Fixes for AirPods and Charging Case That Won’t Charge in 2022 


An issue many AirPods owners face is the charging problem. Everyone hates this problem as it is very frustrating for users. Luckily, there are some fixes for this situation. You can try the given methods in this article to make your AirPods charge again.

Some of these methods can instantly resolve the charging trouble while others can take some time. In the latter situation, you may enjoy something good on TV with a cable connection like Cox cable or chat with your friends in the meantime. Hopefully, your AirPods will start to work again. But if they still don’t charge, you can take them for repair.

The first thing you should check when your AirPods or the case is not charging is the power connection. Sometimes the power socket may have a problem and that may result in no power reaching the AirPods case. Double check that the power socket is turned on and your charger is plugged correctly. Afterward, check if the charging light on the case lights up.

Test the Wire and Power Adapter

When you check the power connections to your AirPods and they are working, the problem could be with the wire, power adapter, or the case itself. Try changing the power brick and USB-C cable and see if it fixes your problem. Also, if you are using a wireless charger, test other devices to see if they charge.

Now if you see the charging notification light up, your previous wire or adapter may not be working. With a working charging cable and power adapter, keep your case plugged into the wire for some time, and then try charging your AirPods again.

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After some time, check the battery of your AirPods and case by opening the lid and bringing them near your iPhone.

Charge the Case Overnight

Sometimes the charging percentage may not increase on the case even with a perfectly fine charging connection. In such cases, you can try to put your device on charge overnight and then see the charging percentage again. If the case shows a full battery, put your AirPods inside and give them time to charge.

Check if the battery percentage has increased or both the case and AirPods again. If not, then try other methods.

Clean Your Case and AirPods

A lot of people face the issue of AirPods and cases not charging because of dust and dirt. If you have never cleaned your case and headphones before, this is the right time to do so. Even if you clean them before, try cleaning them again and see if it affects the charging problem stays.

You can use dry toothpicks and earbuds to thoroughly clean both AirPods and the case. Be gentle during the cleaning process to avoid any possibility of damaging the device. Take extra care with the charging ports. Again, put it inside the case and let them charge for a while.

Repeat the same battery checking process once again to test if the method worked.

Factory Reset Your AirPods

In some cases, your AirPods may not charge because of some glitch or software issue. One way to fix these problems is by factory resetting them. By doing so, your device will unpair from all connected devices. But your charging problem may be resolved. If your headphones start to charge again, you can easily set up it again.

There are two methods to reset your AirPods. The first one is to go to the settings of your iPhone, click on the Bluetooth icon, and press the “i” icon on the device. Then click on the forget device option. Another easier method is to press the setup button on the case for fifteen seconds. It will turn from amber to white when that is reset. After resetting the headphones, charge the case with the AirPods inside it. Connect again to your device and see the battery percentage.

If you still face the charging issue, the problem could be with the hardware. You should take your AirPods for repair in such cases.


If your AirPods face a charging issue, there are a few methods you can try to fix it. You can ensure the power connection and your charger are working. Also, try charging the case for extended hours. If that doesn’t work too, try cleaning the headphones and the case. The last thing you can try on your own is resetting your AirPods. If your AirPods or their case is not charging, there are some easy fixes you can try on your own. In this article, you can see methods to fix charging problems.