes will reach right at your doorstep. We do not extend the given time limit. Thus, you will receive your packaging within time as well.
Moreover, our shipping service is free for our clients. It is true to state that once you have partnered with us, you cut down all your worries!