Find the Tools That Keep Your PC Performance Up


The Windows operating system came up with the Windows 11 Beta version that has got a couple of advanced features. There are several inbuilt features and utilities that can help you keep your PC performance at its peak. The manual process to use all the utilities at a time can be a tiresome job and may not deliver results as determined.

There are dozens of intuitive apps and programs that can aid in boosting the PC performance. There are different aspects that need to be tuned up and cleaned to enhance the performance. A clean PC, a secured PC or an optimized PC is all we dream off once we start facing unwanted notifications and errors. Here are our top pics that can optimize and boost Windows performance.

Windows Inbuilt Tools

You may not believe but some of your system settings may hinder the performance of your PC. Reverting it can aid you in making your PC perform faster.

Windows Power Settings

If you opt for a power saver plan it can reduce PC functionality by optimizing the power consumption. You can tweak it to enhance the system’s ability.

  • Access the Control Panel from the Start menu.
  • Choose the option for Hardware and Sound settings.


  • Locate and change the power options.
  • Choose the Balanced or High-performance power settings.

Disk Defragmentation

All of us are using hard disk drives for storing our documents, photos, music, movies, etc. The data you store on your HDD may be assigned to random memory fragments. This may result in fragmentation of files that makes location and accessing of the file more complicated. Your system utility itself can be this issue.


Yes, access the Disk Defragmenter utility of your Windows OS to help you in managing your PC data on the hard drive partitions. You can arrange all your HDD files in order so that they can be accessed easily. This can enhance the performance speed of your system.

Keep Your Device Drivers Updated


An outdated driver can hinder your system speed or may not function as desired. Your Windows PC can help you in updating your system drivers. Windows Update & Security settings can search for the latest Windows updates, find the latest device driver files, and install them on your computer.

Using an Antivirus Program


As you keep on using your system, your PC may get infected by a virus, malware, or other malicious content. Data transferring tasks and online threats are the key factors for virus infections. The virus and malicious infection can influence your PC performance to a greater extent. An efficient antivirus program can help you in solving this issue. Be sure enough to use a reliable and trustworthy antivirus program to keep your system secured.

Terminate the Startup Programs

Whenever you boot up your PC, some process may be initiated automatically. You can disable the startup programs to enhance the device’s performance. Let us check out how we can terminate the startup programs to enhance PC performance.

  • Use Ctrl, Shift, and Esc key combinations to initiate your Windows Task Manager.
  • Locate the choice to view “More options” at the bottom if you do not see the Processes, Performance or Startup tabs on the top.
  • Choose the Startup tab.


  • Check out the list of programs that will be initiated during the booting sequence.
  • Identify the resource-consuming programs or sort them by Startup Impact.
  • Invoke the right-click context menu on the program to choose the option to disable it.

Third-Party Tools

Dozens of third-party tools are available for Windows optimization. Here are the best-chosen tools that are required to automate the process and keep your system performing at its peak.

Advanced System Optimizer

Advanced System Optimizer is one of the best PC optimization software that can keep your Windows PC as good as new. It has several inbuilt utilities to perform overall optimization on your Windows. It has a Hard Disk Optimizer, RAM Optimizer, Registry Optimizer, Memory Booster, Game Optimizer, Secure Delete, Data Backup, Data Recovery, and several other inbuilt utilities.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

We all know that poor storage can eventually influence your PC performance. Finding and removing duplicate photos is crucial for enhancing your system functionality. The availability of duplicate media files can impact your free storage space. Photos & videos take up a lot of space on the hard drive. With manual methods, you can’t clean up 100% of duplicates. You must use a dedicated duplicate photo finder and remover tool for Windows.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is an ideal duplicate photo finder for clearing out your duplicate images with ease. This tool can help you recover your precious hard drive storage space by finding duplicate photos and removing them with ease. This duplicate picture finder is easy to use and user-friendly that can scan any storage device including cloud storage and list out all the found duplicate images. You can select one or all duplicate images from the storage and remove them in just one click.


Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro Features

  • Can make your photo library filtered of duplicates
  • Capable of scanning both internal and external storage
  • Duplicate picture finder suitable for Windows, Mac, and iOS devices
  • Faster scanning method with smart duplicate image finder
  • Can categorize your search results

Summing Up

Even a brand-new computer may give you slow and sluggish performance after a certain period. Therefore, you need to perform a regular clean-up and optimization to boost PC performance. The manual process may not offer a visible boost however the tune-up utilities can bring in the required change. Here in this article, we have listed the best utilities that can keep your computer as good as new.

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